Oh god so I made a Patreon

Apr. 18th, 2019 12:42 pm
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And I have really weird and complicated feelings about it that I need to go through at some point instead of splurging everywhere, but also... Hi, I made a patreon, I am having feelings about it that can only be expressed in the form of "!!!!!"

I am telling myself that IT IS FINE, this can just be an experiment until the end of May so that I get the grandfather rate for Patreon after the new rates roll in, and then I can put it on pause! And it'll be less scary if I ever bring it back, because I already did it once! I just. Am slightly "!!!!!" right now.

working from home

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:37 am
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so in addition to my commissions (which are, yes, still coming) i've taken on some content writing work for with two different clients. It's easy stuff, for reasonable amounts of money - not a survivable income yet, but making enough for me to slide along until 01 May - and while some of it can be fun, i'm realizing that i don't want to be an online content writer for money.

no, it isn't meant to be interesting work. and there's a certain -- not pleasure, but the sense of having gained a skill, i guess, to be helping my brain learn how to do dumb work for money. if you all remember, i was severely overinvested in my career to the point where it was used abusively against me, so there's a good lesson for my head to learn on how to be detached.

but it isn't what i want the sabbatical to be like. i want my sabbatical to be writing, working on my own original fiction, building an audience in fandom, trying to actually go for it before i have to turn back and find a corporate job again.

it's funny cause i fucked up my money and that's why im here, pumping out silly 500 word articles for bit cash, so it isn't a complaint, more an awareness. I need the cash, but it also takes up so much of my time?

i feel like there are stories in me, stories i can tell, stories that would sell, and i want to reach for that - jump for it, have nothing to do all day except let words come out; i feel like i really could do it if i could settle down (and defeat ADHD and executive dysfunction, and depression, and my dumb body, of course) and have a month or two to really bang it out. in november i wrote 57K in 10 days because i did nothing else. i can do that.

anyway for now lol i need paid so i'm off to write some really ridiculous stuff, yay

Notre Dame

Apr. 15th, 2019 06:14 pm
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Like many people, I spent today transfixed by horror and sadness as Notre Dame de Paris burned. As of this writing, it seems that the main stone structure has been saved; there are conflicting reports as to how extensive the damage to the interior might be. The wooden roof is definitely gone, along with the iconic spire and at least one of the rose windows. (I was particularly struck by this photo of the fire, a moment of surprising beauty in a time of deep sadness.)

I went to Paris once, in 2001. Our hotel was just down the river from the Louve, so also quite near Notre Dame, and we saw it from the outside pretty much every day, just walking around. We also toured the inside, and although it wasn't the cathedral I was most excited to see at the time (that would be our day trip to Chartres), I was still moved and overwhelmed by its beauty, and by the sense of history. We always meant to get back to Paris someday, but we never have so far. Now it's hard to imagine it. As a former student of architecture, I experience a city through its buildings, and it's impossible to picture Paris without Notre Dame -- just as I can't think of a Rome without the Colosseum, or a London without Big Ben, or a San Francisco without the Bay Bridge. Notre Dame isn't gone, but it is forever changed, and it's okay to grieve what's been lost.

(I mistyped the subject line as "Notre Damn", and I almost kept it that way, but decided it would be too disrespectful. Yet it seems an appropriate sentiment in a way. So I immortalize the typo in this note instead.)
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OKAY, more Nirvana in Fire time! I think this is the point where I start yelling at the Emperor for bad decisions and crying over the Empress Dowager and just never really stop.

I also found [personal profile] coffeeandink's INFINITELY BETTER PITCH for Nirvana in Fire, so I recommend checking that out! [community profile] disgracetoscholars talked about this episode, and specifically the politics around Nihuang's marriage! You can watch the episode legally/for free on Viki!


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I was convinced that it was worth our while to watch all of Doctor Strange, so, fine, we watched all of Doctor Strange. Also Ant-Man & the Wasp, except for the post credits scenes. (Two of our watching group haven't seen Infinity War yet, so I suggested that we skip those for now because 1. it's a major, major spoiler and 2. they wouldn't understand it anyway, which is about the worst possible combination. We'll watch it when the time comes.)

Watching Ant-Man & the Wasp solidified our sense that the Ant-Man movies are the least scientifically plausible of the MCU films that claim to be grounded in science -- and given how low my bar for plausibility is in a superhero movie, that's saying something. In this particular case, there is also a chain of fairly stupid decisions (mostly, but not all, made by Scott), and several points where the main conflict could have been solved by everyone sitting down for three minutes and having a reasonable conversation. And yet I still think they're a lot of fun. Maybe because they don't take themselves terribly seriously. Even the more serious bits. The fight scenes are fun and inventive, I genuinely like all the characters (even the irascible and imperious Hank), and the humor strikes me in just the right way (unlike the humor of the Guardians movies, which I often find mean-spirited). And since we didn't watch the post-credits scenes, they didn't ruin my mood, and I found I enjoyed it very well.

I also liked Doctor Strange a bit better this time around, now that I know that Strange is never going to entirely redeem himself from being the entitled and arrogant asshole that he is at the beginning. He does grow and change somewhat, but not as far as he would need to go for me to really like him. I mostly appreciate this film on an aesthetic level -- the folding landscapes, the depiction of the multiverse, the beauty of the glowing glyphs in action.

