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[Recs] Final Fantasy Ladies Edition - 20 art, 6 cosplays,1 fic, 1 vid (IV, VI, VIII-X, XII, XIII, T)

Some recs! Because I need to feel better! I was going to post these Wednesday and then do two more rec posts Thursday and Friday, but instead I got rear-ended and my car was totaled. Whoops! That was awkward. That is pretty much 2011 for me. So I am going to rec shit because it is better than dwelling on everything. OH WELL. RECS.

Some of these are on pixiv, where you need an account to view pics full-size (let me know if you want/need any help with that!). I also translate titles if they're only a character or place name; otherwise I leave any other titles and all usernames as they are.

And apparently FFVIII is first because I want to show off that vid that much. A lot of these kind of have themes within each canon.

Recs: Final Fantasy Ladies Edition


  • 6 cosplays (FFIV, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX-2, FFXII)

  • 1 fic (FFVI)

  • 1 vid (FFVIII)

FFVIII - 1 vid, 3 arts, 1 cosplay

[Vid] FFVIII - The Fortress at Sea Level (Rinoa) by [personal profile] quinara
Summary: I walk in worlds you can only begin to imagine.
A serious look at Rinoa and Sorceress. I love all the parallels the vid draws. The music is beautiful and an original choice, and I really enjoy the way the footage speeds up, shudders, slows down, and otherwise warps to keep time with the music: it is perfectly unsettling and used to great effect. Overall, this whole vid just feels right to me: it has a coherent and powerful message, it takes Rinoa seriously, and it's just overall beautiful. Bravo.

[Art] FFVIII - Maybe I'm a Lion (Rinoa, Griever) &
[Art] FFVIII - The Legendary Beast (Ultimecia, Griever) by [personal profile] 魔王アブソるん
I don't want to spoil this wonderful diptych before you see it — it's so worth seeing this awesome idea for yourself. This is in the same spirit as the above video, a parallel between Rinoa and Ultimecia. Beautiful idea, beautiful execution; chilling and lovely.

[Art] FFVIII - Succession of Witches (Rinoa, Edea, Ultimecia, Adel) by [personal profile] Soleil
And one last look at Sorceress. The composition very well-assembled and coherent and I love the inclusion of Adel, who is so often forgotten or omitted. I think this piece gives a great sense of both the variety and strength of the Sorceresses, really strongly tying them together while at the same time setting Rinoa apart; her place in the composition is like a breath of fresh air. I was slightly hesitant to include this one because I feel the execution is not quite as strong as the idea, but in the end, not only did it fit really well here, but I also think the strengths of the piece outweigh the weaknesses. Don't miss Squall and Seifer at the edges; they add a great and meaningful touch.

[Cosplay] FFVIII - Guardian Force Siren [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Full Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] etaru
This is one daring cosplay; I have to applaud both the effort and the confidence that goes into something like this. I have a huge soft spot for summons cosplay, and this is a unique choice with some real challenge to it. The dye job on the feathers is precise and superb, and the end effect is beautiful. The eye makeup adds a nice subtle touch — look closely to catch it!

FFIV - 1 art, 2 cosplays

[Art] FFIV - Calcabrina (Calcabrina) [personal profile] rr
I have no words for this besides "haunting". The colours, the composition, the expression, the way details kind of dissolve and float away from her face... Simple and beautiful.

[Cosplay] FFIV - Rydia of Mist [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] misscordie
What first caught my eye about this cosplay was the great sense of scope — check out the length of those capes! On closer look, it gets even better, with meticulous detail that feels beautifully appropriate, avoiding being overwhelming. Combine with some great setting and photography, and this becomes one of my favourite Rydia cosplays. Don't miss the shot of the hairpiece in isolation.

[Cosplay] FFIV - Rosa Farrell by [deviantart.com profile] daisyviktoria
This is a pre-DS rerelease cosplay, so it looks a little different from a lot of the mroe modern Rosa cosplays — and I love it. There's a real sense of practicality to this that's a rare treat to see in a Rosa cosplay, conveyed in part by the great posing and lower angle of the photo, but also by the relative simplicity of the costume — and, of course, by seeing Rosa armed with her bow. This over just hits the right note with me, unique and simple and lovely. The cape in particular looks like a stellar job; I wish there were closeups. It's a real shame that there aren't more shots of this cosplay!

FFVI - 4 arts, 1 fic

[Art] FFVI - 孤城 (Terra, Magitek Armour) [personal profile] 高虎
This is one of the most unnerving takes on this theme that I've seen, because Terra looks so young: it's beautifully disturbing. The armour and background convey a great sense of destruction and ill-ease, and Terra looks both lovely and surreal, a spot of tarnished light and beauty.

[Art] FFVI - Attack of Narshe (Terra, Magitek Armour) by [deviantart.com profile] larosenoire1989
This might be my favourite rendition of the armour itself — it's so fleshed-out, so fully-realized. And I love how the armour looks more alive here than Terra does; that's a great, eerie effect. She's nearly faceless, nearly inhuman. Chillingly appropriate.

[Art] FFVI - Tina (Terra, Magitek Armour) [personal profile] ルーシー
And one more take on this theme for the road. Beautiful colours, lovely sense of solidity, and I just love the overall solemn mood. Also really enjoy the details of her jewelry.

[Art] FFVI - 君に (Relm) [personal profile] またよし
Just a beautiful and quietly whimsical look at Relm. I love the contrast between the lovely details and the looser areas of form and colour.

