Daily Doodle: Man I had such grand plans today for this really complicated pic involving a goddamn esper but then I ate dinner and realized that it is really hard to remain ambitious on a full stomach.

So. Here is Trafalgar Law, whom I ship madly with Eustass Kid. Sigh. I think my Oda style does improve, though? I hope?
Backdated 1 hour
Time: 15-20 mins?

Daily Doodle: One Piece - Trafalgar Law )
Daily Doodle: Man. This dude. I really didn't expect him to be but he is RIDICULOUSLY attractive. And now I ship with with Ace. Jesus XD
Backdated 3 hours
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: One Piece - Phoenix Marco (G) )
Daily Doodle: FFFF okay I should not have stayed up this late working on this and now I don't have coherent comment. Attempt!

Point one: I cannot handle Oda's anatomy. Any of it. But especially the hands.

Point two: I don't know why but Oda's style always goes easier for me working in pencil mode (hard edges, like MS Paint) instead of brush mode (softer edges, what you usually see here). Subsidiary point two-and-a-half -- I can't resize that nonsense.

Point three: Vivi appears to be going for the gold. ETA: I have been advised that her hand is not PG-rated! I am balls at ratings anyway when it comes to sexuality.

Point four: I still can't draw Nami to save my life.

Backdated 1 hour.
Time: Too damn long. Like 3 hours? DON'T ASK ME WHY. I think most of it was spent redrawing Nami's face over and over and over.

Daily Doodle: One Piece - Nami/Vivi (PG/PG13) )
OKAY SO. MY SERVER IS DOWN. And so none of my arts are currently available! Today's doodle is being temporarily hosted by the gracious [personal profile] renay, but everything else is dead, dead, dead. I apologize! This should hopefully be fixed tomorrow!

Daily Doodle: So anyway, Nami! I've not really gone into it, but I have an unofficial theme week going here, of females kicking butt. But one of the things I have been trying to do with this theme is eliminate, to the best of my ability, the gratuitous sexualization of the action girl. It has actually been a very disappointing experience -- when I go to look for stock reference photos for various action poses, I have had to use male ones pretty much every time. This is because the female ones are either (1) passive or (2) nominally doing something actiony but involving a lot of gratuitous hip-cocking, boob-heaving, and ass-sticking-outing.

It makes me very sad, honestly!

So this week, I've been trying to (a) draw full figures and (b) make them female and (c) make them as non-sexual as I can. I think is worked out especially well with the Rosa one.

But here is Nami! Now, those of you who know Nami know she is really hard to not sexualize. But I tried. I also find Nami really hard to draw, period -- from her face to Oda's crazy female anatomy. But I think this turned out pretty well, all things considered =)
Time: 45 mins or so

Daily Doodle: Nami from One Piece )
Daily Doodle: Chopper doing his... trademark... hiding/peeking thing. Oh Chopper! XD What a cutie butt.
Time: 15 mins? 20 maybe? I kept screwing up his hat >.<

Daily Doodle: Chopper from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 311
Daily Doodle: Someday I will cease being too tired to comment. For now: Rayleigh is FUCKING HOT. Today I tried to draw a character with an open damn mouth again; I think it went better this time. Though don't ask me what is going on here; I think he's just... talking or something XD

Anyway, I think I continue to be less-bad at Oda's style. Also, I love this dude. Good night.

Backdated 2 hours.
Time: 25-30 mins? I kept screwing up the mouth.

Daily Doodle: Rayleigh from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 348, 125 of them posted. Shoot me.
Daily Doodle: haha, total exhaustion: finally a cure for my tl;dr! Still, I am for once kind of happy with a doodle; I feel like I am finally getting the hang of Oda's style. I also love Luffy TO BITS; he is one of my favourite characters EVER, no lie. For all that I worship a lot of other characters in One Piece, it's really Luffy who makes the series for me. Keep being awesome, dude. I usually get him really off-model, but I feel like I at least came really close here =D
Backdated 3 hours
Time: 30 mins? the sketch took like 15 mins and then I spent the rest of the time FILLING IN HIS HAIR, ffffff

Daily Doodle: Luffy from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 307
Daily Doodle: Zoro. I am as usual too tired to comment. I do not understand you, September, fuck off. I have NEVER managed to get Zoro on model (I have this problem with about half the OP cast, and the rest I do fine, FFFFF). As a bonus, I tried an Oda-style hand. haha. yeah. I think he looks more lecherous than threatening, but I don't know, pretend he's looking at Sanji and they're about to do their fight-flirt thing. FFFF.
Time: like 30-40 mins, something way too long because I fucked up every part of this picture at least 3 times

Daily Doodle: Zoro from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 304 ffff
Daily Doodle: I actually had stuff to say but I am about to pass out, NO LIE. So here he is, two versions, original effing ginormous size, and small "fuck, not everyone's monitor has this resolution" size.
Time: 25 mins or something, kept getting face shape wrong, and stupid coat paisley shit

Daily Doodle: Mihawk from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 302, barely made it before passouts
Daily Doodle: ... we interrupt your daily broadcasts of Strawhats to bring you one of my favourite things ever: Iceburg. ... and Tyrannosaurus. I considered drawing Iceburg makeouts, but then uh... I couldnt' really decide who with, since apparently I ship him with EVERYBODY. (A short list: Iceburg/Franky, Iceburg/Robin, Iceburg/Lucci, Iceburg/Paulie... although psst, I also like Iceburg/Robin/Franky >.>) ... uh anyway. I used to be able to draw this guy from memory, too, which I think again served me, but not as helpfully, since, uh. I never said I could draw Iceburg from memory well XD T-rex came out a little WHAT but whatevs, this makes me smile.
Time: 15 mins or so

