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[Daily Doodle] FF Tactics - Geomancer Ramza (G)

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Daily Doodle: So, I really enjoy the kind of customized job outfits characters get in FFIII and FFV (though I tend to take objection to pointless use of skirts on women); this means I was pretty disappointed in FFT for not having custom job sprites/art for the main characters. I am apparently making a project of it, or something, because here is Ramza as a Geomancer.

Speaking of pointless use of skirts, I mean >.>

This is supposed to combine Ramza's initial costume with the Geomancer job, which I enjoy for its usefulness early on and for the gratuitous baring of male midriff. Approval. Also used this pose ref.

And yes, the bell is there because Geomancers use bells in FFIII and FFV, and the axe is, indeed, Lani's from FFIX. It seemed to fit. Don't ask me, it's almost 4am. I should do Agrias in some class next. Gosh, she's hot.
Backdated 4 hours
Time: God I don't even know, I was really distracted and working off and on. call it 1.5-2 hours

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I love the colors! And his face is so perfect.
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Squee! That's so awesome!
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Just as planned, just as planned.
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I really love this. It practically looks canon. Very beautifully done. And I like the soft colors, too. :D