Mar. 29th, 2011

Part of the Song a Day Project! Also part of Transformative Songs Week in honour of the OTW March Drive.

Oratory well done has a cadence and rhythm that makes it beautiful and compelling — musical. The strong musical and lyrical flow of good oratory is one of the ways it appeals to us and moves us.

And then someone takes a speech and transforms it into something... more. There are other instances of this practice, but today I want to show one of my favourites: Winston Churchill's Great Declaration in 1941 (one fine, fine piece of rhetoric) backed by a few wayward time travellers. As with the Disney-derived techno remix I started this week is, I love the unexpected quality of it, strongly contextualizing a piece of our cultural history in the present.

Youtube Link: The Gregory Brothers - Lift Up Your Hearts.

Lift up your hearts
All will come right
Out of the depths
Of sorrow and of sacrifice
Will be born again the glory of mankind

Pieces used in arrangement after the cut )

When we interact with our culture and cultural output in transformative ways, we transform the source, we transform ourselves, and we transform our culture. And we get Winston Churchill with time travelling musicians.

And this is another reason I support the OTW.

23-29 March 2011 OTW Membership Drive



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