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[Fic] Thief: Deadly Shadows - Where Memory Rests (Garrett) (PG) (2,300 words)

Where Memory Rests

Fandom | Cast: Thief: Deadly Shadows (small throwbacks to TDP, TMA). Garrett.
Rating | Warnings: No warnings besides those applicable to the game itself. No violence.
Words: 2,300.
Feedback: Always welcome, any kind!
Notes: Done for an [community profile] areyougame prompt: March 25 - Thief: Deadly Shadows, Any: Anything, I just want ficcage for this game!. Many thanks to [personal profile] owlmoose, [personal profile] seventhe, and [personal profile] stealth_noodle for variously holding my hand and lightning fast betas.

Summary: You once said you couldn't think of a way to cram more misery into one building's history.

Well. Looks like you've found one.

( Where Memory Rests on AO3 )

( Where Memory Rests on [community profile] areyougame )

A/N: Not a canon I normally work in, but I had an interesting time. Also very experimental for me in many ways. Overall, quite outside my comfort zone. Feedback always welcome! =)

x-post: Hosted on A03. Original version on [community profile] areyougame [here].

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