May. 18th, 2012 12:07 pm
I have finally officially put in my two weeks' notice. I am OUT of here. God, my life.

Did you know that finding health insurance out in the private market sucks? WELL IT DOES.

What I expect is two weeks of frantic closing-up-shop activity, followed by at least a week (more likely two) or absolute depressive crash, and then somewhere around my birthday I expect to start having a life again and like. Maybe having fun. Or something.

Thank you everyone for your support during this shit time. See you on the other side, I hope!
or possibly the other way around

either way there will be much throttling and tears
holy flippin' fuck but WHAT is with this incredible tendency of health insurance people to be SO DAMN UNWILLING to tell you WHAT their coverage would be before you actually sign up with them?

what the holy jesus is that even on about


It all started with the gas being turned off.

The setup: We're moving to Pittsburgh, in stages. The place we picked is the upstairs unit in a 2-unit house. This past weekend was to be the stage where all the furniture/boxes/junk and the four pets join partner T in PA, and then I return to DC to work some more. T has a job interview Friday morning, after which he plans to head down to DC, pick me up from work, head towards my parents' place where most of our stuff lives, pick up a U-Haul truck nearby, we all load the truck, go back to MD where I and the pets live, sleep, pack up the single room we rent there, go to PA, arrive in the afternoon, and unpack with the help of awesome local friends.

Here is what happened instead.

Adventures! )
Well. Here we finally are I guess. I have a diagnosis and a scrip for pills and we're gonna start treatment and hopefully I will feel less like shit.

my life

Jul. 6th, 2011 07:53 am
I've generally had at least one doctor appointment a week so far this summer, but this week takes the cake.

DayTimeThingHow Awesome Is It?
Tuesday2:30amEndocrinologistMost unprofessional, least welcoming doctor I have ever encountered, and humiliated me pretty thoroughly! Also the only one within feasible distance who is covered by my insurance =D
Wednesday8:20amDentistNeedles! In MY MOUTH! MY FAVOURITE. Phobias rock.
Thursday12:00 noonMRI prepFasting for 12 hours beforehand, yay.
2:30pmMRI 1
Friday1:30pmMRI 2Fasting for 12 hours beforehand, yay.
Saturday9:15amBlood draw for labworkEven MORE needles, AND fasting for 12 hours beforehand. Party time, right.

Yep. At least one doctor/medical thing every working day this week plus Saturday. Good times.

I know I'm lucky to have any access to healthcare, but I am probably allowed to be grumpy about my health =\
For background information: my grandmother is a selfish, abusive person. She was my caretaker for large chunks of my childhood and abused me emotionally my whole life, just as she abused my mother (who abused me in turn, surprise!) and abuses my little sisters whenever she's around them. She is simply toxic to everyone around her. I have recently (just a month or so ago) resolved to avoid any further contact with her if possible and informed my parents of this, with exceptions if they need me to deal with her for short times so that she does not make their lives miserable lashing out about me. My birthday was yesterday; hers was the day before that. I didn't send her anything.

Today, I received this email from her (original in Russian):

Dear Ira!

Happy birthday, and I wish you a life lived happily and carefree
by the principle of "no one owes anyone anything".
Why remember about anyone? It interferes with life.

Best wishes!

[Full initials]

P.S. I sent this yesterday but it bounced, wrong address.


I know I should probably not be too upset, but I have to admit I don't feel that great either. I can't decide whether or not to engage :(
I'm sorry y'all, life gave me one of those good hard kicks, like it does, and I haven't had time for much at all and the energy for even less. I am STILL very excited about finishing my meme, and I WILL do that as soon as I have the energy to. My goal is to get it done before the end of the year. I hope to see you on it then! =)

For now I have a lot of serious obligations, and those are coming first. Hopefully, things will wind down in a couple weeks.

In the meantime I am trying to make room for at least one or two small (smalllll) projects, because honestly guys, if I don't, I will quickly descend into being a wreck. I really need to make at least a little time for my own pursuits. So you might see a small fic or art around here, if I can manage it! Here's hoping!
So I am like pretty terrible at talking about myself or my life or my projects; when I'm not posting art or fic this place tends to go pretty dead. And while I really should give a life update (guess what, MORE COMPUTERS DIED, I am becoming AMAZED I really am), I have something WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY WOES to talk about!

