Daily Doodle: GUYS I AM EXCITED BEYOND WORDS for the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. GUYS. It's a female protagonist FROM THE WATER TRIBE (meaning a female, Inuit-based lead! GUYS!!!!) and it's STEAMPUNK and she KICKS ASS and I LOVE HER ALREADY. I wish I had something other than MS Paint and a whole lot of tired with which to pay this awesome lady tribute but I TRIED AND HAD FUN. Is this the first Korra fanart on the internets? WHO KNOWS. Probably not! (HINT: IF YOU SEE OTHERS— POINT ME)

Anyway uh.

Basically the only way they could improve on this pitch is if there were queer main characters (I would DIE if Korra were queer!) and also more badass/awesome old ladies. The original series was painfully heterocentrist and had a preponderance of awesome old dudes, but almost no positive old ladies. (Old dudes = venerable and wise; old ladies = ewwwww why do you still exist??) Though I do give points for Kana's late-life romance (yay!).

On that subject, while I was squeeing, [personal profile] owlmoose pointed out that given the sequel's timeline EFFING TOPH could very well exist as a badass old lady in this show and SHE WOULD BE THE BEST AND BADASSEST OLD LADY EVER OMG and I am keeping everything crossed for her to show up and even if she doesn't there will be fic with her in it IMMEDIATELY. Yes.
Time: 20-30 mins? Paint can come shoot me in the face

Daily Doodle: Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Korra )
Daily Doodle: Zuko is such a heartbreaking dork.

"What was I thinking! Telling them I sent an assassin after them? Why didn't I just say Azula did that? They would have believed that! Stupid!" Badger-toad: *ribbit*.

Basically I love Zuko tremendously. He did actually make this face at some point and basically I heart it. It was hard to get him looking even vaguely like himself without all the angry.
Time: 10 mins?

Daily Doodle: Avatar: TLA - Zuko )
Daily Doodle: I have a lot of trouble with Sokka, and I think this is the best I've done of him. Simple, but right now, until I'm done being sick — that is fine =|
Time: 5-10 mins

Daily Doodle: Avatar: TLA - Sokka is skeptical )
Daily Doodle: Today in badass ladies at 3/4 down-tilted view looking behind or over their shoulders...

This is kind of an unmitigated disaster as far as I'm concerned; feels so off-model to me and I have no idea why and I spent way too long tweaking tiny things hoping to fix it. But I had a really rough day today and I am just glad to get a doodle DONE.

Backdated 2 hours. For the record, I'm up this late on a weeknight for non-doodle/wordcount reasons, though those did delay me a bit also. So there.

Time: too damn long? really off and on? a solid 30 mins, at a guess, between everything else

Daily Doodle: Azula from Avatar )

Daily Word Count: 380
Daily Doodle: Heyyy, Photoshop! I've actually had Photoshop on my home computer all weekend, but I've found I've grown fond of MS Paint =)

Anyway, Zuko! Pose is from some point of Blue Spiriting, and outfit is 300% stolen from this fanart, so due credit and all. I pretty much mucked up his arms and swords all to hell, but I like the rest of it?
Time: 30ish minutes?

Daily Doodle: Zuko from Avatar )

Daily Word Count: 322
Daily Doodle: Looking like Sokka just fucked something up again. This week has been ASSBALLS so far. My cat had a panic attack and scratched me the fuck up tonight. HUGELY. It will scar. A lot. So I drew this all bandaged up and crap, so my control is a little not awesome. Also, still too busy at work to sneak in a drawing in the morning, so still MS Paint. Balls.
Time: 25 mins, slow due to hand death.

Daily Doodle: Piandao from Avatar )
Daily Doodle: Appa is made of awesome. Doodle today much less shameful. Somehow I am not surprised that Appa cooperated better than Momo did. Still should redo Momo; he deserves better.
Time: 15-20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Appa from Avatar )
Daily Doodle: I liked this until some kind of "hey you're drawing at ass o'clock" demon possessed me to try to colour in his brown bits in MS PAINT. Yeah. I will probably take pity on this and do a less fail version tomorrow. Momo deserves a proper picture. And yes, he is reaching for some peaches that are probably not technically his.
Time: 20 mins -- 15 mins of ok, 5 mins of pure fail
[backdated 2 hours due to being OCD so that it falls on the correct date >.> ]

Daily Doodle: Momo from Avatar )
Daily Doodle: GUYS.


