Apr. 28th, 2011

Hey guys! So uh. Guess what, I am on the OTW Board. I don't really talk about my OTW work much! Mainly due to SO TIRED. But I have a lot of thoughts about the recent server names poll and its results. I pretty much ran on a platform of diversity, and I feel like I need to talk about what happened there. So.

I've made a post on my real-name journal: The OTW Server Poll and Fannish Diversity

I invite anyone interested to read it. If you would like to comment — please do! But I would appreciate it if discussion of my OTW work was kept in that journal and not this one; I would also appreciate it if people did not publicize the connection between this journal and my real-name one too much. I don't plan on keeping the two strictly separate, but I would appreciate it if the degree of connection was left in my control to whatever extent possible =)

(I'ave also added a note to my DW profile to that effect.)

Anyway. Thanks for listening, folks. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.



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