Best Hand

Fandom | Cast: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Phoenix, Trucy, Apollo
Rating | Warnings: G! Spoilers: Art — none; drabble — some implied
Words: 600 words
Feedback: Always welcome =)
Notes: Repost of [community profile] newgameplus pinch hit for [profile] jadax
Phoenix, Trucy, and Apollo. I love their silly family sort of dynamic. Anything with that would great!

Please note that this version has minor technical edits. The original untouched version version is and will remain on [community profile] newgameplus.

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It's not the cards that matter.

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Right so, I don't tend to talk on my journal about my life much. But I feel like I have been the hugest flake lately, and I feel like I owe an explanation and apology. So here's what's been up.

- From late last year through early this year me and/or my partner have suffered a number of personal losses. This wasn't really a very awesome time.

- A variety of health problems — physical, mental, and emotional — have been getting steadily worse. I'm working on it, but it takes many, many spoons. I might post about this in more detail at some point, if only because it's of interest in a disability activism sense.

This past week, in the order in which I learned these facts:

- My family has poured three years of time and money (every weekend and many weekdays) into building their dream house out near a lake, roping in many friends(' time and money) and, often, me. They are now, due to a combination of recession and bad financial decisions, being forced to sell the dream house in a desperate bid to avoid bankruptcy. They spent $1.2 million making it — this is outside of the mortgage on the land, so even if they manage to sell it with enough to repay the loan, they will be taking a $1.2 million LOSS. Please note: my parents are not and never have been millionaires; they're upper middle class at best and they burned through their retirement money for this house. I am emotionally very upset for them and financially very upset with them and am currently acting as a safety net.

- My parents are divorcing! Amicably. Turns out my mom isn't bi, she's a lesbian. Oops. Good on her realizing and claiming it. This is turbulent but not bad news, except! I have two MUCH younger sisters. I'm in my mid-twenties, they're in grade school. I also feel terrible for my father.

- My maternal grandpa, who lives and works in Denmark, possibly had stomach cancer, during which harrowing time waiting (alone, because my grandma was busy having temper tantrums in Russia) on his results (in Danish, which he doesn't speak), he realized that while he has been in denial of it for years, my grandma is, indeed, crazy. Please note that I use the term advisedly, in its serious and clinical sense. She has dementia and is (and has been since before the dementia) a dangerous, toxic menace to our family; I cannot describe how deeply that woman has screwed over my mom, me, and my sisters. So now my grandpa feels guilty. This plus the stomach cancer scare (which turns out negative... eventually) has sent him into a deep depression. He's now on meds and refuses to leave Denmark and is determined to care for my deeply selfish and steadily less sane grandma. Alone.

- My parents' junky cars have all broken down in quick succession save one. They work very far apart, have two kids still living with them, and public transport here is balls and a half. Also, they currently have no money (see above). So... I'm giving them my (only) car... tomorrow! My commitment to the environment has suddenly intensified. Hello, cheapo bike I bought today. You and I will be great friends.

So... yeah. Those are the major things. There's also a disparate collection of personal, relationship, and work stresses. I'm not sure I'm handling everything as well as I could be, but I'm trying. For my missteps, I'm sorry.

Daily Doodle: Without further ado, Nick expresses my feelings on the past few months, which can be summed up as follows:


This is basically a de-sprite of one of my favourite expressions of his, seen in this animation. [image credit to the most excellent Court Records, but hosted on my own server]

Time: 10 mins?

Daily Doodle: Ace Attorney - Nick Seriously )
Daily Doodle: (Look, het!) You know I was going to go to bed early today — scratch up a quick Nick/Iris and call it a day. But then I saw this and thought, hey I could do an idea like that for... And then it somehow turned into Serious Drawing — I even started colouring it before I realized it was one in the friggin morning and that I still have work tomorrow =|

Notes and explanation and such below the cut, as it's spoilery.

