Daily Doodle: Yeah, I don't know. Don't ask. I'm still exhausted and grumpy, so I have no idea why I decided to do something complicated. I just wanted to do something vaguely genderbendy with Zelda making herself into Sheik or whatever and then somehow Impa got involved and it got kind of femmeslashy I guess and well. Yeah. Maybe someday I will do a serious, non-doodly version of this where I get into the real/actual genderbendy parts, like how Impa has man-arms and man-shoulders except she's unquestionably a lady and Zelda's kinda willowy but she's the man here except also a lady. Yeah.

Don't ask me, I'm on new chemicals.
Time: 40 mins or something, I dunno. I wanted to get it out of the way early so I could SLEEP.

Daily Doodle: Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Impa/Zelda (PG) )
Daily Doodle: So I meant for today's doodle to be less fail, but too bad! I have been massively ill all day and so. Yeah.

But I kind of had fun. There is anatomy FAIL all over the place, and I went for this weird compromise between in-game sprite Nabooru and official art Nabooru and it... yeah. Personally, I like her sprite better, and the OoT art style kind of gives me hives a little (for some reason I don't mind it in Majora's Mask? maybe because the heavy darkness suits MM better), but I tried to throw in a bit of both. I wanted to do the details of her fabrics and jewelry but guys, I just don't got it in me this month. I've been sick, exhausted, and all sorts of unhappy/upset. It's not really an excuse for ungood doodles, but it sure is an excuse for me to go to bed instead of continuing to beat these dead equines =|

Anyway, uh! ... so that's that XD

Backdated 1 hour
Time: too damn long again! 40-50 mins? fffff and what do I have to show for it

Daily Doodle: Nabooru from Zelda: Ocarina of Time )

Daily Word Count: 300, all of them to be posted in just a minute!
Daily Doodle: So I haven't actually played Minish Cap, but I was poking around Zelda official arts, trying to find something quick to draw because this week continues to be balls when I stumbled on Minish official arts and HOLY CRAP but Minish Link is basically the MOST ADORABLE THING EVER especially with the cap off!

SO I uh. Drew him with the cap off! Except then I added the cap back in. In his hand. But without Ezlo. So this is pretty sucky as far as Minish art goes, but I think it's kind of cute?
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Link from Zelda: Minish Cap )

Daily Word Count: 446
Daily Doodle: Another not-awesome day, another not-awesome doodle! I think he came out kind of cute, at least, which is about all I ask for. Better luck some time when I'm not so run-down!
Time: 15 mins, at least it was quick

Daily Doodle: Young Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time )

Daily Word Count: 364
Daily Doodle: Man, so I really quite enjoyed Tetra, and the they put her in a pink dress which not only took away her tan but made her instantly lame and useless. I mean, just a warning people: pink dresses make princesses cry (icon from [livejournal.com profile] animekatie).

Anyway, I thought Tetra deserved a moment to be a bit more badass than that. SO here she is, sword out, looking FIERCELY SUSPICIOUS.

I rather think I'm getting better at WW style. I STILL love how expressive the faces are; they're so much fun to play with.
Backdated 3 hours, though I actually finished this before midnight and got distracted by writing, both my own and [personal profile] renay's.
Time: oh god, it was so distracted and off-and-on... 15-20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Tetra from Zelda: Wind Waker )

Daily Word Count: 683 =D =D =D
Daily Doodle: WAY tired today. Wanted a canon where sketchy lines would be okay. Remembered Wind Waker. Medli is cute. Must speak in simple sentences or will keel over.
Backdated 1 hour
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Medli from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker )

Daily Word Count: 347. What's this, you ask? explanations tomorrow when I am not dropping dead of modding/tired.
Daily Doodle: Imp Midna, of course. Her true form is pretty and all, but honestly imp Midna was awesome and fun and has the funkiest proportions. I wanted to have this be my weekly colour today, but I have too much other crap to do this morning. Maybe tomorrow! Or maybe not; I kind of like this one, too, and might save it for cleanup and real colours.
I wanted to try Midna for her awesometastic weirdo proportions. I think I did... okay on those. Not perfect, but a decent try. For all that her helm innards/designs are pretty half-assed, I think I actually got its size/proportions right? I'm told this is the hardest part with Midna! So at least that's nice =P
As with yesterday's, I spent too much time working the pose/details and didn't have time to clean up my lines. Life lesson: get better at clean/confident lines the first time so you don't have to clean up -_-
Time: 29 mins! woo.

Daily Doodle: Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess )
Tremendous Medium-sized doodle dump for the meme. Go request something there! Pweeese?

Sorry for the delay -- my life imploded a little and I haven't had much scanner access.

I still owe [livejournal.com profile] muggy_mountain her charcoal Auron and [livejournal.com profile] lambspam her brush pen Jasmine. I'm sorry guys, it's been not a good week. I'll get those to you over the weekend.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: these are doodles, drawn for the purpose of teaching me to loosen up about my art. So, uh, don't expect Rembrandt XD

Without further ado, picspam:

Ben and his gun for [livejournal.com profile] jubin who rocks so hard for consenting to be a Link Checker and Skimmer over on [livejournal.com profile] grand_line_vine. I love you, I hope you like your Ben ;_;

PICSPAM -- 3 more doodles )

That's all for today. I promise I'll get those scans I've not had a chance to do yet done, uh, soon. Shooting for tonight, possibly this weekend. Cheers! =)




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