Oct. 26th, 2010

Hey guys! Did you know my friends are awesome? WELL THEY ARE! SO awesome that I will steal all their ideas. This is how I show I love you.

So the awesome [personal profile] seventhe had this great idea to post every day in November, meme-style, but to have the questions/topics be determined by friends/commenters/drive-by anons. THIS SOUNDS FABULOUS. I want one! SO I'M HAVING ONE.

Thing is, I just fail at journaling. Like I really do. Getting better at that was supposed to be part of my Quotidian Creativity project. Which I'm. There's been like total radio silence on that, but hey, why not, a quick update: I am both failing it and passing it with flying colours. Further updates sometime in November once this ridiculous/awesome/ridiculous story I'm cowriting is EFFING DONE jfc.

... but anyway. I'm bad at journaling and I hear I am like. Mysterious or something? What? I am not mysterious! Just. Shy?

But whatever, let's fix it! Rules are more or less same as [personal profile] seventhe's:
  1. There's a list from 1-30, for the 30 days of November.

  2. Leave me comments with anything you want to see me write about. General topics? Questions for me! Whatever it is, I am supposed to blog about it at least a little that day! I'm really not that private a person in terms of what kinds of questions I am or am not willing to answer, so don't be shy! Weird personal stuff is fine -- if you want to hear about it, I will try to answer it XD

  3. I'll put topics in the list in the order the corresponding comments were received. Anyone can comment, on LJ or DW, with OpenID or just anonymously. You don't have to know me, even!

  4. Yeah I am not going to assume that 30 people will leave me topics, so feel free to do more than one! Just try to do no more than two at a time, and if you come back for more rounds, try to space those out so I'm not doing like a week straight of just one person.

I'll do one a day (hopefully won't miss any, but will make up with two in a day at need). The end! Have fun =D

30 Days of Me Not Being Invisible. Let's Go! )

This is going to be the best disaster EVER.



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