[Fic] FFVI - Four Times Terra and Celes Connected, and One Epiphany (Celes/Terra) (T) (1,806 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] ukefied
Summary: Celes knows who Terra Branford is
This hits a lot of the contrasts and similarities between them, which is my favourite part of this ship. The choice of moments to cover is great, and overall this gives a nice sense of glimpses into something complicated. Sweet and touching and still serious, just a great note to hit.

FFIX - 1 art, 1 cosplay

[Art] FFIX - 星見 (Garnet, Eiko, Moogles) [personal profile] こくら(ちょっとお休み中)
It's entirely too rare to see Garnet and Eiko having a quiet moment like this. The sense of scope here, provided by the incredible star-strewn sky and the ruins of Madain Sari in the background, really helps give the two a sense of isolation, even with all the moogles nearby. It feels really appropriate, and warm, despite the cooler colour scheme. Eiko tugging on Garnet's sleeve and pointing to the sky is just great.

[Cosplay] FFIX - General Beatrix [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] rose0fmay
This take on Beatrix is stunning in how closely it approaches utter perfection. The propswork is amazing, the costuming is solid; everything comes together amazingly well. Really, I can't even describe it, just go look for yourself. The little details everywhere, like the scrollwork on the belt, really do it for me. Amazing. I hear the internet at large has discovered this cosplay as well — I'm sad I didn't feature it earlier, but this definitely deserves all the attention it gets!

FFX - 5 arts, 1 cosplay

[Art] FFX - yuna (Yuna) [personal profile] モリシタナオコ
This is worth seeing for the unique style alone — it reminds me of Klimt somehow, and beautifully conveys a sense of delicacy without frailty. The textured shading is so lovely.

[Art] FFX - Macalania (Yuna) [personal profile] halu
I love the atmosphere and use of colour here. The whole picture looks otherwordly and yet very solid. It's a great little moment for Yuna, caught out of time. I love the level of detail — like the necklace and bracelet — they seem to add to the crystalline moment without being distracting. My favourite part is the sleeves.

[Art] FFX - Yuna (Yuna) [personal profile] ハブキ
There's this great sense of precision here while remaining pretty simple. The careful composition, the relatively flat shading, the sense of controlled movement — everything works together to convey a kind of unrestful serenity. It's great. I love the arrangement of the waves.

[Art] FFX - 力を貸して下さい。 (Yuna, Valefor) [personal profile] 古古@:D
Valefor is just gorgeously realized here: the saturated colours blending into each other, the detail, the way she hovers over Yuna. Just a great shot of summoner and aeon.

[Art] FFX - Final Fantasy X (Yuna, Shiva) by [deviantart.com profile] gronouille
And here, a more dynamic, mid-action shot, lovely in a different way. Yuna looks far more vulnerable here, and this overall manages to convey a sense of grittiness while itself remaining delicate and full of strong details. I love the way the watercolour works here.

[Cosplay] FFX-2 - Black Mage Dressphere Yuna, Rikku, Paine by [deviantart.com profile] yamane, [deviantart.com profile] yumeeture, [deviantart.com profile] chibinis-chan
I love cosplays of the non-default dresspheres, and this is a great take on the Black Mage set. The detailing is great and the group looks awesome together. While I linked my favourite shot of all three together, I don't think it shows the Yuna costume to as good effect as the other two — this shot of Yuna dancing really shows off the cosplay, so be sure to check it out, along with the other shots linked in the cosplay description.

FFXI - 1 art

[Art] FFXI - Petals on the Battlefield by [deviantart.com profile] salacia-of-vanadiel
I am sadly not familiar enough with FFXI to identify anything here but oh my gosh it is entirely too beautiful to skip. The background, the expressions, the way the light touches everything. I don't have words; it's just amazing.

FFXII - 2 arts, 2 cosplays

[Art] FFXII - The Sacrifice (Fran) by [deviantart.com profile] sparkyyy
The light and colour here is just so beautiful. It looks so simple at first, but on closer look you see that Fran's expression is complicated, and I love the way she's facing away from the light symbolizing her decision. I just love the luminescence and quiet meaning.

[Art] FFXII - Shatterheart (Fran) by [deviantart.com profile] ice-brand
A darker portrait — I love anything that shows quickenings and this is jut great. With the ominous lighting, I can easily imagine this in the depths of some dire destination. My favourite part is probably the detail put into hair and helm, making the curls of her hair seem to blend with the scrollwork of her helm.

[Cosplay] FFXII - Fran
The armour here is just amazing! Her cuisses and greaves just look brilliant; one of the best jobs I've seen so far. Sadly could not find a source for this cosplay — please give a shout if you know it so I can credit/link properly!

[Cosplay] FFXII - Ashe Wedding Dress [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B] by [deviantart.com profile] kasumi-san
This is a really hard cosplay to pull off, withe the ridiculous level of detail and difficult structure. This cosplayer did a great job, and I'm really sad that there aren't more full shots of the whole thing, especially with the cosplayer wearing it. There's one fully-body shot, but it's a bit blurry, so it's hard to see the great detail work. Alas!

FFXIII - 1 art

[Art] FFXIII - Fang (Fang, Bahamut) [personal profile] 酒屋
If there is one image on this list that simply must be seen at full size, this is it. The bold strokes, the colours, The overall sense of form and composition — it's dynamic and beautiful.

FF Tactics - 1 art

[Art] FF Tactics - Holy Knight Agrias (Agrias) [personal profile] ウサ太郎
Besides being Agrias, who is just awesome, and the great sense of dignity here, the texture and detail, this also serves as a transition to the next rec post I want to make. So stay tuned!