So. I have a post planned for today that I am still determined to do. But first, let me tell you, Internets.

Yesterday, while biking home, I got hit by a car.

Yes, I'm okay. Bruised up and pretty grumpy about it, but I am fine. At first I thought the bike was fine too, but turns out one of its pedals is completely borked; I'll have to replace it today.

But dang, guys. Hit by a car.

The depressing thing is that it will probably happen again! I was talking to [personal profile] owlmoose and she seemed kind of appalled to learn that I often bike on sidewalks. It turned out we were just coming from vastly different backgrounds. Her area has bike lanes, bike amenities, and drivers used to bikers. My area has NONE of these things. So it's like of COURSE I bike on the sidewalk? I don't want to get RUN OVER. If it's safe, I definitely jump in the street. But true story, internets: most of the time it ISN'T.

Anyway. The crash itself was pretty amazing. It was a dude turning around a corner way too fast right into me and I didn't even have time to bloody be scared. I didn't think. I swerved, ditched the bike, and apparently FLEW away from the car, because I landed safe and sound, standing up, feet away from the whole incident. The guy jumped out of his car and was just freaking TERRIFIED; I had to keep reassuring him that I was fine. Seriously, I felt bad for the guy.

Also some part of me or my bike wanged his mirror off the car, so I felt pretty bad about that, too. But dude, maybe you shouldn't hit bikers.

Come this morning though, I'm bruised and a bit stiff and mighty grumpy about my bike being borked, since I still had to use it to come in to work today. FFFFFF.

Anyway. So that is why I was so tired yesterday and didn't do anything big to celebrate the big 400 doodle mark and didn't post my post. Massive adrenaline aftershock will do that to you.




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