Thor: Ragnarok on Tuesday, and then we watch Avengers: Infinity War on Easter Sunday, which is weirdly appropriate to me. And then we're done with almost a week to spare (except we might try to catch Captain Marvel again), and I can't quite believe we made it.
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Right, I think I've been the infection vector for at least three people on twitter, so it's time to bring it to Dreamwidth. Guardian is a CDrama based on a webnovel, and it is... Very Variable in quality. I love it, but I would like to remind you that my love does not actually imply anything about the quality of a show. AS LONG AS WE'RE CLEAR ON THAT, let's go! It is all available legally and subtitled on youtube – episode one is here! but the sub quality is ALSO Variable.

What you need to know is that it was originally an urban fantasy BL series with one of the protagonists being the reincarnated love interest of the other, but the censors apparently decided that the supernatural stuff would not fly, so it's now a Super Het series set on another planet that's suspiciously close to Earth, and there is somehow no reincarnation but ten thousand years of Eternal Pining and loyalty anyway, and also the censors say it's a bromance but the actors are going HARD so, y'know, I know who I'm betting on. There are people with magic powers living underground! There are oblivious people living on ground level! The protagonist works for the police on a squad of various magical weirdos (including a ghost, a shapeshifting cat, a snake lady, a puppet-wielding murder vector, and The Other Guy) as they try to catch people commiting magical crimes! (Was it [community profile] disgracetoscholars who said their role was basically to be magical ICE? Because I don't want it to be true, but it's also KINDA TRUE.) There is someone in a black cloak who is DEFINITELY JUST THE ENVOY TO THE UNDERGOUND CITY and DEFINITELY HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE LEADER OF THIS SQUAD, IGNORE THE MAN WHO KEEPS TURNING UP SUSPICIOUSLY AT CRIME SCENES, THIS IS FINE.

... There is so much slow-burn pining okay, this is genuinely fine.

([personal profile] lazulisong wrote a better summary over here.)
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Happy Episode IX Day

Apr. 12th, 2019 05:36 pm
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I sat down at my computer do to other things, and then somehow ended up watching the Star Wars Celebration panel on Episode 9 instead. (YouTube isn't letting me share a link that starts partway into the video; the content proper begins at about 18:59.)

I have also watched the teaser trailer several times, and, well. Yay!

A few reactions, mostly to the trailer but some informed by the panel Q&A )

I am excited!
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As I mentioned in my last post, we marathoned Guardians 2, Civil War, and Black Panther in one day, and followed up with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thoughts on each:

cutting for spoilers, length )

Our plans going forward are to watch Ant-Man & the Wasp, the final battle of Doctor Strange (so we can see the Time Stone in action), and Ragnarok on Sunday, then cap it all off with Infinity War next Tuesday night. And that will catch us up! (Except for seeing Captain Marvel again, which I may try to do on Easter weekend.) I can't believe we're almost done.

Fuck, i’m Not Dead, fuck, hi, fuck

Apr. 9th, 2019 09:50 am
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So I’ve been trying to get! My! Shit! Together! and it’s going about as well as you might think.

I’m functionally broke until 01 May, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking for online word jobs. Got two in my pocket; neither one is sustainable long-term, but any cash is good right now. Still working on commissions, even though it doesn’t look like it; I’m constantly writing these days while trying to avoid The Burnout.

Had the realization the other day that I took this break not so I could flail around doing piecemeal writing on the internet, but so that I could actually recover and get my house back and lose weight and stuff. So I’m trying to stick chunks of that work into the schedule as well. (I swear I’m going to try to swim today! Where by try i mean “try to make myself go to the pool”; i never forget how to swim.) That’s hard too, since then it takes up time where my brain is like you should be writing but. Hey. W h a t e v e r.

I’ve been having fun, though, too. Crown Royal and I have been hiking every weekend; we did a bit over 4 miles this weekend, and my asthma hates hills, but it was nice. Did a drinking-night rewatch of Winter Soldier last night with a handful of friends from my accidental MCU Discord, which was freaking hilarious. Lots of capslock, ranting, and swooning. It isn’t all stress.

Sometimes i wonder how i can be such a fuckin waste of space all the time lol

MCU Timeline

Apr. 8th, 2019 07:14 pm
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Instead of doing the reasonable thing with my evening and writing about yesterday's mini-marathon of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (which most of my friends liked better than I do), Captain America: Civil War (fodder for many an argument), and Black Panther (yay!), I spent my time writing up a rough timeline of the entire MCU, with opening scenes and flashbacks and post-credit scenes placed into the correct order.

It's in a Google Doc, here, open to public comment because I'm clearly a masochist I might have forgotten or misunderstood something, and I'm happy to get corrections. I also intend to update the document as I keep rewatching the newer movies. Also I kind of want to put all of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter in here, too. Maybe after Endgame is behind me.
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This took rather longer than Phase 1, mostly because we skipped fewer movies (only Iron Man 3 and most of The Dark World) but also because we haven't again watched two movies in one night. We're going to make up for that today by kicking off Phase 3 with a 3-movie extravaganza, and before I leave I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the story so far.

Various thoughts under the cut, spoilers and implied spoilers for lots of things. )



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