Sep. 13th, 2009

Daily Doodle: So I meant for today's doodle to be less fail, but too bad! I have been massively ill all day and so. Yeah.

But I kind of had fun. There is anatomy FAIL all over the place, and I went for this weird compromise between in-game sprite Nabooru and official art Nabooru and it... yeah. Personally, I like her sprite better, and the OoT art style kind of gives me hives a little (for some reason I don't mind it in Majora's Mask? maybe because the heavy darkness suits MM better), but I tried to throw in a bit of both. I wanted to do the details of her fabrics and jewelry but guys, I just don't got it in me this month. I've been sick, exhausted, and all sorts of unhappy/upset. It's not really an excuse for ungood doodles, but it sure is an excuse for me to go to bed instead of continuing to beat these dead equines =|

Anyway, uh! ... so that's that XD

Backdated 1 hour
Time: too damn long again! 40-50 mins? fffff and what do I have to show for it

Daily Doodle: Nabooru from Zelda: Ocarina of Time )

Daily Word Count: 300, all of them to be posted in just a minute!
@[ profile] ff_press: [FFX] [ profile] justira: Ultima (Lulu) (G)

Part of my weekly words project! Word counts for this week )

Title: Ultima
Fandom/Chars/Ships: FFX, Lulu
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, spoilers for last third of the game I guess, about as much magic/sphere meta as can be crammed into 300 words?
Feedback: Always welcome! Crit away! =D
Word Count: 300 even =D
Notes/Thanks: Definitely inspired by [ profile] owlmoose's awesome fic, Elemental. Thanks to her for a pre-beta and some advice, and to [personal profile] renay for cheerleading and also giving it a look =)

Summary: Lulu learns Ultima.

Weekly Words: FFX - Ultima (Lulu) (G) )

Notes )



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