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[Weekly Words] FFXII:OGC - Dark in the Middle of Him (Basch) (G)

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Hey so, I've been posting these Daily Word Count things underneath my Daily Doodles for the whole week and every day I promise I'll explain "tomorrow". A whole week later, it's tomorrow! Gosh, I wish my boss took this approach with deadlines.

Anyway. SO. I've successfully been daily doodling for about two and a half months, with 77 days and 77 doodles (counting today's, to be posted right after this). While I haven't magically become super duper awesome, I do feel like I've improved a lot, both in terms of skill and in terms of confidence. So I want to thank [personal profile] renay again for nagging me into that, because I count that as a great act of friendship: pushing me to improve myself and reach for my goals. Nay, if there are any further ways I can embarrass you publicly, just let me know =D

I'm hoping to do the same thing with words.

Now, I don't really believe in word quotas as goals. I have a lot of very tl;dr on that subject. So why am I doing quotas? Well, for me it's about habits and confidence. I angst a lot about my writing, and I need to maybe angst a little less. SOME angst is good. But I'm terribly ashamed of most of my writing, just like I used to be terribly ashamed of most of my art. So I'm trying to make myself write every day, just to get into the habit first. And to do that, I, personally, need something concrete. If I don't have a concrete goal I know I will fail. One drawing start to finish every day is concrete, and it's worked great for me. So I'm hoping word quotas can get me towards a daily habit of writing. Once I build a habit of just write, stupid, I can start refining it. Work on specific things. I'm already starting to do that with my doodles, and I have many more plans, like for theme weeks where I focus on movement, or backgrounds, or particular styles.

So here are the rules. I have to write at least 300 words every day. If I had to post words every day I would get hives and die, so for now I only post word counts (and do a tweet). But every week, I do have to actually publish something of at least 100 words — it can be something totally new I wrote that week (or that hour), or it can be something I've been working on forever and just now got edited and beta'd and polished. The important thing is to get over my fear of showing my writing.

[personal profile] renay is doing her own version of this project and she's been keeping it up all week too and I am super proud of her and also this is my revenge >P

I'm starting with nice, low quotas because again, the key is habit. I need something I can definitely do, no exceptions. Also it feels way better to raise a quota after consistent success than to lower one after consistent failure >.> And I've tried macho high quotas before. I've tried the "write 1,000 words every morning after you jog and before you have your very nutritious breakfast". (For the record, that lasted a whole week.) I'll increase my quotas in the future, just like I've been branching out with my doodles.

All of this, of course, is a very tl;dr way of saying "I'm sorry if the following drabble is balls, but I had to publish something tonight."

Title: Dark in the Middle of Him
Fandom/Chars/Ships: FFXII:OGC, Basch
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, spoilers through end of game
Feedback: Always welcome, or what would be the point of making myself post >.>
Word Count: 100
Summary: There is, he tells himself, no reason to fear this darkness.


There is, he tells himself, no reason to fear this darkness.

A friend to the renegade in hiding, the soldier in ambush, the tired man aching for rest. It is the harsh light of the sun that stunned him; he had to shade his eyes for his first breath of freedom.

But it is this darkness that stared back at him as irons warmed against skin.

The man that bequeathed it him was Noah, face bare as he died.

But he holds Gabranth's helm in his hands, and it is a fear that grows wild in the middle of him.




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[personal profile] lassarina 2009-09-07 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
ahhhh, Basch. Why you hurt my heart. *pets pets pets*
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[personal profile] nan 2009-09-08 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh Basch. <333

Also, I joined [community profile] page_a_day and said I would write 200 words per day but I have pretty much been failing. However! I think reporting my word counts each day would be helpful, so I might actually have to steal y'all's idea. XD
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[personal profile] nan 2009-09-19 03:21 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been doing okay, although I've been avoiding the interwebs recently. Not on purpose; work + Fullmetal Alchemist = very preoccupied Nan. I imagine the new (new to me, only a million years too late!) fandom will definitely help with the words. XD