Backdated 2 hours
Time: a bit under 3 hours? The umbrella like killed me man


Daily Doodle: Ace Attorney - Nick/Iris )
Daily Doodle: Quick and dirty, but I like the expressions. It is quickly becoming evident that I will ship Nick with anybody. INCLUDING HIMSELF WHAT. Oh well. I love this pairing; wish there was more of it! Recs, anyone?
Time: 15 mins?

Daily Doodle: Ace Attorney - Apollo/Nick )
Daily Doodle: I have no idea why. My love for AA/GS was rekindled recently, and apparently in the face of a crappy week I draw... Nickcest? PW/AJ Nick, anyway. Yeah =|
Backdated 1 hour
Time: 15-20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Ace Attorney - Nick/Nick )
Daily Doodle: So today was the EXACT OPPOSITE OF RESTFUL. However, I was really tired of completely half-assing my doodles, so here is something only about 63% half-assed.

So I started GS4 aka Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney today. I'd been kind of avoiding it cause well, hobo-Nick was hot as bejeebies but I wanted old Nick! Except new Nick turns out to be even hotter than expected and also a tease and continuing to have MASSIVE CHEMISTRY WITH EVERY MALE CHARACTER.

Including wee Apollo here.

Uhhh so anyway, I guess I ship Apollo/Nick now? Haha, shoot me. (Still ship Nick/Miles like woah, do not get me started on all the bad places putting all three of them together in my head can go)

Backdated 1 hr
Time: 15-20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Ace Attorney - Apollo/Phoenix )
Daily Doodle: So it seems to be the week for drawing lawyers making faces at papers! I was very disappointed with yesterday's Wright doodle, so I resolved to do better by the AA/PW canon today. I loved this insufferably smug expression Miles has in one of his animations/sprites, so I adapted it a little. (Except in that sprite his chin is like monstrous and his face is generally a little malformed an um yeah...) Also reffed the way he holds the paper off some sprite, I think.

Anyway, I think this one turned out a lot better. I screwed up his leaning-hand shoulder (both shoulders, really) right proper, but I only realized how to fix it after my time was up and I had uploaded the thing and closed the drawing file. Oh well!

Time: 25 mins

Daily Doodle: Edgeworth from PW: Ace Attorney )
Daily Doodle: Nick making a weird face at some Important Legal Document. Wow guys, today does not seem to be my day for drawing. For all the time I spent on this, it is kind of ass. I am actually really ashamed to post it. Too bad! It just took me forever to make his face look less than 90% awful, and then everything else fell apart a lot and basically... yeah. I had forgotten how difficult the PW style was for me D=
Time: 30 mins and still fail!

Daily Doodle: Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney )
Title: After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter
Fandom: Phoenix Wright or Ace Attorney or whatever they're calling it these days
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Miles
Rating: PG for the mankissings!
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome! Especially now that I am learning how to colour XD
Notes: First of all, this is birthday gift art for [ profile] bottle_of_shine! Happy Birthday, Nay! Second of all, due credit: this was inspired by another PW pic, Bedroom Kisses by [ profile] kamapon. In other news, I tried to make the shading style here vaguely resemble the game art, but, uh, let's just say that it resembles it in spirit >.> I have one more note, but it's behind Nay's b-day surprise =P


After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter )

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Title: After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter
Fandom: Phoenix Wright / Gyakuten Saiban
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Miles
Rating: ... PG?
Crit/Feedback: Always! I adore crit! I always dither on in my A/N about where specifically I'm looking to improve, too =D
Notes: First and foremost I have to give credit: this was inspired by another PW pic, Bedroom Kisses by [ profile] kamapon. I loved the idea very much, most especially the tangled legs and Nick's arms, and thought I'd try to do my own version. I redrew it entirely, of course, and I changed a lot around to suit my headcanon about Nick and Miles, but credit for at least 3/4 of the idea must go to the original artist. That said, I'm pretty proud of this linework and have a lot to say about it in my A/N =D

Colouring This Lineart: Several people have asked, so: if you'd like to colour this, feel free! I'd be delighted to see the finished product, but I do ask that you credit me for the line art and [ profile] kamapon for the original pic =)


After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter )

Notes )

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