Nov. 7th, 2010

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[personal profile] seventhe: PHOTOS OF ALL THE PETS IN YOUR HOUSE (here)

WARNING, LIKE SERIOUSLY: The following is an ACTUAL PHOTOSPAM. With thumbnails, but still. DON'T CLICK UNLESS YOU MEAN IT.

Got it? Got it. Let's go!

So! We (the partner and I) have four pets: three cats and a dog. I love basically all animals (and mammals in particular, though I also have a soft spot for snakes and birds) and totally do not buy into that thing where you have to be a dog or cat person. What EVER. Some people like one or the other, but it's no kind of dichotomy at all. I've always leaned slightly towards cats, myself, at least in terms of pets I actually want to have: cats are EASY. Dogs (AS I NOW KNOW VERY VERY WELL) require walks and attention and training and more training and grooming and basically it's like having a kid, which is like, not on my to-do list. Cats, on the other hand, are friendly but distant and take very little fuss and basically for someone totally lazy and non-caretaker-y like me, they are perfect. Also, they start out as kittens, which you just can't beat.

SADLY no kitten pictures of our cats remain online, relegated either to physical copies or lost in our series of computer crashes. That is okay though, they are still cute, I promise >.>

And now, without further ado, my pets!


Also, please note that all of my pets are trained to accept and enjoy belly rubs, because *I* enjoy belly rubs. End of story.

And that's everyone! Four pets, and as much as a handful as I can handle right now.

But honestly? If I didn't have to like, go to work and earn monies and use up 90% of my spoons every day just sustaining our household? I would totally have a ranch with:
- several cats
- several dogs
- a horsie
- a pony (I adore ponies; they are smart and clever and hardy and stubborn)
- a pygmy goat (I love goats and I freaking adore pygmy goats)
- a snake (who would have to be fed by my partner, as I would not be able to handle it)
- several ferrets
- a couple birds
- a fennec fox
- several otters
- some alpacas




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