Here is the deal! The OTW and the AO3 (one of the OTW's projects) both rock super hard. Like! Guys! GUYS. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. CHECK THESE THINGS OUT:

  • DMCA EXCEPTION FOR VIDDERS. DMCA EXCEPTION FOR VIDDERS. DMCA EXCEPTION FOR VIDDERS. Guys! The OTW helped secure a DMCA Exception for Vidders and continues to keep us updated on DMCA issues. This is IMMENSELY EXCITING and I am so proud and as a fledgling baby vidder I am pretty much going to explode of joy (and I swear I will post my first vid(s) soon, I SWEAR, I'M SORRY GUYS I AM JUST SO BUSY AND LIFE-PLAGUED fff)

  • The tagging system on the AO3? Is basically the best thing ever. To a compulsive organizer like me, it is basically heaven. It is this amazing balance between organization and preservation of fannish diversity and is the first of its kind to my knowledge and basically I could roll in it forever AND GUESS WHAT I DO ROLL IN IT because I am a tag wrangler (if a somewhat dead one ffff my life) and tag wrangling is basically THE BEST THING EVER. YOU SHOULD TRY IT. I'M NOT KIDDING.

  • So I wanted to upload a bunch of art posts to AO3? First of all, I love that you can DO that. The AO3 is multimedia-oriented and I love it; we're working hard on our multimedia posting interface and we have the Vidding Roadmap (which everyone should go roll in immediately) and basically by the time the archive is fully formed it will meet all my fanwork archiving needs and I am a known medium omnivore. HEARTS.

    BUT SECOND OF ALL I wanted to upload a bunch of my art posts to AO3? (They don't offer image hosting (...yet!) but art is welcome and can be tagged with the Arts freeform tag.) And I was like UGH I HAVE SO MUCH ART THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER.

    And I went to the importer.

    And I dumped a bunch of URLs in it, of my art posts on Dreamwidth?

    AND HOLY WOW. SUDDENLY ART! Gosh it was so easy; I NEARLY CRIED. Guys I seriously nearly cried. YOU SHOULD ALL EXPERIENCE THIS JOY.

  • Most importantly?

    The people are amazing.

    I have met so many INCREDIBLE people through the OTW, with so many different skills and areas of interest. There's something for pretty much any skillset who wants to volunteer, and the diversity it's produced has been! Frankly it has been amazing. I have learned so much from these people; I am not kidding when I say my horizons have been broadened by the experience of working with and around them.

    And guys, that is seriously something. That is magic. This sharing of knowledge and passions and selves?


This is an amazing group of people with great goals. And right now — right now! — they are having their membership drive (Oct 18-25) and also elections! IT IS SUPER EXCITING TIMES. The drive even comes with a matching donor so you can make your money count twice (SO MUCH EXCITE). And have a say in the direction the OTW will take by voting! And it's time to recruit for next year's committees! Look at all of these committees and the awesome things they do!


Anything you can give — a small donation, your time as a volunteer, your consideration and vote as a member — is incredibly valuable and appreciated. Thank you — thank you all — for making fandom such an amazing place to be. If fandom were not so incredible, I would not have loved it enough to devote so much of my time to fannish projects — projects that include the OTW. I want to thank you all for this part of my life, and I invite you to share in it, like I invite you to share in my stories and my art: this, the OTW, is a fanwork, and I am privileged to collaborate on it with the amazing people who are, have been, and will be working on it.

Thank you.

18-25 October 2010 OTW Donation Drive graphic
So. I have a post planned for today that I am still determined to do. But first, let me tell you, Internets.

Yesterday, while biking home, I got hit by a car.

Yes, I'm okay. Bruised up and pretty grumpy about it, but I am fine. At first I thought the bike was fine too, but turns out one of its pedals is completely borked; I'll have to replace it today.

But dang, guys. Hit by a car.

The depressing thing is that it will probably happen again! I was talking to [personal profile] owlmoose and she seemed kind of appalled to learn that I often bike on sidewalks. It turned out we were just coming from vastly different backgrounds. Her area has bike lanes, bike amenities, and drivers used to bikers. My area has NONE of these things. So it's like of COURSE I bike on the sidewalk? I don't want to get RUN OVER. If it's safe, I definitely jump in the street. But true story, internets: most of the time it ISN'T.

