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What do you know, high school came in handy. (plea for help at the bottom!)

So, I've developed yet another fandom with yet another relationship that NO ONE will ever write about and that nobody even draws. This is pretty distressing, seeing as this is the case in ALL MY FANDOMS EVER AFKJLSDGJSFDIBGMCVNW$EOGTH@#QJWJSGKALGNSDIGN.


I promise this post has something to do with high school coming in handy.

The fandom, by the way, is Tales of Symphonia. Which was supposed to be, you know. A pretty large/active fandom. This was a total lie.

The relationship is, uh. Very spoilery. And, surprisingly (knowing me), not gay. I just like the general relationship between the two. Who, uh, happen to be Kratos and Lloyd. Now, Kratos is supposed to be the most popular character in the game, and Lloyd is not as annoying as some main RPG heroes can be (I liked him!).

But is there fic?


Is there art?


There isn't even art.

Desperate for some nice fluffy art, I've been searching EVERYWHERE. Deviantart, y!Gallery, Elfwood, Sheezyart, Fanart Central, Japanese sites. Finally, during today's lunch break at work, I gave up and googled it -- and got some results! Most of them, however, seemed to be reposts of images from other sites on a French blog.

I waffled around a little bit, and then decided to pull out my dusty French, shake it out, and take it for a walk.

I managed to explain my situation and ask where the blogger got those pictures. And I think I even did so passably well.

Ha! I wish I'd been looking for gay porn. Then I could truthfully say that the first time I ever used French since I took it in high school was to ask for gay porn. Damn.

PS: If any of y'all on my flist happen to know where I can find quality ToS fanworks OF ANY KIND, please make with the spilling. Oh pretty, pretty please. I'll, uh! Draw you things! Gimme?

[identity profile] lambspam.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Those are the best tags I've ever seen.

[identity profile] justira.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Why thank you. I still like "emu containment system" best out of all my tags.

[identity profile] lambspam.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh, good call. Too bad we decided that alpacas are better than emus.

(... the word "emus" looks weird.)

Yeah, "emu containment system" was the best, for sure.

[identity profile] cephiedvariable.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 09:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Hmm, back when I was sort of kind of in the ToS fandom, it was filled with Kratos/Lloyd slash. :P Absolutely FULL OF it. So there is fic and art about them, just not fic and are you'd necessarily want to read (ahahaha).

For good ToS fanfic, however, you should go to my lovely roomate's fanfic archive! Tales of Tales (http://cruxius.nine-tales.net/). I can't attest to the amount of gen Kratos-Lloyd fic on the site (my forays into the ToS fandom were mostly writing related, or the odd search for non-existant Regal/Presea fic T____T), but it's an excellent archive so it wouldn't hurt to check. ♥

And I completely relate. My favorite non-canon DC pairing has THREE fics on the entire internet. *THREE*! The characters shared an apartment in San Fransico! Why is the fandom not all over it? DDDD:

[identity profile] justira.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 10:02 pm (UTC)(link)
I can see the slash being popular, but it seems to have disappeared off the internet. I wouldn't object to it, even! Any decent ToS anything will do! I still need to finish digging through LJ communities' archives, but that's very slow going and... not often very satisfying D=

And hey now! That is a fantastic link! There's so much there, and I think I even see some Lloyd and Kratos gen. Wow. Can, I, uh... fall down before you in gratitude or something? Sketch you something? I always default to that when I want to thank people >.>

Also, there's not any Regal/Presea? What the hell gives, ToS fandom?

Now wait, what characters are these? I'm not into DC fandom, but I have a passing acquaintance with canon and loves me some flavours DC slash. Meanwhile, the whole characters being TOTALLY, OBVIOUSLY, COMPLETELY GAY for each other and fandom being silent on the matter... thing? Yeah. I get that ALL the time. In all my fandoms, ever. Woe and all that XD

no, really, it sucks =(

[identity profile] cephiedvariable.livejournal.com 2007-01-25 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
Eh- you don't have to repay me. As I said- I live in the same apartment as the person who runs that thing so I just love giving the link out to people. It really is the only decent ToS archive on the net. It should get more attention. :(

Hrm- I'm halfways glad the Kratos/Lloyd slash fandom disappeared. They were really annoying because they didn't like to be honest about the fact that they liked an incest pairing. They would always write all these essays about sociological factors that would make parent/child sex "okay" and "normal" and "not like incest" at all when really, they just all shipped it because they didn't realize that they were father and son and Zelos hadn't been introduced yet (not the the Zelos/Lloyd fandom is much better *SIGH*).

I don't know if Regal/Presea is still difficult to find, but about two years ago when Dawn and I first played the game there was nothing out there. In fact, most people found it DISGUSTING and claimed it was pedophilia while shipping away Presea/Genis which, uh. Yeah. I think I actually wrote some of the first, if not the first, Regal/Presea fics in the English fandom *that's* how scarce it was. I think there's more of it out there now although I can't attest to it's quality.

