Mar. 30th, 2011

Or, you know. Just get to know people.

So guess what, flist! I'm socially awkward. SURPRISE RIGHT??? You are BLOWN AWAY.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time at cafes with wireless — basically JUST so I could spend some time outside of work/house because I realized that I had barely left the apartment for like a year. You know how I joke about being a hermit? Well I wasn't joking you see >.>

And well. At one of the cafes, the Starbucks by my work, there are some interesting people. People who know my order! Because creature of habit, that is me. There is a kinda nerdy girl with awesome glasses, a guy with dreads TOO AWESOME to fit under his starbucks hat so the hat just kind of perches on top at totally random angles, a tall guy with a shaved head and HUGE ADORABLE EYES (@[personal profile] general_jinjur: think Gerard Way), and a tiny girl who is just like. IDEK. Basically uhhhh my type: small without looking fragile and 100% adorbs.

In case you COULDN'T TELL the latter two folks rather ping my makeouts-o-meter, but all of them seem like they would be really cool to know just in general.

Problem! They're all at Starbucks! Which is their place of employment! In the service industry!

Is there any way to invite further association with them without coming off as Creepy McCreepershark? They seem to like me! But then I like. Respect people in the service industry? And like smile at them and treat like them YOU KNOW, MAYBE THEY ARE PEOPLE. So maybe they are just reacting to me not being a douche to them. Idek guys, I am hermitty hermit who is a socially awkward hermit; I dunno how to read these things!

But still, it would neat to have friends in the area. ... especially that smaller girl >.> The partner keeps saying I should just give her my number XD

On a more serious note! I know this can be really uh. Not awesome. If it's a guy trying to hit on a woman while she's at work. That is generally just like megacreeps. There are worse and better ways to do it, but you start off with the woman in a bad position, especially if it's a job in a service industry or he otherwise has power over her. So that's not awesome. I am not a guy though, I am kind of on the opposite end of the power differential there, and pretty much I think it would just be awesome to get to know these people! So idk. Help?

Where Memory Rests

Fandom | Cast: Thief: Deadly Shadows (small throwbacks to TDP, TMA). Garrett.
Rating | Warnings: No warnings besides those applicable to the game itself. No violence.
Words: 2,300.
Feedback: Always welcome, any kind!
Notes: Done for an [community profile] areyougame prompt: March 25 - Thief: Deadly Shadows, Any: Anything, I just want ficcage for this game!. Many thanks to [personal profile] owlmoose, [personal profile] seventhe, and [personal profile] stealth_noodle for variously holding my hand and lightning fast betas.

Summary: You once said you couldn't think of a way to cram more misery into one building's history.

Well. Looks like you've found one.

( Where Memory Rests on AO3 )

( Where Memory Rests on [community profile] areyougame )

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Part of the Song a Day Project!

Apparently at some point, Kubo Tite (Bleach) chose this as Rukia's theme song, whcih was definitely news to me, as I picked it out of my music list and then saw Rukia all over the youtube comments. Huh! I know this song from some point in high school, I think before Bleach came out. But what a neat convergence, seeing as I like Rukia a lot. Huh!

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