I learned something yesterday, which came accompanied by mild amounts of pain. Most discoveries are.

Apparently, I'm double-jointed.

I consider learning this when you're 20 a bit odd, you know? The fact that my joints bend backwards is something you think somebody would have picked up on from 4 years of rock climbing, 2 of soccer, 1 of track, 3 of tae kwon do, sporadic kayaking, skiing, water skiing and, you know, other things where I have to move.

Buuut no. Instead, I overextend doing bicep curls or bench press or something during weight lifting and my tendons start to ache. This alarms me, because, you see, being an absolute nutcase and training for tae kwon do for 1.5 hours every weekeday and close to 7 hours on Saturdays for a little while helped me acquire a fun condition called chronic migratory tendonitis, in which random tendons, in random places, at random times, decide to stop working and start whining. It's not very pleasant, but not life-threatening, beyond dying of sad because while I was too short to reach the upper shelves with my arms working properly, now I can't even reach out straight in front of me. So, you see, I gotta watch the tendons.

So the pain discomfited me a little on several levels until the coach took a look at my elbows and knees and told me that I'm double-jointed.


This basically means that from now on I'll have to never extend my joints "all the way" during heavy exercise, because my "all the way" is other people's "way too fucking far you're hurting yourself."

It's not even the cool kind of double-jointed that you can freak your friends out with. It's barely noticeable visually, but it'd definitely there.





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