Mar. 6th, 2011

Part of the Song a Day Project!

So hey! Guess what. Steelbands, or steel orchestras, are really freaking sweet. Unfortunately, it's really the kind of thing you need to experience live — so, if you have the opportunity, y'all should look up and see if there is a steelband in your area (there are lots about!) and see if they're doing any public performances soon! TOTALLY WORTH IT.

However, in case you do not have that opportunity and/or need convincing, I tried to find some steelband music. The thing is, steelbands don't really inhabit recording studios — it's really public, live performance — so good recordings are hard to find! (If you know of some trove that I do not, please share!) I did my best, so here is a pretty neat arrangement. Be warned, lots of steel numbers are pretty damn long — when you're there, you just float on the music, it's great. It takes you out of time. I'm not sure that experience can be replicated in anything but a live performance, though :(

To try and get a little sense of the energy, I really recommend watching the video so you can watch the band moving and how energetic they are. You can see their instruments and technique, too; very neat!

I hope you enjoy =D

Youtube Link: Buccooneers - Surrender

No lyrics besides a few repetitions of "surrender!" during the intro =D



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