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[Daily Doodle] Nu Mou Illusionist from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Daily Doodle: Children I will tell you a story. Once there was a race in Ivalice that was nerdy and magical and did stuff like alchemy and read books and kick ass with their brains. But nerds suck, so no one loves the nu mou. THE END.

Basically nu mou do not get enough love. I've recently unlocked illusionists and have been spamming them. It is hearts. Here is an illusionist frying everyone on the board.

This was a real quickie, but I mostly just wanted a sense of movement, which I think I got. I know his ears are way too long, but I admit to doing that totes on purpose >.>
Time: 12 mins! Not bad!

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eeeeee! eeee. EARRINGS. and a nu mou wreaking havoc. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.