Feb. 17th, 2011

I mean, everyone wants to know what I'm up to, right? You are all dying of curiousity right now aren't you.

Well, after a winter that was frankly pretty much ass, I need a little motivation. Dust off my breeches, wipe the bloody nose, flip life a big one and keep on trying.

SO the fun part is that 100% of my art and vid WIPs are inaccessible right now because HAHA COMPUTER DEATH. I mean, I think some of you out there must be starting to disbelieve me or something on the dead computer thing because whose computer dies this often. Look, I WISH I was lying. I really do! But true story. The desktop has been dead since the snowstorms swept through. Thankfully I now store all my fic drafts on the internets. So this is fic-heavy, because I can't remember all my art WIPs unless I open up the folder so they can stare me in the face and oh god I am such a procrastinating hack etc etc.

This is all stuff that has an actual file already. Ideas without files don't count.

Fic Projects

[FFVIII] Same As It Never Was (Rinoa/Squall, Quistis/Rinoa, Laguna/Squall, Quistis/Rinoa/Squall, Kiros/Laguna)
Actually known as PROJECT: HONK in all filenames and this is actually one big wip but I think it would give insight into [personal profile] seventhe and my ~creative process~ if you could see this (and yes this is really the numbering, complete and exactly as we did it):
15 files )

[FFXII] Etiologies of Consequence (Noah/Vaan, Penelo, Larsa, Basch, Ashe, Balthier, Fran, Al-Cid)
The actual name of the verse in which These Unending Alchemies of Honour takes place. DID YOU KNOW IT HAD A NAME? Well it does.
3files )

Fic WIPs

16 files )

Art WIPs - Or As Many Of Them As I Can Remember Offhand

I never think of titles for my art until I'm about to post it.

5 files )

Comic WIPs

3 files )

Vid WIPs

I am weirdly shy about sharing much info on these, including song choice. Because I guess I would like to actually finish a vid before... doing... that.

3 files )

Cosplay WIPs

... okay well these don't have filenames. EXCEPT FOR HOW THEY DO. as I have extensive notes on each >.>

4 files )

... you know, all laid out like that, it is ACTUALLY QUITE TERRIFYING. And these are just the ones with actual files already, not all the ideas/plans I have for Somday. why did I do this XD



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