Something on Sunday: Catching Up

Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:51 am
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I wrote this last night and then walked away from the computer without hitting post. Oops.

Somehow I have managed to go over a week without posting here and that's bad, and I've already missed one Sunday of this project, so let's remedy that, "Five Things Make a Post" style.

1. I finally finished The Stone Sky this week. It took over a month to read, mostly because I haven't been reading all that much lately. It's a brilliant ending to this amazing trilogy, and everyone who's been telling you to read this series is absolutely correct. Now I've moved on to Trever Noah's memoir about growing up in South Africa, which is very different and yet feels appropriate to be the thing I picked up next.

2. Part of the reason I haven't read all that much lately is because I've been watching TV instead. In the last month or so, I mainlined the first two seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (fun, a little hard to watch sometimes because of Rebecca's Bad Decision Theater, but I love the music and the friendships_, re-watched Season One of The Good Place and caught up with the current season (probably my favorite show on TV right now), started watching Person of Interest on SE's recommendation, and then took a break from it to watch The Shannara Chronicles (I've seen the first three episodes and like it better than I'd expected. If this sounds like a lot of TV, you're right. But it's very much my speed right now, and so far I've enjoyed all of it.

3. Yesterday was pedicure day, and my toes are all sparkly and green. Also it was a beautiful morning, and T and I took advantage of the sunshine to walk around and catch up with the various new construction projects in our neighborhood.

4. Today was brunch with friends, and that was also pretty excellent. I have such excellent friends. I'm really lucky.

5. Now I'm relaxing with my kitty, who is sleeping on a box beside me, and I'm about to wrap up the weekend with a few more hours of Shannara, as I prep for a busy work week.

So in this little corner, things are pretty good. For now. And sometimes for now is all you need.

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Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:38 am
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Fannish people with money, [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico currently has a lot of bargains and very few bidders.

I immediately regret my life

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:46 pm
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So let's say I was going to make a terrible life choice and try to do NaNoWriMo. This is a bad decision, by the way, because I am trying to recover my house and prepare for hosting thanksgiving, and it's difficult to convince my brain to write words when there are chores to be done. (In my mental hierarchy, writing is only a hobby, and thus becomes optional; whereas keeping up with basic adulthood and cleaning the home are higher priority requirements - which only comes into play because my energy pool is so critically limited.)

The thing is, I have plenty of ideas, and some even in the conception stage, but they're mostly problematic in some way that adds some risk to a project I have only 10 days to prepare for...

- Ausrine (A Poly Pilot, Genderqueer Vampire, and Lesbian Werewolf Explore Space) - I have incredibly amazing and complex backstory, worldbuilding, setting, and a vague semblance of a plot, but not necessarily enough of a structure to keep it from becoming My Giant Infodump about these characters

- Shattering (In Which Sev Plays With God/Goddess Archetypes) - there's some plot, and the entire point of this story was to push forward and let the plot direct itself, but I'm having trouble working with what sort of religious archetypes I can pull and use and where the line of disrespect/appropriation lies, to a point where the writing often stutters

- Feyhaven/Witchhaven (My Self-Insert OC has Cats and Magic) - may or may not share a world with Shattering - promises to be really fun writing, urban fantasy (or rural fantasy, really), but like, what's plot

- Beacon (The Dragomire Family Magnum Opus) - has outlines, plot, everything is ready to go -- but this is nowhere near a 50K word tale, this is my crowning glory project, and even though most everything is ready to proceed I'm not sure if *I* am ready to truly dive in

- Fanfiction - fuck it, anything from Harry Potter to Final Fantasy crossover porn, just write the things

- The First Day of Autumn - has everything it needs to be word dumped, at least; started in a previous year and just got blocked/stumped

- Overflow - another previous NaNo project - same, in terms of things that were started and then blocked themselves

- The Mundane One With The Lesbian Werewolf, The Truth Witch, and Detective Work - needs to be flushed and fleshed out - easy setting, should be simple enough to push a simple plot through and make A Book

I think that's most of what I have sitting in the brainshelves; I'm sure I'll think of "the best one" approximately 35 minutes from now. It's hard to look at these and see which one wants to walk me through 50,000 words to success with a minimum of research/plotting time and a maximum of word dumping time.

Someone just tell me this is a bad idea

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Oct. 19th, 2017 05:06 pm
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why am i considering working this weekend

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Oct. 19th, 2017 02:50 pm
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why am i considering doing nanowrimo
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RIGHT, let's get back to this because Lex and I are TOTALLY going to watch the latest two episodes. TOTALLY.

