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Quick note: I didn't post yesterday, so I'm doing two today. I was incredibly tired and this topic was hard and long and I wrung my hands quite a bit about skipping — I had so hoped to post every day. BUT I am also trying to work on not making myself unhealthy with my stubbornness and perfectionism, and this definitely falls in that category: I do not want to make myself sick. So. yeah =\

[personal profile] owlmoose: I'm curious to see more on your thoughts on writing versus art. How do you approach these two creative processes? How are they the same; how are they different? Really anything at all on the connections/disconnections would be great. (here)


Well all right. So. I am pretty obviously a media omnivore, but I also tend to think of myself as um, the reverse of that, whatever the production side is. I LIKE MAKING STUFF. Any kind of stuff! Fic and art are what I make most, but I actually dabble in a LOT of stuff? In fannish terms, specifically, I've finally started trying to make vids, which I'll post about later. But generally, I've always loved making things, like crafts (I crocheted a LOT for a while, and made macrame, but also generally I just MADE stuff); I used to be really into sculpture for a while, too, and actually made a few pretty neat things, my favourite of which is actually a fan sculpture of Skandranon the Black Gryphon. I really enjoy photography and really want to learn how to actually DO it. I have even attempted to write songs even though I know nothing about music.

BUT basically yeah, I do write and draw a lot, and my experiences have been very, very different.

One thing in common though is that I've never really taken classes in any of it. Art was one of my electives in middle school, but it was, like... you know, a pretty lackadaisical middle school art class? (whose instructor turned me off the US movie version of Wizard of Oz forever, by the way.) It was a place to DO art, not really a place to learn. The real exceptions were medium-specific: when I was younger, about 7-8, I learned to work in oils under a painter, and later (10-12?) I also once took a class in inks. But I've never been taught anatomy or lightning or perspective or colour theory or, well... anything except how to handle two tricky media. Likewise, for writing, I've never taken a creative writing course, never been taught anything about plotting or character development or worldbuilding or the technical/micro side of good writing. Pretty much everything I know about... any craft, really, I've learned on my own. Sometimes I lament this! More on that later. Anyway.

One more thing in common is that I tend to regard myself as deeply unoriginal — I have a lot of trouble coming up with ideas, especially since I feel like all my ideas have to be DEEP and IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL. This affects both my art and my writing processes, though in slightly different ways. I'm still trying to convince myself that it's OKAY to just draw, or just write; it's okay to not have an earthshattering idea every time (or ever).

The History )

So now. Now. I guess we'll start with art.

Arting )

Writing )

SO. Basically I am Insecurity City. But we know that already. I know that a lot of the improvement in how I interact with my art and arting process has to do with the projects I've done there and how hard I've worked on it. I do work hard on my writing, too, but I find it harder to find good regimented exercises there. I'm planning, after I finish this goddamn unending story, to try and do a lot more things like fic challenges, drabble challenges, anonmeme stuff, and suchlike.

And, finally and relatedly, I do often wish anyone had taught me... anything, really, about any of this. I'm proud of the skills I've managed to gain on my own, but there's a difference between trying to teach myself something like colour theory or plotting and being taught. For one, classes would give me that outsider perspective I need so much. I've been considering taking some classes, but! But I am not sure. Classes take time and money, and some stubborn part of me thinks I should just keep muddling along on my own. I don't know! Have any of you ever taken art or writing classes? how did that go! any thoughts?
Fandoms/Characters/Pairing: One Piece: Tom's Workers
Rating/Spoilers: G every which way; spoilers for Water Seven
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome, usual disclaimer about doodles and sketches etc.

Posting on LJ out of boredom? What?

Sketch: Fashion Statements (One Piece; Tom's Workers; G; Spoilers!) )

x-post: I don't x-post doodles! =D
So I went into a bit of an art slump after trying so hard to post more art more often with less shame. Complete opposite of the intended effect. Man. FAIL.

