Feb. 14th, 2011


My parents just called me asking if I knew a cheap place to neuter a cat, because the vet they asked sounded expensive. They have a brother-sister pair from a litter, and they're now 8 months old.

And I am like, well, this is a serious if routine operation. You kind of want a good doctor, not a cheap one. How much was your quote?

Dad is like, I don't know, mom had it. I will ask her. Have you seen the pictures?

What pictures?

The pictures of the kittens.

You mean the ones you guys have? What, are there new pictures of them?

No, the four new kittens.

... what.

Yeah, the new baby kittens.

... what.

I'll forward them. Talk to you later about the neutering price.


the serious business part )

It's like another page in the saga entitled "story of my life"



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