I died of cute at least five times while drawing this because of all the duckling and turtle duck references I was looking at. OH MY GAWD XD

That said, uh! A shot at kind of semi-realism (welcome to: Ira has never shaded an animal!) and had a lot of fun and tried going LINELESS zomg. I know the shell is a bit pastede on and the entire turtle duck is 300% pastede onto the "water" but I kind of don't care? I will try to improve in the future, for sure, but I just had too much fun this time to be terribly put out by the parts that suck! =D
Time: like uh maybe 5 mins for the lines and 30 mins for the colours, sad I know

Daily Doodle: Turtle Ducking from Avatar )
Daily Doodle: There is no need to explain why I would want to draw Iroh. He is just that awesome. MS Paint again, so the file is big, sorry! I think I did... okay. I had also noticed that all my 3/4 views had been facing left, so I did one facing right =P Doing any kind of cartoonish style in Paint is hard! I am somewhat proud =)
Oh! Production note: I totally did this without any kind of guidelines or wireframe or anything. Check it out. It was... just start drawing, fix what needs it later. And by golly, it wasn't a disaster =D (some balance/proportion issues, but not bad for no-guides!)
Time: 18 mins

Daily Doodle: Uncle Iroh from Avatar )
Daily Doodle: So I drew Yue a couple of days ago, so I figured I'd give Sokka a shot. APPARENTLY I'd forgotten how much of a bitch he is to get on-model. I consider this one kind of fail, but at least I discharged my daily doodle duty for the day. Sigh! Trav actually put his finger on the perpetual problem with Sokka (that a lot of people have, from what I gather): it will generally be recognizable as Sokka but will always feel a little off. It's that last stretch going from "I guess that's Sokka" to "woah that is definitely him!" that is the big bitch.
Time: 20 mins; I had seriously forgotten how hard he is ._.

Daily Doodle: Sokka will eye your wimmins )
Daily Doodle: Yue from Avatar. Pretty much I don't care if no else likes her, or everyone thinks she's a Sue! I thought she was nice, and I have the woobiest soft spot ever for first loves, so pretty much she is win in my book. Used two smallish refs, neither one for her exact pose or expression, just her overall look. The lines here are pretty shaky, awesome, but I think it actually looks like her? Haha, I think her hand mutated. Urk.
Time: 15 mins?

Daily Doodle: Princess Yue from Avatar )

You know, I've realized that I have hit something of a snag with this daily doodle plan. What the hell do I do this weekend? I don't think my home computer has any drawing softwares on it yet, but I don't have a scanner either.

Guys, halp, what is a drawing software I can use for frees? OpenCanvas isn't free anymore! Right? I'm up for using like paint chat or tegaki boards or whatever but where in butt-goodness do I find one? I am internet hermit guys, I do not know where all these awesome artist hotspots are.

Title: Blind Bandit
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: TOPH HELL YEAH
Rating: G, baby
Crit/Feedback: Always! =D
Notes: Trufax: Toph is made of insane amounts of awesome. I haven't drawn anything in months since I've been too busy, then this week I finally sat down, rewatched all of S1 and S2 and what there was of S3 and re-realized several facts. Among these was the fact that Toph is made of 200-proof awesome. Speaking of which, she tosses back drinks like a sailor.

Anyway, this is just some line art I worked off and on at for about a day. There are some anatomical mistakes and the perspective is probably all wrong but I am SO proud of myself for how it turned out. Which is weird! But after not drawing for so long, I feel really good about this. I'm especially proud of the feet and how non-retarded the clothes and long flowy lines look -- MY ARCH NEMESES: AT BAY!

I plan to colour this soon. Toph has a simple colour scheme and should make for good, easy colouring practice =)


Blind Bandit )

Notes )

x-post: [livejournal.com profile] avatar_fans, [livejournal.com profile] avatar_fanart, [livejournal.com profile] break_therules, my journal, deviantart.
Well, I've had a locked post like this for a while where I can keep up with my progress in the various fics and have plot summaries and such, but it occurred to me that maybe some people would be interested in seeing a public version, to know what the hell I'm up to. So I messed with the original a bit, mostly to strip away spoilers (both for the canons and for my plots), and, well, here we are. The list of fic I plan to write.

