Part I: Dreams of Memories | Part II: Waking Life | Part III: The End of All Things

Fandom | Cast: Final Fantasy X. Braska-centric without a doubt. Auron and Jecht, of course, and a bit of young Yuna. Big roles for the aeons/fayth — most especially Bahamut and Shiva, but plenty for Ixion, Ifrit, and Valefor too.
Rating | Warnings: PG, so very gen. Spoilers for the whole game. Canonical character death, death of a bystander with slightly gory detail.
For: [ profile] darthneko's prompt in [ profile] ff_exchange 2007 - "FFX: Braska, summoning"
Betas: [ profile] owlmoose, [personal profile] renay, [personal profile] seventhe, with more thanks than I can say
Total Word Count: 43,500
Summary: Bahamut has a plan. Braska has a purpose. The two don't always coincide, and a pattern slowly grows, drawn in light on stone. A three-part arc detailing Braska's path to becoming a High Summoner.

Chapter Title: Part III - The End of All Things
Chapter Word Count: 18,800
Chapter Summary: As his pilgrimage continues, Braska descends into a world of dreams and memories, conflicting loyalties and united hope. And one burning question that Braska will have answered.

@[ profile] ff_press: [FFX] [personal profile] justira: Clarion (3) - The End of All Things (Braska, Auron, Jecht, Yuna, Bahamut, Shiva, Ixion, Ifrit, Valefor) (PG) (18,800 words)

Clarion Part III: The End of all Things )

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