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[Recs] Final Fantasy VII Edition (8 arts, 2 cosplays, 1 vid, 1 craft)

And here we are with a little FFVII post to follow from the FF Tactics recs! We're starting off with a vid by the same vidder that closed out that post, so let's go!

Don't ask me how so much Aerith/Cloud ended up here; I have no idea ._.

[Vid] FF VII (OG, AC, CC) - Lamb and the Knife (Aeris, Sephiroth) by [info]acidragdoll
This vid is only to part of the song, but I think this was the right choice — it's just the right length, getting the idea across without belabouring the point or getting tedious. And what an idea — I love this look at the relationship between Aerith and Sephiroth! The editing here is really strong; I love all the cuts between similar scenes from the different sources. It just comes together so well; definitely one of my favourite FFVII vids. It's rare and brave to take a complicated idea like this and cut down a song so much. Well done.

[Craft] FFVII - Red XIII Nanaki Plush (Red XIII) by [deviantart.com profile] hatsukoi
Oh my lord I want one. I want one so bad. I do not even have more words, it is just awesome. Go look at this plush. Now look at it from another angle. Tell me you don't want one. Or five. Excellent choice of detail and materials!

[Art] FFVII - Tifa Lockhart in train (Tifa) by [deviantart.com profile] jerrymayuki
A great shot of OGC Tifa with awesome background. I love the subtle shading here; it works especially well in her hair, which looks just awesome here. But my favourite part is her expression, because she is totally going to kick some ass. Oh yes.

[Art] FFVII - Fantasy in oil (Main Party) by [deviantart.com profile] oswalddent
This is a wip but it's an OIL PAINTING WIP. The size of a SHEET OF DRYWALL. I do not even know what to say. I cannot wait to see it finished, my god. My favourite part is Red XIII; he looks AMAZING!

[Art] FFVII - FF7 ACC (Main Party, Sephiroth) [personal profile] diamond dust
The linework here is just stunning. There is so much here, and the linework is just so unbelievably clean and detailed. Wow. The flat colours just serve to emphasize the lines. HIGHLY recommended to view in full size!

[Art] FFVII - Untitled (Reno/Rude) by [livejournal.com profile] pennies_4_eyes
Hey, how about some gorgeous Reno/Rude? Oh gosh, they look so great, the blue lighting and Reno's hand holding Rude's face and Reno's eyes open. Haha oh gosh, give me a moment >.>

[Art] FFVII - love between the flowers (Aerith/Cloud) by [deviantart.com profile] bluemonika
I appear to be in the mood for some happy Aerith/Cloud? So away we go! This is just full of bight colour and nice detail; it makes me feel peaceful. So pretty.

[Art] FFVII - きらきらの (Aerith/Cloud) [personal profile] ゆき
A more stylized take on the theme. The flat shading and emphasis on shape really works for me; it's delicate and cute and quietly feel-good.

[Art] FFVII - Eternally (Aerith/Cloud) by [deviantart.com profile] jingster
And one more hit from the ridiculously adorable school of Aerith/Cloud! I— really, I don't know what else to say, this is just so cute and feel-good. IT BRIGHTENS MY DAY, OKAY?

[Art] FFVII - the future is -y-ours (Aerith, Cloud) by [deviantart.com profile] lone-momo
Okay, okay, back to serious! I am so sold on the beautiful colour scheme here; so vivid and effective! The textures and style of linework really work for me, especially in the hair, which looks great! But probably my favourite part of this is the Amano designs; they look simply fabulous.

[Cosplay] FFVII - Amano Aerith [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] cupcake-rufflebutt
Speaking of fabulous Amano-flavoured takes, how about a gorgeous Amano Aerith cosplay? Rather than the more classic Amano Aerith, this one is inspired by this illustration, and especially given so little to work with, I think the cosplayer did an absolutely amazing job adapting and realizing this look. I love all the details, choices of colour and texture; it's a great, original take on Aerith, and I love it. I would give a lot to see this in a general Amano FF7 group! The "Gallery" link leads to the cosplayer's "main" shot, which in turn links to all other material on this costume.

[Cosplay] FFVII - Cid Highwind [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] negativedreamer
This cosplay might look simple, but boy does it work! The "simplest" cosplays can often be the most difficult to carry effectively — when there's not much detail to work with, it's easy for a cosplay to look kind of unnatural or unfinished. This? This is just right. It hits that sweet spot for me where a cosplay looks worn, real, not a costume, like someone actually lives and fights in it. This is some aces shopping here, and mega props for the canonical pose!