SO, WORLD, I have been busy, uncommunicative, and unavailable for like THE ENTIRE SPRING. There has been a large element of general life fail/woe there, but SOME of it has been due to a good thing: [community profile] ff_exchange/[ profile] ff_exchange.

The 2010 round of the exchange is wrapping up, which means it's time for Moogle Fluff! Anyone at all can make it, and any medium counts — fic, drabbles, art, sketches, icons, manips, sprites, vids — you name it, you make it for a prompt, it counts! =D

The Moogle Fluff 2010 prompts are up here, instructions for uploading your stuff are over here, and the deadline is on or before this Sunday! If you don't think you can finish it time, or none of those prompts strike your fancy, there will be more opportunities later on with Chocobo Down, which is open any and all times between rounds of DOINK!

If you do wanna pitch in, please note the beta prompts, marked with an awesome beta fairy — the beta team was spectacular this year, and MF is the only chance they get for gifts for their hard work! If you don't have an AO3 account, hit me up for some invites; if you don't want an AO3 account, I would be happy to post in your name with all due credit. If you don't want to make anything for the MF prompts, a signal boost is super duper appreciated as well — the more the merrier!
@[ profile] ff_press: [Recs] [personal profile] justira: 3 fic recs, 2 art recs (FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFT)

Okay guys! There has been a LOT of woe in my journal lately! Sorry about that. I try not to leak all over the place. To offset all of the woe-ing, here are happy things!

DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange is finally gearing up, and signups are open! WOOOO! Read all about the goings-on at one of our news comms, [community profile] ff_exchange or [ profile] ff_exchange. FFEX has been lucky enough to have some amazing people producing incredible gifts under its aegis. SO. Time for a long-overdue mini rec-post!

[Art] FFVI - Gotta make a good impression! (Gau, Sabin, Terra) by [ profile] safety_caesars
Rating | Warnings: G, spoilers for an optional mini-scene in the game
Notes: FFEX 2009 Phoenix Down — Gau and Sabin brotherly love, Terra should be there too!

Squee: The expressions. THE EXPRESSIONS. Are perfect. I just. I have no other words for them. This artist also has a knack for making Amano's costumes actually look like people could live in them; in this particular case, Sabin's rather blingy and delicate tank top actually looks manly. Also amazing: Sabin actually looks like his brother here; I flailed about that so hard in my comment. Terra looks so sweet and young in just the right way, and Gau, beyond having an absolutely priceless expression, somehow looks hot. WHAT.

[Fic] FFVIII - Small Things (Squall/Rinoa) by [ profile] invocations
Rating | Warnings: G, no spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2007 Moogle Fluff — ...Squall/Rinoa romance. >.> 670 words
Summary: Just a small moment in which Squall takes itty-bitty steps forward.

Squee: The characterization here is just so spot on! It's short and sweet and the narration so fittingly, amazingly Squall. This strikes just the right note of Squall/Rinoa for me: sweet in a rounabout kind of way, Squall taking small steps outside himself, imperfect and grumpy and just right.

[Art] FFIX - Pub Night (Zidane, Freya, Blank, Steiner, Beatrix) by [ profile] sonopants
Rating | Warnings: G, possibly super minor spoilers but not really?
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [ profile] roughhandssAnything from IX. Zidane, mm. Freya, mm. Blank!!!mm. Steiner/Beatrix is hot too.

Squee: This is in watercolours. Amazing, vibrant watercolours! Everyone's expressions are so awesome here, and this artist's style together with the watercolours feels so right for FFIX. Everyone looks lively and full of (fun) emotion. The interactions between all the characters is just great, too, and I will never, ever stop laughing at how badly Zidane is losing here. Hearts forever and a half.

[Fic] FFX - Shades of Red (Braska, Auron) by [ profile] marmaladecat
Rating | Warnings: PG, some spoilers for the game's backstory
Notes: FFEX 2007 Gift for [ profile] owlmooseAuron with Braska and/or Kinoc, pre-pilgrimage. Gen preferred, subtext okay. 1,029 words
Summary: It's the strangest things that stand out.