Anyway. The crash itself was pretty amazing. It was a dude turning around a corner way too fast right into me and I didn't even have time to bloody be scared. I didn't think. I swerved, ditched the bike, and apparently FLEW away from the car, because I landed safe and sound, standing up, feet away from the whole incident. The guy jumped out of his car and was just freaking TERRIFIED; I had to keep reassuring him that I was fine. Seriously, I felt bad for the guy.

Also some part of me or my bike wanged his mirror off the car, so I felt pretty bad about that, too. But dude, maybe you shouldn't hit bikers.

Come this morning though, I'm bruised and a bit stiff and mighty grumpy about my bike being borked, since I still had to use it to come in to work today. FFFFFF.

Anyway. So that is why I was so tired yesterday and didn't do anything big to celebrate the big 400 doodle mark and didn't post my post. Massive adrenaline aftershock will do that to you.
So, I've developed yet another fandom with yet another relationship that NO ONE will ever write about and that nobody even draws. This is pretty distressing, seeing as this is the case in ALL MY FANDOMS EVER AFKJLSDGJSFDIBGMCVNW$EOGTH@#QJWJSGKALGNSDIGN.


I promise this post has something to do with high school coming in handy.

The fandom, by the way, is Tales of Symphonia. Which was supposed to be, you know. A pretty large/active fandom. This was a total lie.

The relationship is, uh. Very spoilery. And, surprisingly (knowing me), not gay. I just like the general relationship between the two. Who, uh, happen to be Kratos and Lloyd. Now, Kratos is supposed to be the most popular character in the game, and Lloyd is not as annoying as some main RPG heroes can be (I liked him!).

But is there fic?


Is there art?


There isn't even art.

Desperate for some nice fluffy art, I've been searching EVERYWHERE. Deviantart, y!Gallery, Elfwood, Sheezyart, Fanart Central, Japanese sites. Finally, during today's lunch break at work, I gave up and googled it -- and got some results! Most of them, however, seemed to be reposts of images from other sites on a French blog.

I waffled around a little bit, and then decided to pull out my dusty French, shake it out, and take it for a walk.

I managed to explain my situation and ask where the blogger got those pictures. And I think I even did so passably well.

Ha! I wish I'd been looking for gay porn. Then I could truthfully say that the first time I ever used French since I took it in high school was to ask for gay porn. Damn.

PS: If any of y'all on my flist happen to know where I can find quality ToS fanworks OF ANY KIND, please make with the spilling. Oh pretty, pretty please. I'll, uh! Draw you things! Gimme?
Well. I am now the proud owner of a 401(k). This actually rocks pretty hard. I've got a good benefits package now that I've made the temp to permament transition. I am also somewhat dismayed at myself for thinking a 401(k) is cool. I am losing my hipster edge. Woe, woe, woe!

But seriously, I'm somewhat boggled. I'm only 20, but I've got investments up the wazoo. I mean, I always figured, I'm not a big spender. I don't really have much in my life that I spend a lot of money on right now. Later on though? Hell yeah. Cars, houses, insurance, all that icky grownup stuff. I mean, compare. My current moneywasters as opposed to what I'll need later on. Video games, manga, art supplies, clothes once in a blue moon, books vs. mortgage payments/rent, car payments, insurance, student loan payments and books. Do I need more money now... or later? TOUGH QUESTION.

So basically I've been spreading money through various funds, stocks, and other investments since I was 18. I've got stocks, I've got high-interest savings accounts (whee, being an immigrant!), and now I have a 401(k) which I plan to max out like whoa. Social Security, you ain't got SQUAT on me, even though you eat a third of my paycheck. Hobag.




I think I know the source of this wangst, though. It's Anakin. It's all Darth Vader's fault. Y'see, I've had Star Wars Episode III playing on repeat for over a week and I think the constant wangsting finally got to me. (For those who don't understand why I would possibly have that movie -- or anything else -- on repeat for a week, it's because I work really really poorly in silence, so it's been a habit of mine since I was about 14 to always have a movie I know well playing in the background. This way the auditory input is varied but constant and something I'm familiar with so I don't get distracted trying to listen and figure it out.)

Or actually, no, it might be Ann Coulter's fault. In my crusade to form my own opinions (and entertain myself in the process), I took [ profile] lambspam's advice and started reading How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). I've gotta say, I don't think I've ever been more offended, flabbergasted, or laugh-out-loud amused. Maybe she's the one responsible for my WOE WOE WOE-ful state as of late. My political education continues, however. Which demagogue should I investigate next?

