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[Recs] Final Fantasy Tactics Edition (12 arts, 1 cosplay, 1 vid)

Wanna know something weird? There is a surprising amount of overlap between people who make FFVII stuff and people who make FFT stuff! I was trying to put together more rec posts and I realized that a lot of the people I'd pulled for one had also done something for the other. So why not! Lady Agrias led us off the Final Fantasy Ladies recs post, and here we are diving into FF Tactics by her lead. I'm rounding this post off with a great FFT vid (yes! a vid!), and the next post will open with another vid by the same vidder, but for FFVII. Which I think is super neat =D

Like the last post, this seems to run on themes, a bit. There's actually a bunch more art I want to rec but wow I ran out out time so very hard >.>

[Art] FF Tactics - Battle in Riovanes Castle (Ramza, Belias) (Warning: some violence!) by [deviantart.com profile] vanoxymore
HOLY— HOLY YES. Oh my god. Insert incoherent noises here. Because this is seriously one of my VERY FAVOURITE FFT ARTS EVER. It is PERFECT to me! Epic boss battle, Ramza looking totally kickass, a beautifully realized Belias, great composition, great colours, meticulous linework, Ramza's dynamic pose — I could just roll in this forever, oh my god. LOVE.

[Art] FF Tactics - もりのなか (Ramza, Chocobos) [personal profile] ワダナカ
The colours here are quietly amazing. Detail seems to emerge out of the mist, and I just love how well-realized the chocobos are. A gorgeous take on the Tactics style.

[Art] FF Tactics - 頼れる仲間 (Female Summoner, Golem) [personal profile] くろひな
I mentioned I have a weakness for job class art, right? I did? Good. Because I really enjoy this — this is just a fabulous quiet little piece of a summoner with one of their summons. I love how the shading and colouring style comes so close to canon but is still its own thing, and I adore all the detail everywhere in the picture. Golem's huge hand at the summoner's back — I love it.

[Art] FF Tactics - Time Sorcerer (Female Time Mage) [personal profile] シロクマ
Okay. Look. You cannot just give me gorgeously realized job class art that is full of texture and character and also just adorable and expect me to not have conniptions all over it! The texture and style just feel so appropriate to the class; I can't even describe it. Smears of time and space, and stars.

[Art] FF Tactics - 時の糸 (Male Time Mage, Female Time Mage) [personal profile] Maya
Hey! What did I say about gorgeously realized job class art that is full of texture and character and is also adorable? Oh, I said I loved it? THAT IS CORRECT. This is a completely different style, but I love it just as much: the textured washes, the use of negative space, the interesting style... it's just lovely. I am totally okay with having two awesome pictures of time mages. Yes.

[Art] FF Tactics - White mage (Male and Female White Mages) by [deviantart.com profile] puruco
This is a freaking gorgeous take on the white mage job, adding lovely details and realism — I cannot get over the breathtakingly lovely leg armour! Oh god. I love job class art. I do. I love everything here: the stitchery, the gloves, the twisted staves. hello, can someone cosplay exactly this immediately!

[Art] FF Tactics - Snowy Streets (Ramza, Agrias, Mustadio, Female Monk, Male Summoner) by [deviantart.com profile] puruco
I had a really hard time trying to choose only two works from this artist! This one gets me because of the... authenticity, I guess, how it's this small captured moment of fun. Their faces look so young — it's easy to forget that Ramza is 16 in the game. Their expressions are fantastic, each and every one, and Ramza's just catches at my heart. So great. Please do check out the rest of this artist's work, and I can't help pointing towards this more casual group shot of the gang at the bar. Love!

[Art] FF Tactics - Ramza and Delita (Ramza, Delita) by [deviantart.com profile] monkey-hero
Really like the composition and use of— textured light, really. It comes together surprisingly well, the bright, saturated highlights and the overall darkness of the piece. But the posing is probably my favourite here >.>

[Art] FF Tactics - An Excursion (Luso, Mustadio, Marach, Agrias, Balthier, Rapha, Beowulf, Reis) by [deviantart.com profile] monkey-hero
Okay, I really do try to restrain myself, but here's another one from the same artist — but in a very different style. I love seeing the canonical art style imitated so closely, and this is just a great group shot with great dynamics — and without Ramza, for once! Much as I love the guy, it's nice to see everyone else for a change. I can't pick one character's rendition to love best here; they are all so great.

[Art] FF Tactics - St Ajora (SPOILER: Ultima) by [deviantart.com profile] naomiful
Hey so I definitely have a weakness for seeing minor or rare character fleshed out and fully realized, especially when it's done so beautifully. This sketch is just lovely; I feel like there's a great eye for where to detail and where to leave simplicity here, and just, wow, what an interesting take!

[Art] FF Tactics - Queen Ovelia's Revenge (Agrias, Ovelia) by [deviantart.com profile] sairobi
Such a beautifully dark piece. I love how the colours come out of the darkness, blue shadows and blue highlights. I love the painterly style, the expressions — Ovelia's is particularly chilling. It's a simple piece and it really, really works for me.

[Art] FF Tactics - Outshine the Sun (Delita/Ovelia) by [deviantart.com profile] centradragon
The warm colour palette is awesome here, the background is lovely, and the figures are just so well executed — I think my favourite part might be how the figures are still shadowed, even in the bright setting. Appropriate.

[Cosplay] FF Tactics - Ovelia and Ramza [Fave Shot A | Fave Shot B | Fave Shot C | Gallery] by [deviantart.com profile] hyperrrmouse and [deviantart.com profile] d4rk1n
Tactics cosplay is rare and difficult to pull off! Ovelia looks just great here; the amount of work put into the dress and cape is just amazing. My favourite part of the Ramza costume is actually the back: the light mock-corseting and details, it really pays off for me. Well done!

[Vid] FF Tactics - Long Live the King (Delita, Ovelia, Ramza) by [info]acidragdoll
I love basically everything here! Song choice, clip choice — this vid does such a great job of showing off the gorgeous PSP remake (War of the Lions) cutscene footage — of which there is disappointingly little, so it's a big accomplishment in my book that this vid doesn't feel repetitive at all. It's atmospheric, tells the story well, and basically just a treat. I love it.
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