Jul. 15th, 2006

I went to the hookah bar today. I wrote and edited for four hours.

On the drive home, I rolled all the windows down, put the sunroof back, turned the radio all the way up, and belted Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth.

It was fantastic.

I took the longest route home so I could stay on the freeway longer, bellowing along to the local mix station. When they stopped playing things I liked, I switched over and blasted classical instead.

And now, I think I shall go for a jog to exorcise exercise away that stubborn belly fat =D
I never post AIM convos. However:

WhenKoalasKill: hold on, i gotta go tangle with a skunk
WhenKoalasKill returned at 8:32:55 PM.
WhenKoalasKill went idle at 8:43:11 PM.
WhenKoalasKill: there's a fucking skunk that won't let me into the laundry room
WhenKoalasKill returned at 8:45:19 PM.
zanydoodles: ....
zanydoodles: That is fucking hilarious.
The Chronicle Unfolds... )

I was also talking to [personal profile] tairako at the time, who had the following advice: Okay, rules of thumb: skunk turns its back on you, that's bad. Skunk turns its back on you and raises its tail, that's doubly bad. Skunk turns its back on you and raises its tail with the tip down, then GET THE FUCK OUT XD

Yes. I hope this helps you when you have your very own Skunk Adventure.

Edit: Lo! For the hero of our tale has posted his owen telling of the tale! Mostly, I'm amused that he passed on my advice.

Edit the Second: Wah-OH! THE SKUNK RETURNS!

WhenKoalasKill: fuck, it's back
zanydoodles: XDDDDD
zanydoodles: You have no idea how hilarious this is from my end.
WhenKoalasKill: i know. it's funny here, too
WhenKoalasKill: but dammit, i need my underwear!!!
The Saga continues! )

To be updated as the story develops.


Heeeeeeeee XD



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