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[Weekly Words] FFIV - Simple and Clean (Rydia) (G)

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Part of my weekly words project!

09/21: 380
09/22: 319
09/23: 302
09/24: 304
09/25: 410
09/26: 307
09/27: 348
Week total: 2,370, my lowest yet. Barely met quota all week.
Running total: 10,851

I feel I should have more to say. But I will sum it up this way: this month has been balls, and my writing knows it. But I'm trying. This next week should be back to normal, and I am hoping to finish and polish some of the longer stories I've been working on. I tire of drabbles every time =|

Title: Simple and Clean
Fandom/Chars/Ships: FFIV:OGC - Rydia
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, spoilers for Rydia's story
Feedback: Always welcome =D
Word Count: 125
Summary: She still does not understand


Simple and Clean

Down and down, to where the earth pulled even time askew. No comforting civilized click of her boots; only the calls and cries of monsters. Monsters were simple. Monsters, she understood; and the cold clean sweep of her whip, the deep burn of her fire. A ritual, a cleansing.

And all she felt was more savage, with the blood of beasts flecked hot across her breast.

She had earned her way, earned the right. Earned passage to this place were no words tangled her, no courtesies betrayed her. Where no dance of politics confused her. Where no humans tread.

So she came to Asura, put her head in that welcoming lap, and murmured as hands stroked her hair: "Why do I still not understand them?"



A/N: Thanks to [personal profile] lassarina and [livejournal.com profile] owlmoose for taking a look and making suggestions. I tried to cram this into 100 words, but that was a wrong decision, and thanks to them for helping me see that. Those 25 extra words were needed. In conclusion, September is still balls.
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Yes, those extra 25 words definitely fix it.