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... Within my first three days I've accidentally unleashed a plague of cannibalistic slimes whose only goal is to feed on other slimes and create more like themselves. And it wasn't even a scripted event.

GOING TO BED, you say...
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Apparently they wanted me to interview for both so they're gonna just use the one interview! And sent me both invitations so I'd know to expect it, but it's an automated thing so they had no way to use that system to explain that that was what they were doing! Okay, I am less confused but also aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no pressure!

I guess let's see how well this separation of me from my labour works for keeping me calm!
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I have two job interview offers! They are both all morning on the exact same day, YAY. /o\ I'm gonna have to pick one to definitely go to and email the other like "... Help?" I don't expect much from them, because last time I interviewed there it was a disaster (you know how most places use the interview to essentially ask you what was in the application form and see how you do under pressure? This place asked five questions and I was ready for none of them. ... Actually, no, fuck, I accepted the one I got yesterday because I didn't know that there would be another acceptance, and I picked the one with worse hours. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

[ETA: Sent the email, the lady's not actually answering emails today according to her out of office, but we'll see what she says.]

I also need to make decisions, ugh.
  • My library's assistant in charge has gone down to part time hours, right? Which means that the other half of her hours have gone up for grabs, and I need to decide if I want to apply for them. I don't... If it was just "Do the paperwork and boring data entry of running a library," then sure! Fine! If it's the admin side of things then I am well up for that! But it's not, it's the "deal with angry customers and the shit geyser that went off in the public bathroom" side of things as well and I'm not necessarily ready for that? And it would still only be a temporary contract, because the council doesn't believe in permanent hours.

    But it's also the only career development IN public libraries at the moment. And doing it as a job share might be the best way to learn.

    ... The other thing is that I worry I might do it for spite? I think I mentioned on here that the only person who's keen on the job is someone who I wouldn't necessarily want as a line manager? But also she chatted to me about it the other day and there was this weird edge to how she was saying it, like she really wanted me to know that this was her last chance for a career change before she retired and she was really hopeful about it? I don't know if that's my anxiety, but I seriously feel like she was trying to put me off. (Honestly, I feel like NEITHER of us should get this job, because I think we'd both be shit at it, but the women I'd WANT to take the job either have two jobs already or are leaving our authority entirely, so it's like... Fuck. FUCK.)

  • [ profile] illusclaire is looking for people to write about single issues of comics a couple of times a month for Women Write About Comics, and I am... Honestly tempted!

  • I definitely don't have time to volunteer as a first reader at Strange Horizons but I want, I want. I absolutely do NOT have eight hours a week to drop on something else though, do not let me try to convince myself that I do. Which is what I'm trying to do.


... Also I got my activation code for my tax thing, forgot my password to log-in, and can't reset it because I've not received my Unique Tazpayer's Reference yet, even though I was supposed to get that first. Auuuuugh.

I have a new nephew!

Oct. 12th, 2017 02:08 pm
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This is the kid that my brother decided made me a "real auntie" because they have a penis, my brother is kinda like that. But the baby's called Anthony! He is nibling number nine or eleven depending on how you count them, he weighs... Numbers... And I'm very grateful that the family took the "Please do not give me a nephew for my birthday" thing seriously and waited a couple of days!


Oct. 11th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Although I was born in the Midwest, spent much of my childhood in Iowa, and have lived in San Francisco for nearly 18 years now, I consider my hometown to be Santa Rosa, California, where my family moved when I was 13. It's where I went to junior high and high school, the city where my parents still live, and the place both my brothers went back to when it was time to go home.

And I've spent the last three days watching it burn.

This got a little long. )

Q3 Reading Goals Check-In

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:40 pm
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So, I've fallen behind on reading. I can pinpoint two reasons for this: it's taking me a good a month to read The Stone Sky (not that it isn't very good, but I'm finding it slow going), and I find I want to spend my media time watching TV or listening to podcasts instead. There's no particular reason for this, that I can discern; it's just where my head as been at lately.

Anyway, my goals are posted here, and my last check-in, from July, is here. I have currently read 26 books, still quite a bit behind the pace to hit a goal of 50. Of these, 8 books are by authors of color, or about 30%; not great, but by author I'm at 8 out of 18, a slightly more respectable 44%. And since I've read most of the books in series I plan to read this year, I hope for that percentage to go up. Still no non-fiction (although Trevor Noah's memoir is on deck next -- I need to read it in time to give back to my aunt on Thanksgiving) or graphic novels, and I continue to fail at getting older books off my TBR. Why do great new books need to keep coming out? Why? I will never read everything ever written at this pace.



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