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[Weekly Words] One Piece - Empires (Robin) (G)

Part of my weekly words project!

09/14: 552
09/15: 336
09/16: 751
09/17: 308
09/18: 345
09/19: 369
09/20: 381

Week total: 3,042
Running total: 8,481

Title: Empires
Fandom/Chars/Ships: One Piece - Robin
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, vague spoilers for Enies Lobby
Feedback: Always, always welcome!
Word Count: 100 even
Summary: The empires she touches, the empires inside



These empires of bone, these legacies of stone. She touches the poneglyph as if she could taste its knowledge through her skin — and perhaps she could; Ohara's blood flows in her veins, and she is herself a legacy, a vessel for voices of the past. They have that in common.

But stone is cold.

Robin closes her eyes, wonders at the warm secret flowering within her, as if her heart had multiplied tenfold, opened like it was blooming.

She smiles.

She is an empire, vast as the sea and warm under the sun, and she is not alone.



A/N: Catching up on OP has led me to remember that I adore Robin. Blame that >.>