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Dec. 10th, 2010 05:04 pm
Hey guys, did you know that putting on Queen can make your last hours in the office on a Friday INFINITELY better?
Because I'm lame classy, when I get tired of listening to news radio (which gets really damn repetitive and depressing) I tend to switch to the classical station. I did that yesterday, right when a commercial finished and the announcer-dude was introducing the next piece. I didn't pay too much attention, because while I loves me some classical, most of it is not so memorable that I want to seek out the exact piece again.

That time, it was.

And I couldn't tell you what it was or who it was by if my life depended on it. All I caught from the host was "concerto," which is oh so helpful.

Dammit. I really want to heard that piece again.

I can't even describe it, because I'm music-retarded. Damn.

Oh well. I shall live.

So, to celebrate my decision to go on living despite my travail, I ask of you, O f-list, to give me suggestions on classical (or any other kind of instrumental) music.

My problem with classical/instrumental music is that I just... I don't know my way around the genre. I have a list of, oh 3,000 songs or so from other genres, with the usual band name/song title dynamic going on, and I can recite that list for you, if you'd like. I got it more or less memorized, as well as all the lyrics. This is not something I am lame enough to do on purpose, it's just the kind of information I absorb easily.

With instrumental pieces -- or, more to the point, classical pieces -- I just fail. There's more to remember, and it's different. Original composer, title of the piece (if it has one, and when it does it tends to contain a lot of confusing words like "concerto" and "symphony" and also probably numbers), conductor, orchestra that performed it, etc. It's the last two things that really get me. I know a number of classical pieces I adore, but I jkust don't know where to go for good renditions!

So, f-list. Please recommend to me classical pieces with specific renditions if you've got 'em. Any other instrumental music is fine, no matter the style. I'll probably like it, and I'm at the very least willing to give it a try!

I do have a couple of specific requests:

1) Someone pweeeeese tell me where to go for a good rendition of Für Elise (or the Bagatelle in A minor, whichever you prefer). I love that thing to death and I yearn for the pretty. Someone also please inform me if I've matched up the two different names it has correctly >.>

2) Ode to Joy. Gimme. Good version. With or without vocals. Both. Either. Yes.

3) Harpscichords are made of sex. Recommend harpsichord pieces. For that matter, so are harps. Rec those too, please =D

4) I've lost my copy (copies) of the LotR soundtrack. All of it. Anybody willing to share? =(
If you have not heard this song, then you are missing something beautiful.

Olde Tyme Mem'ry, by Erik Petersen )




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