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Reeling (In)

Fandom | Cast: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Jane, Aki, a little Neil.
Rating | Warnings: PG, gentastic.
Words: 3,100
Feedback: ALWAYS welcome! =D
Notes: Repost of a DOINK! 2010 / [community profile] ff_exchange gift for [ao3 user] FireEye.
Jane and Aki. Any interaction at all would be great. Contrasting ideologies, philosophy, or lifestyle could be interesting. Likewise, exploring loyalty themes or at what point Aki won Jane over (or didn't) could be awesome, too.
Thanks to [personal profile] seventhe and [personal profile] renay for the lightning betas.

Please note that this version has minor technical edits. The original untouched version version is and will remain on AO3.

Summary: Aki's still reeling after talking to Gray.

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Daily Doodle: After my completely ridiculous travails of yesternight (this morning, really), something that's not so.... overwrought. SO.

I adore Spirits Within, unlike, apparently, anyone with any taste in movies, any TRUE FINAL FANTASY FAN, and so on and so forth. After this last round of DOINK! I particularly enjoy Jane — and I've particularly noticed how much awesome Jane is (in the background) during the movie itself. She's smart, decisive, competent, snarky. Watch when Aki is being carted away from retrieving the ovo-pack near the middle of the film: when Aki wakes up and gets shot, it's Jane who kicks the idiot's ass. A LOT. That sort of thing. Now if only she and Aki had actually talked to each other.

Unfortunately, there's not really much of anything distinctive about her character design. She's basically The Girl. The male Deep Eyes all have completely different facial structures; Jane looks largely like any other CG lady, especially without a distinctive hairstyle like Aki has.

So this was kinda hard, especially as my realism resemblance abilities are pretty unreliable. But it was fun and much less tortured than yesterday's doodle.
Time: 10-15 mins

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