Sep. 30th, 2010

@[ profile] ff_press: [personal profile] justira: Disconnect (FFVIII/KH) (Squall, Maleficent) (PG13) (3,700 words)


Fandom | Cast: Final Fantasy VIII / Kingdom Hearts. Squall, Maleficent. Bits of Cid and Yuffie and the FF8 playable cast. Blink-and-you-miss it references to a bunch of other FFs and FF characters.
Rating | Warnings: PG13/Teen, mainly because Cid talks. Major spoilers for FFVIII, medium for KH
Words: 3,700
Feedback: Always welcome =)
Notes: Repost of a [community profile] newgameplus gift for [personal profile] crankyoldman. Prompt:
Leon, Malificent. Leon being rather affected by the Bad Sorceress Malificent, considering his history with them. Would love Cid and Yuffie being side characters. Bonus if you explain what happened to Rinoa. I guess this makes it a tad of a KH/FFVIII crossover, as the whole Hallow Bastion backstory being ignored is preferable?
Thanks to [personal profile] seventhe for the beta and helping me pull this thing together; and to [personal profile] renay and [ profile] owlmoose for helping me sort out my initial ideas.

Please note that this version has minor technical edits (including TWO embarrassing typo fixes in the very first paragraph; HOW did I not catch those, cripes ._. ). The original untouched version version is and will remain on [community profile] newgameplus.

Summary: He has experience dealing with sorceresses.

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