Squee: Oh, oh gosh, this fic is just so beautifully sad. I love the relationships here, Auron's protectiveness. The red theme is wonderfully worked in, and just, everything about this story is so effective and lovely. So few words, so much feeling and affect; scenes and moments chosen so well. It's short, but it's heartbreaking, and it hits my FFX backstory buttons so, so hard.

[Fic] FFT - Antipyretic (Agrias, Ramza, Mustadio, Beowulf, Alma, Reis, Lavian. Beowulf/Reis) by [ profile] ovo_lexa
Rating | Warnings: PG13, party spoilers plus vague general spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [ profile] mithrigil"Fear and loathing with job classes." Take that as you will. 2,266 words
Summary: There are two ways of getting ahead: the slow, safe way that takes a lifetime to master and the fast, dangerous way that takes others’ lives.

Squee: My meta-loving heart just about died when I read this. Job class/crystal meta! In FFT! I AM NOT SURE I COULD BE MORE THRILLED. This also hits my "voices in your head" kink so hard (one of the reasons I love summons and summoning meta so much). Basically I could roll in the meta here all day. The punchline is heartbreaking and amazing, the disoriented and desperate air so good. Deliciously, deliciously creepy.

BASICALLY everyone should come play so amazing work like this keeps happening! SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! <3

Welcome to how my lines look when I don't clean them up! I had a shitty day at work, sorry guys. This doodle marks a whole month of daily doodles; I wish I had done better! I wish I had done better by Mufasa, too. I LOVED The Lion King; saw it in theatres on its original run and was TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE by Mufasa dying. Here's to you, Mufasa, you crazy awesome lion dude.
Time: 15 mins

Daily Doodle: Mufasa from Lion King )

Also, guys, I repeat! IT'S BEEN A WHOLE MONTH! No days missed yet, and I swear I've improved noticeably in just that short time. I really want to thank all of you who have left comments; I really appreciate it. But I most especially want to thank [personal profile] renay(DW)/[ profile] bottle_of_shine(LJ) for prodding me into drawing every day. It really means a lot to me to have friends who will push me to improve =)



WHY does my [ profile] ff_exchange story have OVER 12,000 WORDS and for all that is only like 2/3 done maybe if I am being generous? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Last time I wrote the 10,000-word first chapter of Clarion. This year apparently I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to outdo myself! Or beat Nay's 17,000 word FFEX gift length record. WHO KNOWS.

Either way this can only end in tears! There is ONLY A WEEK left until the beta deadline, GOD HELP ME I AM GOING TO DIE.

So maybe it's time to panic like a lot. Maybe y'all already know this, but I write SUPER SLOW. Unfortunately (or perhaps the opposite), I also write SUPER LONG. As it happens, I also have a DEADLINE. SLOW + LONG + DEADLINE = PANIC, yes? SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.

I am feeling somewhat insecure about this one (when do I not? FATHOMLESS WELL OF INSECURITY, RIGHT, GUYS???), in large part because it's such a heavily thematic piece, and theme is HARD to work this deep without being tremendously ham-handedly obvious. Also, har har, I haven't published any thematic pieces yet! I have plenty in progress (apparently theme is the new black) but none have been put up for public scrutiny. And because I'm an idiot and don't have enough to worry about, I have for some reason worked in a strange new style, too. HAR HAR, IRA. HAR HAR.

In other news I also feel guilty because I want to do multiple gifts but I DON'T HAVE TIME, especially since I owe a lot of art, some of it ALSO for an exchange. I can't DO anything about that right now cause I don't have a scanner available to me, but still. GUILT GUILT GUILT.

So, where am I sitting? On about 1,500 words -- not bad, for me, considering I spat them out in one afternoon. Of course, the prospects grow rather dim when I realize that this story, told the way I want to tell it, will be at least 10,000. AT LEAST. This is what I get for picking a topic about which I can meta all day long.

MEANWHILE, [ profile] bottle_of_shine and [ profile] lassarina have the GALL to leave me out of the mass suicide party! They think I will be the mod to come and beat them with a stick for defaulting! How dare they imply such fortitude! How dare they imply that I am not a MERE MORTAL?! What kind of modly example do they think I'm setting? I'M GONNA E-DIVORCE YOU GUYS.




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