Speaking of politics, wow, election. I'm glad I get up ass-early anyway (5:30, usually) so voting won't be a problem. Dude. Yo. All you of-age people on my flist.


I don't even care who for, just do it.

Well, okay, I do care, quite a lot, but it's more important to me that people involve themselves in the political process at all. So please vote. It's kind of important.

Okay, man, I'm grownuped-out for today. Actual causes for wangst: running [ profile] grand_line_vine is hard, my writing is not cooperating at all, neither is my drawing, because of being majorly sick with tonsillitis for the past MONTH I'm behind schedule at [ profile] picks_n_paeans, and it's been way too long since Axel appeared on screen as I play through KH2.

Okay, WARNING: public display of elitism, arrogance, and self-aggrandisement ahead.


Professional web development firms, by the way, is the reason behind one of the projects I've been working on for a while, which is provisionally entitled PAEAN -- Professional Artistic and Electronic Assistance for Nonprofits. It's a non-profit organization I've been developing for a couple years now that does web design (and other artistic or technology-related) work for other charitable organizations for free. GOOD work. Standards-based, accessibility-checked. With a solid sense of aesthetics. I think that if you're doing good charitable work, you should NOT have to pay out the ass for some incompetent, profiteering company to build you a site that will crash next year. If you're helping orphans in Rwanda, I don't think you should get scammed and scalped like that. If you're helping lost kittens get adopted, I think solid web sites should be handed to you on a goddamn silver platter. And that's what I'm trying to do.

To those of you who think this is trivial, that web design (though I do mroe than design, as I've outlined above) doesn't matter, let me tell you that you're wrong. On the Internet and elsewhere, design matters a lot. It's a HUGE part of whether something is AT ALL USABLE. And the sad thing about a lot of nonprofits' websites is that they're really bad, really ugly, and really hard to use, both for people trying to make use of the charities' resources and for the charities themselves. I think this is awful, and I'm trying to change it.

Likewise, I am now officially appalled at the really ridiculous state of web development in the branch of the government I work for. And now that I've been put on this committee, I'm going to try and change that. I've got the power to do something amazing and fantastic here, and by God I am going to try to use it.

Oh, and a disclaimer. I don't want to dictate the internets or design any more than I want to dictate the various fandoms I've taken an interest and started newsletters, communities, and other projects in. There are subjective parts, yes, like what's pretty or ugly design. Some things, however, are simply the way the web is heading, led by brilliant people and industry champions, and that's the direction sites should be heading. You know, the future. Not being left behind in the internet morass of the mid-late nineties.

And by the way, I don't think that what I do -- all that stuff about being familiar with all aspects of web development -- is something that's extraordinary about me, nor that it should be. I finally thought of that analogy. It's like building a house. If you're building a house, you should have at least a passing familiarity with the principles of construction, architecture, design, basic accessibility, and physics. You should probably also know about or know where to go for information/contract work on electronics, plumbing, landscaping, and other particulars. You need to also know the building codes and other such regulations in your area. Well, the SAME THING applies to web design. You're building a home for yourself/others on the internet. These are things I WOULD THINK that any decent, self-respecting web developer should be familiar with -- design, coding, how servers and back-side stuff works, usability, accesbiility, specifications for the languages they work in. This shouldn't be something special -- this should be standard knowledge! I think that what I do and know is somewhere near the bare minimum of what a web developer should do. Apparently, I am alone in this belief.


Okay, I rarely go off like this. But I was pretty damn pissed there.

For once, I also won't be checking over this before I post it (highly unusual for me -- usually I go through a draft or two), so I apologize profusely for any mistakes.

I am home from my vacation. Once again I have regular fast internet. YAY. I saw Travis and the kitties for the first time since May for two whole weeks! Also that is the first real vacation I've had since summer after junior year in high school. That was three years ago. NOT COOL.

Anyway. Now I have TWO AND A HALF WEEKS' WORTH Of DOODLES TO SCAN OH MY GAWD I am so sorry to everyone that's been waiting! I will try and get that done on the holiday tomorrow =D

I know, I'm way lame. I'm sorry!

