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Daily Doodle: I meant to do something gender-hierarchy-upsetting today — specifically I was going to take one of the delicate (all-female) viera classes and make a burly physical class (all male) out of it — but then there was an ATTACK CHIHUAHUA (you think I'm kidding) and that kind of sapped my energy from the day because I swear. This dog.

I was walking the Ozzbutt. It was dark. I saw this tiny (MINISCULE) fluffy animal in the distance. It was wandering around on its own, but it had tags, so I thought to check on it, make sure it was okay. I got a little closer and was convinced it was a kitten or maybe a very small cat. Ozzie was behaving very well, not barking or growling, just being attentive. Then I finally got close enough to realize, no, it was a very fluffy, very tiny chihuahua.


And there was this TERRIFYING FIGHT all while Ozzie was on his short-walk FOUR-FOOT LEAD so it was like RIGHT UNDER MY GODDAMN FEET and you know what?


It came away with CHUNKS OF OZZIE'S FUR and Ozz and I were like FUCK THIS SHIT and we backed away right fucking quick. The damn thing MENACED us until we were far enough out of its range.

Fucking attack chihuahua! What the fuck!

Honestly except for the FUCKING TERRIFYING part it felt like a goddamn random encounter from an rpg, you know, when you run into one of those IMPOSSIBLY harmless-looking things and then is effing MURDERS you and you are like holy fuck and RUN THE HELL AWAY.

As far as I know, the chihuahua wasn't sick (other than being GODDAMN MEAN it was acting just fine). So hopefully the ozzbutt will be okay. But seriously. Jesus Christ.

Attack. Chihuahua.

Soooooo instead of overturning the patriarchy I drew a spellblade bust while attempting to bring it closer to the FF12 style of viera instead of the Tactics ones. The end.
Time: 10-15 mins

Daily Doodle: FFTA2 - Viera Spellblade )

ETA: Is it just me or did it end up looking kind of like an Ashe-viera?
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Daily Doodle: Been playing FFTA, looked around at job classes in that and FFTA2, decided the moogles were ridonculously adorable. Drew this guy. Had fun =)
Time: 13 mins

Daily Doodle: Moogle Knight from FFTA2 )




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