But! I finally picked up again this week, and produced a new draft of the last doodle I posted here.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Axel/Roxas
Rating: PG13! Axel's more than a little naked, but Roxas has him covered ;)
Crit/Feedback: YES PLEASE. This second draft is actually the result of some fantastic crit I received from [livejournal.com profile] lassarina last time: major hat tip, Rina! My goal for this draft was to make the entire picture more dynamic and intense, since the last one was kinda static. The next step will be to flesh out the background (which I omitted this time, but it's visible in the old version), clean up the weapons, and go ahead and do the final ink, so if you have any suggestions now would be a REALLY GOOD TIME >.>

KHII: Surge [Axel/Roxas, PG13] v. 2.0 )

x-post: Nowhere! D<
My quest to post more my art more freely continues! This can't properly be termed a doodle, seeing as this picture was planned and is heading in the serious inking and colouring direction, but this is definitely one of the less pretty stages of production and the one it will stagnate at until I work up the balls to try to ink the keyblade.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Axel/Roxas
Rating: PG13? There is the nekkid, but nothing showing?
Crit/Feedback: Always! Especially on stuff like this: sketches for planned big fancy pieces. Correcting mistakes early on is good! Although, usual spiel -- it's a sketch, lots of issues, etc PLEASE DON'T JUDGE T_T

KHII: Surge [Axel/Roxas, PG13] sketchitude within! )

x-post: Nowhere! I'm shy enough about sharing un-perfectly-polished work as it is D=
Hey, so, I've been thinking that I should less of an anal, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist about stuff, and unfortunately, "stuff" includes "my art". In the interest of (a) getting better at art; (b) becoming less terrified of showing my art in public; (c) convincing myself that my doodle/sketch-level art is not 300% awful; and (d) posting more often...

I've decided to start posting my doodles and sketches. I apologize for any bleeding of the retinas that may occur.

Here's something I've been doodling after homework.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Cloud/Leon
Rating: .. PG? PG13? Mangropage?
Crit/Feedback: Always! Although, you know. It's just a doodle. It kind of has issues XD

KHII: Leon/Cloud mangropage within! [now with retardo-fast primary colours version!] )

x-post: who knows. Anyone wanna tell me who might be interested in seeing this? totally not surreptitiously trying to ferret out Leon/Cloud shippers >.>
So, because I operate out of a FATHOMLESS WELL OF INSECURITY, I had a big freakout today over OH MY GOD I'M SUCH A HACK, WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING TRYING TO WRITE/DRAW/BREATHE. My FFEX gift, combined with the incredible number of talented people that surround me, intimidated me past the breaking point, and I had one of my retarded little crises where I refuse to work on anything because whatever I make will be AWFUL FER SURE.

When I get like that I turn into a complete idiot that nobody can reason with. Considering I only have about 3,000 words of FFEX gift and I need, oh, 15,000 more, I don't really have time to melt into a puddle of low self esteem XD

Well.... I just wanted to thank [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine and [livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe for putting up with the senseless sloshing of my haywire brain chemistry. You guys realy helped.

Unfortunately for you, as a result, I am now seething with ideas for stories I've been meaning to start, finish, or simply pick up.

Updates on 10 stories within )

There's even a new story I got an idea for today, from One Piece: Fish Out of Season. Usopp-centric, possibly with slightly Nami/Usoppish overtones. I hope [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine is pleased with this development!

There are SO MANY MORE STORIES that I didn't make any progress on today (and incidentally you can see the ones I mentioned in there too, though it needs updating), but this was a SWARM of little epiphanies. I am SO PLEASED.

So it seems, uh. After I finish my FEEX gift I will have plenty to work on >.>
So, I've got an art-related question. Does anyone remember this drawing of Lucci and hungover Paulie? Well, I liked the idea a lot, but the execution was not that great. I've actually been drawing again this week, thanks in large part to having to get off my ass and try to kick-start [livejournal.com profile] ff_100 again.

Well, I'm trying to redraw the idea. Except, you know. Better. The problem is, I don't know if the new version is better than the old one. Can you guys help me out here?

In-progress artses under cut )

I asked [livejournal.com profile] yaznall when I was home last night and he said that he liked the sketchiness and general feel of the old version better, and I think I agree. I can always make this new one messier (yay, pencil tool!), but I'm not sure if it's worth it. There's also that hangup I have where I feel that I can only nail a given expression once. Did I make enough things better? I think I can recapture the grunge if I try, but I'm not sure that I made the second version better enough to be worth it.

Any thoughts?

Plus, if I abandon this second version I can go draw my new obsession, Kratos from Tales fo Symphonia. Or finish [livejournal.com profile] regann's [livejournal.com profile] ff_100 thank-you-for-entering art. Or draw some Seifer/Zell to lure [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine out of whatever hole she fell in to (where are you?).

... I was going to cleverly add "*is lazy*" after the bit about dropping this makeover project but then I got into my list of OTHER stuff I need to be doing and realized that no, I'm not lazy. It's more along the lines of irretrievably crazy with a side of off-and-on criminal lethargy.




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