Also there is TOO MUCH FIC in progress. In FOUR DIFFERENT FANDOMS. This is unprecedented!

Things I accomplished on my vacation!
- got Travis addicted to Avatar harccore. SCORE.
- broke my laptop! Must fix >.>
- drew lots! A lot of it gay >.>
- failed at getting done much of what I wanted to get done
- went out and had fun with [ profile] snarkymonkey and [ profile] megalotro. Was inexplicably sleepy that day and therefore EXTRA LAME.
- wrote about 20,000 words of policy ideas for a project. WHY AM I SO WORDY.

- MUCH FIC. Four one-shots in three fandoms in progress. And as always the big Water Seven fic. And I am actually making progress on the FFX epic, too. WOOT.
- Actual art! I will have not-doodles up soon. YHEY.

Okay, I have been in transit for about 10 hours now and I am TIRED. GOOD NIGHTY.
Replace "trees" with "Internet Explorer" and you got it about right.

Those of you who don't get the reference are lame, by the way.

Regardless! I am soon to explode with wrath at Microsoft. See, I program for a living. Currently this invloves less programming and more web design, but I still work with languages and getting programs to cooperate. Currently, I am trying to get a piece of JavaScript/DOM Scripting to work in IE.

See, the funny thing is, I wouldn't need to be tearing my hair out about this shit if IE were a goddamn proper browser in the first place. It has one thing going for it: its extremely forgiving nature in the way of whether you can write HTML correctly (goddammit it's not even that hard) made it possible for millions more people to make webpages.

The thing is, those webpages don't work in any other browsers. You know. The ones who PROCESS THE GODDAMN CODE CORRECTLY.

But IE is the most popular browser, right? So what if the way it processes web languages isn't the way that the W3C recommends and all other browsers adhere to? Majority rules, right?

Well, okay, that train of thought is going in the same direction as this article, which advocates phonetic spelling. The thing is, everyone spells differently. So what if the majority of Americans can't spell the language they speak? We need standards, or else that nice thing we call SHARED LITERACY will go away rather quickly.

Same thing here. It was nice of IE to help the Internet boom along and all, but now it has to deal with the fact that if it parsed code in a sane manner, all those websites it fostered would break =D

For responsible web developers, this means that we usually need to give our "special" browser friend a hand.

In this case, IE is being a complete ass. I had to invent a medium-length Javascript workaround for something that in Safari or Firefox can be accomplished with one line of css:

li:hover {display: block;}

There. Done.

However, I have been trying to get IE to accomplish the same result for the past... four? four or five hours.

Geekery, for those who care )

Anyway. IE makes my life difficult. Again.





I'm going home and drawing some gay porn now. Take THAT, Bill Gates!
Today is kind of sucky. I think I have figured out why.

There is a lack of chocolate in my life lately.

I think... oh my god... I think I haven't had any chocolate this week.

Possibly also the week before.

Those of you who know me offline and are familiar with my chocolate habit should understand how dire the situation is. Though, I don't know, from your perspective this might mean that you no longer have to stage that intervention you were planning for next Tuesday.

Goddammit I want some chocolate.

Update!: Apparently my parents took pity on my obviously wretched state and got me some. Ahhhh..... much better XD
Yes. Grocery store, on the way out, one of those little "Don't buy smokes/drinks for kids" posters caught my eye. What I actually noticed was this line:

"It's not just wrong, it's illegal."

Something about that really bugged me on the way to the car, but I think I've figured it out.

It's that I think it should go like this:

"It's not just illegal, it's wrong."

Because, well... I try explain. It feels like sentences like that are structured along the lines of "it's not just bad, it's VERY BAD." Like the second bit is supposed to have more impact than the first.

Well, I'm sorry, legality has much less meaning to me than morality.

I mean, jesus. In many (most, yeah?) places it's illegal to marry someone of your gender, even though I think that's just dandy morally. You love someone? Want to start a family with them, or just have your union acknowledged socially and legally? Rock on.

On the other hand, so many things that huge companies get away with are quite legal and also quite wrong.

So, really, I'm not very persuaded by the first version. But the second would at least make me stop and think. You know, it might be illegal (whatever it is), but that second part would make me stop and think. Evaluate for myself. Do I believe it's also wrong? Cause if I decide that it is wrong, then I won't do it, illegal or no.

