Mar. 18th, 2011


Hey all! The OTW bought new servers and had a nominations festival to think up names for the machines. Now the shortlist and poll are out, and a whole lot of awesome names are on there! Including!

*deep breath*

Aerith & Tifa, Agrias, Chun-Li, Dick Grayson, Ed Elric, GLadOS, Hawkeye & Olivier, Ico & Yorda, Izumi, Jade Curtiss, Lucca Ashtear, Nico Robin, Sailors Neptune & Uranus, Samus Aran, Terra, Tsunade, Uhura, and Zelda!

And so you should definitely vote for these or the awesome names of your choice!

Vote Now! Voting Closes March 22

I've thrown together a bunch of banners for the above. Feel free to promote them and spread the word; hotlink at will! Some of these are in the same category, so they're actually in conflict in the polls but I DON'T CARE THEY'RE ALL AWESOME

More banners! )
Part of the Song a Day Project!

I actually like the music video a lot, and frankly that doesn't often happen when it's basically a bunch of ladies dancing for the camera? But what feels different for me here is that it really doesn't like like "yeah aren't we so sexy" and more like "bodies are neat! look at how we can move ours!". Judging by their fantastic isolations, I really think these ladies must have taken bellydance lessons or something (supported by spotting a couple legit bellydance moves). Anyway, fun song, fun vid, fun clothes.

Youtube Link: miss A - Breathe

Usually, I try my best to provide lyrics, even if it's in a foreign language. However, up to now I've had at least some familiarity with every language — and I just do not know enough about Korean to judge whether the romanizations or translations I've found are accurate. So! Rather than doing someone's language wrong and/or perpetuating incorrectness I'd... rather not do either of those things. If someone out there has reliable/accurate sources for this, I would love to have them (with credit)! Thank you, and apologies ♥



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