Mar. 3rd, 2011

Part of the Song a Day Project!

"VNV" stands for "Victory, Not Vengeance". I don't know what songs other people would use to introduce VNV to someone; I use this one because of its personal history for me. It was the background noise of a lot of my personal struggles, and also some very happy times. And to me, it's still lovely. But hey, those of you familiar with other tracks, feel free to rec away! VNV will show up again in this project, without a doubt, but why wait!

And I swear, they have some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever come across.

FYI, VNV is best listened to loud and with stereo sound; you can miss out on a lot of the texture of the sound if you turn it down too low — so if you have the opportunity to do so: turn it up!

Youtube Link: VNV Nation - Kingdom

And I believe
that we'll conceive
to make in hell for us a heaven

Lyrics after the cut )



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