I tossed in some vague ideas for fics and my plans for a couple of vids at the end. Fan art is not included here because there is just way too much to list, and hey, I gotta have SOME surprises. Besides, you can always just look at the damn doodle meme for a fair guess at what to expect in terms of sketches. Polished pieces I want to be a surprise anyway =P

EDIT: Decided to go ahead and make this a general fic post with links to my finished stuff, too.

Son of edit: Okay, I admit it, I write drabbles, and I enjoy it, too! So I decided to go ahead and add my drabbles, new and old, to this post as well.

EDIT 3.14159: And of course the post got too large. List of completed fics now has its own post.

Table of Contents
  »  Fanfic -- In Progress
  »  Fanfic -- Vague Ideas
  »  Vids -- Planned

Fic to do! )

Wow, I am crazy. Who knew it would get this bad when I got into fanfic last November? This is, of course, not even taking into account the original fiction I'm working on, which is at least as long as all of this put together. OI. Ira, you so crazy.

Just a couple here today, and only one from the requests on the meme. Scanner acess was sparse this weekend -_-

[01] Avatar for me and [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine
[02] One Piece for me and [livejournal.com profile] matsoru

Let's kick things off with a GIRL cause I fon't draw them enough. I've always adored Robin and thought she was just insanely awesome and gorgeous, so I tried to do a quick 30-minute portrait in Photoshop:

Not spectacular but not horrible =P Gotta practice those skin tones >.<

2 more doodles under the cut, both GHEY )

Anyway, that's all, folks =P

More doodles soon! Work is scheduled to ease up, and then SCANNING =O

You lot! You! People who read my journal! AVATAR KICKS ASS. Okay? OKAY. WATCH IT.


SOKKA I WANT YOUR BABIES even though I know the line for that is getting MIGHTY LONG, you PIMP )

Okay! So, umh, I love Avatar with mouth and uh, have been corrupted by [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine into YET ANOTHER mildly violent, snarky, grumpy, and completely unpopular pairing. And wonder of wondres, I decided to like actual art for it. Not a doodle! This should illustrate yo you how much I adore this pairing.

Title: None yet? I dunno I'm sick right now, don't ask me to be creative -_-;;
Pairing: Sokka/Zuko. HOYES.
Rating: PG-13? There is kissing and shirtlessness >.>
Spoilers: For Zuko's appearance in Book 2, I guess?

[Click here for full version on deviantArt]

Or, for the full version here, with description ganked from DA because I'm le tired...

Behind the cut )

x-posted to: [livejournal.com profile] zukogetslaid, [livejournal.com profile] avatar_slash, my journal

I didn't have much scanner access on vacation, and so the unscanned doodles built up. Then I got home and the pile scared me so I kept drawing without scanning and wonder of wonders, the pile got bigger! After nearly a month I realized that this was ridiculous and I had to scan SOMETHING or at least let people know I hadn't forgotten!


IT'S A DOODLE MEME UPDATE ZOMG. The meme itself has been updated with when everyone's requests were dont, and I'll try to scan in more or less that order. I also have five doodles here for you today, most of them digital. I'm just about out of requests already, so feel free to request again. I have regular scanner access now so I promise it'll be less retardedly late >.>

Anyway, the doodles!

[02] Avatar for me and [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine
[01] Back to the Future for [livejournal.com profile] fire_tears
[01] Final Fantasy VIII for [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine
[01] One Piece for [livejournal.com profile] remus_no_miko

Okay, I'm gonna kick this off with the marty that [livejournal.com profile] fire_tears requested because it was my first try at realism with the new colouring style I've discovered. I think it's very flawed but pretty good for a doodle! I mean, he's recognizable, right? ;______________;

I am EXTREMELY proud of his nose, and oh my god I think I kind of did skin tones okay! His headphones look like malignant leeches, though. >.> Thanks very much to [livejournal.com profile] megalotro for the help in making him not look like a cock-eyed middle aged woman >.>

Four more doodles under the cut, including TEH GHEY )

Aaaaand that's all I got for you today folks. Sorry about the DEAFENING SILENCE. I've been a bit busy >.>




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