Daily Doodle: Iceburg from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 319
Daily Doodle: FFFF my bedtime, jesus. I'm up late and now I feel bad cause the goal was to SLEEP tonight. But I am trying! Anyway, I LOVE Usopp and I think he is HOT SHIT and I wish he would wear his hair down more often because jesus, that shit is smokin'. Although... is this the first time I've drawn Usopp? It may very well be -- I've not got him quite down, that's for sure, but this was fun and I think it's recognizable, so I guess I'm happy. (My standards this month! So sad! Screw you, September!)
Time: 10-15 mins? 15 mins appears to be how long it takes me to draw a Strawhat XD

Daily Doodle: Usopp from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 380
Daily Doodle: FRAAANNKKYYYYYY~~~~! I used to be able to draw Franky from memory, god. I don't think I can anymore, but I also think that past ability helped a lot today, because this got done pretty quickly and I think... actually looks fairly on-model? I LOVE this guy. At this rate I'll be drawing the rest of the crew; I'm like halfway there already XD
Time: 15 mins?

Daily Doodle: Franky from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 381, 100 of them posted
Part of my weekly words project! Word counts for this week )

Title: Empires
Fandom/Chars/Ships: One Piece - Robin
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, vague spoilers for Enies Lobby
Feedback: Always, always welcome!
Word Count: 100 even
Summary: The empires she touches, the empires inside

Weekly Words: One Piece - Empires (Robin) (G) )

Notes )
Daily Doodle: Avast, it be Nami! I totally flopped/slept through most of Talk Like a Pirate Day, but at least I drew a pirate? I am once again too tired to tl;dr! But hey, I have NEVER managed to get Nami on-model, EVER. I still don't think I've got it, but this is probably the closest I've come. Siiiigh XD
Backdated 2 hours
Time: 15 mins?

Daily Doodle: Nami from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 369
Daily Doodle: Sanji! quick and simple and dirty, because god, this month! At least I had a very good day, even if it was exhausting. Thus, too tired for comments, but let me reiterate that Sanji has always been strangely difficult for me, ffff
Backdated 4 hours, haaaa
Time: fff like 15 mins once I could concentrate XD

Daily Doodle: Sanji from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 345
Daily Doodle: UFFFFFF so tired. It's just Lucci, because I love this guy. Not awesome but eh, not a total disaster I guess. I dun really like it but whatevs. Too tired to comment! One Piece rocks, peace out.
Backdated 3 hours
Time: 20 mins? I was half-asleep when I drew this seriously, I can't be expected to track time.

Daily Doodle: Lucci from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 308
GUYS I AM STILL BALLS AT RESPONDING TO COMMENTS. I am really, really sorry — I LOVE comments and really appreciate them and I just feel like a big jerk but work has been a lot like death lately. But! The big deadline came and went today, and hopefully I will now be better!

Daily Doodle: So as some of you may have deduced from my last post, I'm trying to catch up on One Piece. I'm starting by rereading the Enies Lobby arc, because I don't remember the fights well and if I can't remember Zoro using Usopp's nose as a sword then something is wrong with the world.

Anyway, this of course also involves falling in love with Robin all over again. So here she is, doing exactly what I would do if I had her power. (Look for the third hand; I don't think I made it terribly obvious?) I read ALL THE TIME when I walk. I love you, Robin!

I could NOT get her hands right, which is kind of a damn shame. But I like her expression! I tried to go for the flat blacks Oda uses, too. Well, anyway, this was fun =) Oh! And drawn without guide-lines, just straight off =)

Backdated 3 hours
Time: 20-30 mins? Most of my doodling has been really off-and-on lately =\

Daily Doodle: Robin from One Piece [spoilers!] )

Daily Word Count: 751, all for the Alchemies sequel >.>
I've fallen seriously behind on One Piece due to school+work (I stopped right after Enies Lobby, FFFFF), but now I have finally begun to catch up and! I WOULD JUST LIKE TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.


Thank you god for creating Oda.
HEY GUYS I AM REALLY BEHIND ON RESPONDING TO COMMENTS! I'm really sorry! It's been a bad, busy month; I will try to crawl out of my hole and respond a bit asap ._.

Daily Doodle: Haha guys I am so sorry, this month continues to kick my ass. I feel like I just get worse and worse, not better, the more I doodle. I can't wait until this stupid deadline at work is over and I can feel like a HUMAN again.

Anyway, it's Shanks, or it should be. The expression came out really Luffy-esque. Tried some Oda-ish line shading. Not very satisfied with how this all came out, but still like it for some reason. Maybe I'm just desperate! XD Didn't clean the lines up much =|
Time: 15-18 mins? Lots of distracted interruptions

Daily Doodle: Shanks from One Piece )

Daily Word Count: 552
Daily Doodle: Kinda boring but I am super busy today.

So, uh, Pell is kind of one of my favourite characters in OP and as I was drawing this I realized I seem to have PROBLEM with OP characters with dark lips because Iceburg is totes my husband on the astral plane. Totes. By which I mean he's fucking hot and I wish he'd stop doing that stupid spit-curl thing he has these days, take off his shirt, and show off his tats.

By which I mean... uh...

No, that's pretty much exactly what I meant.

... This may be a hint to self that I should draw Iceburg, huh.
Time: 20 mins? Black areas took forever to fill in >(

Daily Doodle: Pell from One Piece )




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