Mar. 8th, 2011

Part of the Song a Day Project!

So Abney Park is something like steampunk industrial? Which I think is super neat. It's one of those bands that has changed a whole lot since its inception: they started out as a goth group, then some years later their membership got shuffled around a lot before they found a new identity as a steampunk group, complete with fictional backstories as the crew of an airship. Pretty cool!

As for this particular song? I basically cannot resist string instruments combined with non-classical music, as well as sweet clean vocals combined with a rougher voice. ...but mostly yeah, it's the strings.

Now! I am embedding just the studio track above the cut. However! I also want to show what the band actually looks like because there are vials on their violin so yeah. So I recommend listening to just the track first, but after the cut I'll have another youtube vid showing one of their performances.

Youtube Link: Abney Park - Sleep Isabella

Lyrics after the cut )



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