Earlier this morning as I was in another frothing rage over Microsoft (this time directed at IE7 and ASP.NET) I was all geared up to produce another voiciferous diatribe about Microsoft, programming, web development, and whatever else was annoying me at the moment.

However, after about two hours of wrestling with IE7, I ran out of energy.

There, wasn't that exciting?

ETA: Boring, really. An actual case of ASP.NET retardeness )

In general, though? I hate ASP.NET. Thanks to my job, I can now wade competently through a lot of ASP and have even acquired another language, C#. Bully. I hope I enver have to use them again.

ASP.NET spits out ridiculously awful HTML code. While the new code from the 2005 version mostly validates, it does something that I think is far worse than not validating: TAG SOUP.



Why spit ot random span and table tags everywhere? Why pile on inline styles? WHY? Not only is it not semantic, the code is poorly formatted so that when I try to wade through the code my coworkers' ASP.NET controls spit out, I can hardly tell what the hell is going on.

I just.

I am really tired of ranting about Microsoft. I'm a fairly easygoing person. Few things get me truly angry. Well, okay, that's a complete lie. Almost everything about life angers me, deeply, because people are involved in life and people are assholes to each other a distressing amount of the time. My solution is to just not think about it if there's nothing I can do.

I guess it all comes back to idiocy. I can't stand people doing things in an idiotic fashion, and pretty much every time I butt heads with a Microsoft product I see that they've discovered some new and different way to be morons about what they're trying to do.

Someday I'll write a coherent essay about Microsoft, including actual examples of bad coding and predatory economic practices. For now, I'll sum it up this way: IE7 sucks because it's a Firefox copycat that fixed almost none of IE6's problems and introduced a shitload of new ones. Possibly what pisses me off more is that people who've never tried or heard of Firefox think IE was somehow being innovative with their new features. Screw you, Microsoft.

Seriously, y'all who talk to me regularly, I don't generally get well and truly pissed easily, but somehow retarded practices get me every time

Okay, WARNING: public display of elitism, arrogance, and self-aggrandisement ahead.


Professional web development firms, by the way, is the reason behind one of the projects I've been working on for a while, which is provisionally entitled PAEAN -- Professional Artistic and Electronic Assistance for Nonprofits. It's a non-profit organization I've been developing for a couple years now that does web design (and other artistic or technology-related) work for other charitable organizations for free. GOOD work. Standards-based, accessibility-checked. With a solid sense of aesthetics. I think that if you're doing good charitable work, you should NOT have to pay out the ass for some incompetent, profiteering company to build you a site that will crash next year. If you're helping orphans in Rwanda, I don't think you should get scammed and scalped like that. If you're helping lost kittens get adopted, I think solid web sites should be handed to you on a goddamn silver platter. And that's what I'm trying to do.

To those of you who think this is trivial, that web design (though I do mroe than design, as I've outlined above) doesn't matter, let me tell you that you're wrong. On the Internet and elsewhere, design matters a lot. It's a HUGE part of whether something is AT ALL USABLE. And the sad thing about a lot of nonprofits' websites is that they're really bad, really ugly, and really hard to use, both for people trying to make use of the charities' resources and for the charities themselves. I think this is awful, and I'm trying to change it.

Likewise, I am now officially appalled at the really ridiculous state of web development in the branch of the government I work for. And now that I've been put on this committee, I'm going to try and change that. I've got the power to do something amazing and fantastic here, and by God I am going to try to use it.

Oh, and a disclaimer. I don't want to dictate the internets or design any more than I want to dictate the various fandoms I've taken an interest and started newsletters, communities, and other projects in. There are subjective parts, yes, like what's pretty or ugly design. Some things, however, are simply the way the web is heading, led by brilliant people and industry champions, and that's the direction sites should be heading. You know, the future. Not being left behind in the internet morass of the mid-late nineties.

And by the way, I don't think that what I do -- all that stuff about being familiar with all aspects of web development -- is something that's extraordinary about me, nor that it should be. I finally thought of that analogy. It's like building a house. If you're building a house, you should have at least a passing familiarity with the principles of construction, architecture, design, basic accessibility, and physics. You should probably also know about or know where to go for information/contract work on electronics, plumbing, landscaping, and other particulars. You need to also know the building codes and other such regulations in your area. Well, the SAME THING applies to web design. You're building a home for yourself/others on the internet. These are things I WOULD THINK that any decent, self-respecting web developer should be familiar with -- design, coding, how servers and back-side stuff works, usability, accesbiility, specifications for the languages they work in. This shouldn't be something special -- this should be standard knowledge! I think that what I do and know is somewhere near the bare minimum of what a web developer should do. Apparently, I am alone in this belief.


Okay, I rarely go off like this. But I was pretty damn pissed there.

For once, I also won't be checking over this before I post it (highly unusual for me -- usually I go through a draft or two), so I apologize profusely for any mistakes.




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