The characters are Connor Hawke (http://variable.nine-tales.net/avatars/DC/connor.jpg) and Eddie Fyres (http://variable.nine-tales.net/avatars/DC/eddie2.jpg). They have such an awesome (http://variable.nine-tales.net/imagrey/scans_daily/Ollie/connor%20and%20eddie/sympathy1.jpg) relationship (http://variable.nine-tales.net/imagrey/scans_daily/Ollie/connor%20and%20eddie/sympathy2.jpg) full of adorable, affectionate snark (http://variable.nine-tales.net/imagrey/scans_daily/Ollie/connor%20and%20eddie/Green%20Arrow%20%23112%20-03.jpg) and synchronized ass-kicking and they, like, live together and travel the world together and professional, chain-smoking, dirty-mouthed Eddie went to LIVE IN A MONASTERY for Connor because their love is so true. ♥ ♥ ♥ It's not that their explicitly slashy- it's just that they're not quite like father and son and not quite like mentor and student and not quite like BFF and almost but not really like an odd-couple, buddy cop movie. That many not quites always makes the slash-sirens in my brain go off like woah. Plus, they have random moments like this (http://variable.nine-tales.net/imagrey/scans_daily/Ollie/connor%20and%20eddie/machine.jpg). :P

The fact that this pairing doesn't exist in the fandom could probably be attributed to the fact that they're kind of obscure. Except that the (Green) Arrow family have nearly as much fic as the BATS despite being markedly less popular and Connor himself is a fandom darling. He's also one half of one of the most popular slash pairings in the fandom- Connor/Kyle (Green Lantern IV. Connor and Kyle have worked together in less than ten comics, but Eddie appeared in almost every single issue of Connor's series. It's just baffling considering the DC fandom's propensity for slashing everything that moves and isn't Guy Gardner.

< /rant>

Ahahahaha. Ha. ^___^;;

[identity profile] cephiedvariable.livejournal.com 2007-01-25 03:19 am (UTC)(link)
*that they're

typing too fast, lulz typos.

[identity profile] justira.livejournal.com 2007-01-25 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
It is a great site. Thanks for linking me to it, and please tell your roommate that I appreciate it?

Kratos/Lloyd slash could be very interesting, but it's one of those things that has to be done just right for me to buy it. Maybe I'm glad the fandom died down; it sounded pretty stupid -_-

Regal/Presea's got a lot of possibilities. The pedophilia-crying crowd's ridiculous, though -- she's almost as old as he is, and, uh, almost two decades older than Genis. Fandom, this is why I don't venture out and interact with you more. I hear ya, though, on the scarcity thing -- my absolute One Piece OTP is Franky/Iceburg, and I usually can't pick just one pairing to like best. But when I got into OP fandom there was just NOTHING on them in English, not anywhere. I guess I ended up writing the first of that, too! There's definitely more out there now as people have caught up, thank god.

HAY NOW, that looks pretty awesome! I keep wanting to seriously get into Western comics, but I'm seriously intimidated by the sheer size and... confusingness of the canon. All the retconning and canon AUs and spinoff series and... I just don't know where to start! I like the bits you showed me, though -- sounds right up my alley XD.

[identity profile] dyxlisa.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Have you tried Ruaki's (http://ruaki.livejournal.com) art blog? I remember she had a bunch of ToS sketches...though you need to be friended to see them because of art thieves. But good luck on finding stuff!! And it makes it even harder if you're just looking for general relationships between two characters; I love gen, but it seem to be impossible to find in any fandom. ;_;

[identity profile] justira.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 10:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh lord, gen! I love it too, and it's just nowhere. Luckily I also enjoy pairing fic a lot, but especially in cases like the one I'm whining about at the moment, fandom's aversion to gen pretty much bites. Really, though, I'll go for anything with good characterization.

Thanks very much for the link! I've gone and asked to be added =D

And hey, you're in OP fandom, yes? I'm not sure if you know of them already, but X-Parrot (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/19421/) has some of the consistently better gen I've found in the fandom.

[identity profile] dyxlisa.livejournal.com 2007-01-25 05:59 am (UTC)(link)
Actually yeah, if the characterization's good I can believe just about any pairing, probably. I've definitely read fics for pairings that I'd never thought about or I never thought I'd like that made me...like it? At least in that fic. Thankfully I'm usually not picky about pairings, otherwise I'm sure I'd have nothing to read. XD;

Yay, I hope you enjoy her stuff~

You're the second person who's told me I need to go read X-Parrot's OP stuff! I think that means I better go do it...soon. After tests. One Piece gen sounds like I'll have a happy afternoon this weekend~

[identity profile] a-white-rain.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't know the fandom, but know the feeling.

[identity profile] justira.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 11:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I looked at your fandom listing and yeah, it seems we're pretty much in the same boat on a lot of pairings -- they're either insanely popular with scary scary fanbases, or no one's ever heard of them.

Though for Bleach in particular, where I'm happy to ship just about anyone with just about anyone else (by the way, Yoruichi/Soi Fong is possibly the hottest girlship ever), I've managed to OTP on, of all things, Isshin/Ryuuken (based on god knows what but hot damn anyway) and Ichigo/Ganju (based (http://mangarun.com/bleach/bleach_077/%5bmanga-rain%5dbleach-ch-077-01.png) on (http://mangarun.com/bleach/bleach_077/%5bmanga-rain%5dbleach-ch-077-02.png) these (http://mangarun.com/bleach/bleach_083/%5bmanga-rain%5dbleach-ch083-16.png) five (http://mangarun.com/bleach/bleach_083/%5bmanga-rain%5dbleach-ch083-17.png) pages (http://mangarun.com/bleach/bleach_083/%5bmanga-rain%5dbleach-ch083-18.png) and many more further down the road, but those two scenes just crashed me into them. hard. the gay writes itself, I swear!)

Anyway, sorry. Thanks by the way, for your amazing memories list, through which I found many excellent fics and bits of meta =)

[identity profile] a-white-rain.livejournal.com 2007-01-24 11:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Isshin/Ryuuken has some backing, and YorSoi is hot, but my heart wants RukiHime. NAKED COVER TOGETHER FANDOM PLZ.