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Hey it's a post from that ridiculous/amazing/this is the worst idea/this is the best idea Make-Your-Own Meme "blog every day of November" thing!

The original post explaining the project is here. Please feel free to continue adding topics/questions on the LJ or DW versions. If something comes up in any of these posts that you'd like to hear more about, please feel free to just make it into its own topic! HERE GOES NOTHING. YOU (SORT OF) ASKED FOR IT.

SO I was supposed to write about fandom today, a topic given to me by [personal profile] seventhe that I am super excited about and already know will be extremely tl;dr—


Then I had kind of a shitty night and then a bleh day and I am SO tired and my computer died (YES AGAIN; it is dead AS WE SPEAK and I am on a mini generously loaned to me for this purpose) AND ALSO I have some VERY IMPORTANT INCEST TO WRITE

and also!

Also I voted!

So today you get to hear about voting:

I mean, [personal profile] owlmoose totally cheated on her meme and I have [personal profile] seventhe's permission, so I am totally allowed to cheat.


I GET REALLY EXCITED ABOUT VOTING. Maybe it is because I come from a place with, you know, not the BEST democratic tradition! I don't know! But I get so excited about voting that I totally wrote an essay about voting a few years back being all like VOTE DAMMIT VOTE.

I've voted in every election I've been eligible for and I am like SO FREAKING EXCITED every time. You know what I love best? I love voting in PRIMARIES. Primaries are EXCELLENT. There are so many things to consider! PRIMARIES GIVE ME HIVES AND ALSO ARE AWESOME.

You know what is not awesome?

The two-party system.

What the HELL kind of democracy is that? WHAT IS THIS MALARKEY.

Two parties is just MESSED UP. You don't actually get to vote on ISSUES. It sucks and makes absolutely no sense to my European brain! But then I am APPARENTLY A SOCIALIST. According to the USian political spectrum. Where I am like WHOA SO EXTREME LEFTY SOCIALIST WHAT. But by European standards I am really quite moderate guys >.>

So politics in the US kind of infuriate me (and by "kind of" I mean ARRRGH KDSHLGKJLDSGHODSGHDKJLSGNDGN) not just because of the positions I see adopted but just by the PROCESS, by how they RUN. It is ABSURD. This two-party thing is utter bollocks, and I swear, capitalism is no longer an economic model in the US; it is a SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.

I am not kidding :(


I still really love voting. Even when the differences are minor, I still feel that, for me, there is always a sliver of preference I can express. I considered, for a long time, electing not to vote... but it bothers me that there is no real way for anybody to tell the differences between the masses of people who actively choose not to vote as an informed choice/protest and those who just. I don't freaking know. Don't care? I don't know. I don't know why people don't-vote except as an actual choice (barring issues of accessibility). But anyway. The not-voting is called "apathy" no matter what people's actual reasons are and that BOTHERS me because I am not apathetic. I just think every choice sucks! What I REALLY want is a "None of the above, you assholes" option on the ballots. So I can show up and cast my vote for "May all your bungholes itch for eternity".

... but until there is a "None of the above" option I am going to keep on voting for one or the other (NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR WEIRD TWO-PARTY SYSTEM PAINS MY EUROPEAN SOUL).

And this year, I voted in Virginia for the last time. I am so happy that I got a chance to try and swing this recently-emerged battleground one more time. I am going to be effing GLUED to the election results now — I was even lucky enough to vote in a tossup district! HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

In closing:

You tell 'em, Ozzbutt
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*applauds this post so hard*

*also, subscribes*
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I want your dog.

Also, this post is awesome. :D
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Oh yay, I love pet posts, particularly with they contain DOGS. *major dog person!*
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Some states do have a "none of the above" option on the ballot, but many do not.

I considered voting no-confidence in the IL governors' race, except that I am so goddamn terrified of Bill Brady being our next governor (look it up, or rather don't, he'll give you hives, he certainly gives me constant fits) that I had to vote for the Dem incumbent because I. I. lskdfjl;kj *incoherent frothing*

Two-party system in this country makes me beyond bugfuck exasperated, and it's exacerbated by the presence of SO MUCH GODDAMN MONEY in our elections. Fffffff.
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Corgi! ♥ I am now slightly less depressed that my state voted out a pretty good governor in favor of a former Fox News host who hates public transit and ffffff deep breaths, deep breaths, puppy.

When I lived in Georgia, I voted for a lot of socialists and Greens, because it wasn't like the Republican candidate wouldn't win every time regardless of my vote. Now that I'm in a more battleground-y state I feel obligated to vote Democratic even when there's a candidate I like better. This is very annoying and I wish we at least had some kind of second-choice system. :/
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I will go out and admit that I am one of those jackoffs who doesn't regularly vote. I voted in the last presidential election (the first one in which I was able to!) but didn't do anything this week. Sahrry :P

BUT here's why: I haven't been following anything. Yes, it's apathy and ignorance, but I also wasn't about to go to the polls and vote uninformedly. I'm not gonna go cast my ballot all DERP DERP DERP when I'm just reading names on a list whose policies I am completely ignorant of. Eh :/

I will say I agree with your views on the two-party system though. If it weren't always a case of "the lesser of two evils" I would probably be more inclined to get excited about voting. AND, I am not one to get too terribly outraged about gov'ment policies (I mean, there's plenty that peeve me, and I have Plenty To Say on gay rights and religion-in-politics), but if there was something that I was actually going to actively protest, I would make damn well sure to educate myself on everything that's going on before I go spouting off my big mouth about this and that. THAT sort of ignorant rage, which is so popular today in the US, is what bothers me more than apathy in voting, to be honest. "Let me just parrot the same bullshit I heard from ONE SINGLE BIASED NEWS SOURCE and get my panties all up ins over it and GO VOTE ACCORDINGLY" - personally, I kinda feel that's more detrimental than the people who are too lazy to get off their asses and vote on polling day >_> People are way too easily swayed by sensationalism.

(Feel free to disagree and chew me out, lol)
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Also: PUPPY <3