Aug. 23rd, 2011

So today.

Many of you will have heard that there was a 5.8 earthquake in VA this afternoon. We got a pretty good rumble out where I was, and I say this as someone who's lived in two fault line areas (LA and Tajikistan). Incidentally the epicenter of the quake was pretty much right under my parents' lake house (you know, the 1.5-million-dollar one that is the cause of so much woe recently because MY PARENTS jeez). It's as if the world is trying to tell them something =|

Luckily the quake wasn't too bad, so I hope everyone's okay and there's not too much damage.

MEANWHILE. I get home, have a phone interview (second job that will hopefully cover my parents' bills: GO), run errands, settle in... and FIRE ALARM.

Well shit.

I live on the eighth story of a high-rise. I have a dog and three large cats. The partner isn't home.

There are a lot of dog owners in my building, and luckily one of them is my across-hall neighbour, who knows we have Ozz. I told him I had three cats, and he offered right away to take care of Ozzie, which was really great of him. That just left the three cats. They're all big and one is fat (he is just like that, we have tried all the diets and all the exercises, he is just fat) but I was just grabbing the nearest cat and stuffing it in the nearest carrier. Of course the lightest one ended up in the small carrier on his own and the fat one and the sturdy one ended up in the bigger dog carrier together.

Then I hauled all 45-50 pounds of madly fidgeting, yowling cats down 8 flights of stairs.

So that was fun. My second evacuation of the day.

It was actually really interesting while we were all out there in the back lot -- that's where all the animal owners went and there were dogs milling around everywhere (I'm sure the cats were thrilled) and even two more cats besides my three. Those guys had apparently been caught and stuffed in an extra large tupperware, with the lid propped partly open once they got outside. We had an escapee dog -- a border collie, so that was a pretty exciting escape.

On the way back in another nice neighbour from my floor carried the cats to the elevator for me (THANK GOD FOR ELEVATORS) and I took Ozzie back in. The fire turned out to be something electrical but was taken care of quickly as we live literally three blocks from a fire station. Everyone and almost everything appears to be fine.

And that was my day. Earthquakes and fires.

ETA: So while we were waiting out the fire outside, someone joked, "hurricane at 9, folks!".

Guess what.

There's a hurricane. It even has my name on it.



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