The only problem is if I decide it's not wrong. Then the illegality deterrent will weaken. But at least I'll have formed my own fucking opinion of the matter. Cause the first way of phrasing it leaves much less room for your opinion -- they think it's a given that it's wrong.

Meanwhile, I was apparently tired, cause I slept all day, for 14 hours. Now to catch up on the work I missed. Dammit.
I never post AIM convos. However:

WhenKoalasKill: hold on, i gotta go tangle with a skunk
WhenKoalasKill returned at 8:32:55 PM.
WhenKoalasKill went idle at 8:43:11 PM.
WhenKoalasKill: there's a fucking skunk that won't let me into the laundry room
WhenKoalasKill returned at 8:45:19 PM.
zanydoodles: ....
zanydoodles: That is fucking hilarious.
The Chronicle Unfolds... )

I was also talking to [personal profile] tairako at the time, who had the following advice: Okay, rules of thumb: skunk turns its back on you, that's bad. Skunk turns its back on you and raises its tail, that's doubly bad. Skunk turns its back on you and raises its tail with the tip down, then GET THE FUCK OUT XD

Yes. I hope this helps you when you have your very own Skunk Adventure.

Edit: Lo! For the hero of our tale has posted his owen telling of the tale! Mostly, I'm amused that he passed on my advice.

Edit the Second: Wah-OH! THE SKUNK RETURNS!

WhenKoalasKill: fuck, it's back
zanydoodles: XDDDDD
zanydoodles: You have no idea how hilarious this is from my end.
WhenKoalasKill: i know. it's funny here, too
WhenKoalasKill: but dammit, i need my underwear!!!
The Saga continues! )

To be updated as the story develops.


Heeeeeeeee XD
I went to the hookah bar today. I wrote and edited for four hours.

On the drive home, I rolled all the windows down, put the sunroof back, turned the radio all the way up, and belted Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth.

It was fantastic.

I took the longest route home so I could stay on the freeway longer, bellowing along to the local mix station. When they stopped playing things I liked, I switched over and blasted classical instead.

And now, I think I shall go for a jog to exorcise exercise away that stubborn belly fat =D
Because I'm lame classy, when I get tired of listening to news radio (which gets really damn repetitive and depressing) I tend to switch to the classical station. I did that yesterday, right when a commercial finished and the announcer-dude was introducing the next piece. I didn't pay too much attention, because while I loves me some classical, most of it is not so memorable that I want to seek out the exact piece again.

That time, it was.

And I couldn't tell you what it was or who it was by if my life depended on it. All I caught from the host was "concerto," which is oh so helpful.

Dammit. I really want to heard that piece again.

I can't even describe it, because I'm music-retarded. Damn.

Oh well. I shall live.

So, to celebrate my decision to go on living despite my travail, I ask of you, O f-list, to give me suggestions on classical (or any other kind of instrumental) music.

My problem with classical/instrumental music is that I just... I don't know my way around the genre. I have a list of, oh 3,000 songs or so from other genres, with the usual band name/song title dynamic going on, and I can recite that list for you, if you'd like. I got it more or less memorized, as well as all the lyrics. This is not something I am lame enough to do on purpose, it's just the kind of information I absorb easily.

With instrumental pieces -- or, more to the point, classical pieces -- I just fail. There's more to remember, and it's different. Original composer, title of the piece (if it has one, and when it does it tends to contain a lot of confusing words like "concerto" and "symphony" and also probably numbers), conductor, orchestra that performed it, etc. It's the last two things that really get me. I know a number of classical pieces I adore, but I jkust don't know where to go for good renditions!

So, f-list. Please recommend to me classical pieces with specific renditions if you've got 'em. Any other instrumental music is fine, no matter the style. I'll probably like it, and I'm at the very least willing to give it a try!

I do have a couple of specific requests:

1) Someone pweeeeese tell me where to go for a good rendition of Für Elise (or the Bagatelle in A minor, whichever you prefer). I love that thing to death and I yearn for the pretty. Someone also please inform me if I've matched up the two different names it has correctly >.>

2) Ode to Joy. Gimme. Good version. With or without vocals. Both. Either. Yes.

3) Harpscichords are made of sex. Recommend harpsichord pieces. For that matter, so are harps. Rec those too, please =D

4) I've lost my copy (copies) of the LotR soundtrack. All of it. Anybody willing to share? =(




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