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[Fic] FFIV - Eclipse (Kain/Cecil, Kain/Rosa, Cecil/Rosa) (PG13) (1,500 words)

@[community profile] ff_press: [FFIV] [personal profile] justira: Eclipse (Kain/Cecil, Kain/Rosa, Cecil/Rosa) (PG13) (1,500 words)


Fandom | Cast: FFIV. Kain/Cecil (+ Kain/Rosa, Cecil/Rosa)
Rating | Warnings: No warnings. I'd say PG13 for dark themes? (it's Kain.)
Words: Fifteen 100-word drabbles = 1,500 words
Feedback: Yes please! All kinds welcome.
Notes: De-anon on a [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy fill I did apparently like half a year ago on the prompt: Kain wants and has wanted Cecil every bit as much as Rosa.

The original version, being commentfic, remains untouched; the repost on AO3 has some minor typo corrections and sentence structure fiddling and such, not a major revision. More author notes below.

Summary: Kain wants too many things.

( Eclipse on AO3 )

( Eclipse on [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy )

A/N: Writing kid-to-teen Kain was... interesting, especially as I believe this is the first Kain I've published — unbeta'd, no less. Haha. Death.

In addition, this is my first extended try at this drabble-sequence-story thing. It was interesting trying to pick moments and encapsulate them like this, especially for someone as tl;dr as I am. I feel like choice of moment and general tl;dr-ness are two of my bigger weaknesses, so definitely an interesting exercise.

x-post: Hosted on AO3. Original version on [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy [here].

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