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A kitty in California needs a new home (willing to drive 12 hours): Itai's new home: In which I beg for my best friend's life (another signal boost with summary )

OccupyEverywhere: Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi (from a faculty member concerning the use of pepper spray on students at UC Davis)


So. My host, dreamhost, has decided to shut down all dreamhost.com subdomains and keep all hosted stuff on dreamhosters.com subdomains instead. They haven't given out dreamhost.com subdomains in ages, so this affects a small number of people. But those people are their oldest and most loyal customers. And now, as far as I've been able to tell and their support department has been able to tell me, that's it. My long stay with them is rewarded by having all pointers to my art — of which there are in the area of a thousand spread across several sites — be dead on December 1. That's it. Not even a redirect after that date. Just gone. The files will still exist, but will only be FTP-accessible, not web accessible.

I am not best pleased. I'm trying to see if they can do anything better for me, at all. But for the foreseeable future:

All links/references to my art will break in about a week.

I'll be trying to go back and fix links as I can, or whatever other solution I come up with. But that could take a while and I am pretty low on energy just now. Some but not all of my art is available on deviantart under justira.deviantart.com — I haven't updated that in a while though. I'll be doing what I can; I the meantime, my apologies :(

(dear AO3: y u no host my art :( )

And now, because I need something nice after all of the above:



Speaking of DOINK! it's Small Fandom Appreciation Month at the Chocobo Races! Join in and create something! ( DW | LJ ) Don't forget to check out the prompt-a-thon, too! ( DW | LJ )

A poem: "The Trees" by Philip Larkin

A vid rec in the form of a chat transcript:
[personal profile] justira: oh my god I just watched a clark/lex vid where
[personal profile] justira: clark
[personal profile] justira: gave birth to a kitten
[personal profile] justira: what did I just watch
[personal profile] owlmoose: dot. dot. dot.
[personal profile] justira: it's a crack vid and
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: I can't
[personal profile] justira: what
[personal profile] owlmoose: i think. maybe not at work.
[personal profile] owlmoose: sould i look for it later?
[personal profile] justira: also there were kryptonite unicorns?
[personal profile] justira: uhhhh
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: I don't know how or why the unicorns come in
[personal profile] owlmoose: well, do you need a reason for unicorns, really
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: it's
[personal profile] justira: it's actually pretty worksafe?
[personal profile] justira: possibly not brainsafe
[personal profile] justira: what did I just watch
[personal profile] owlmoose: at least it sounds like it was not dull ;)
[personal profile] justira: no it wasn't
[personal profile] justira: I don't know what to do with my life anymore
[personal profile] justira: CATBABY

I know I'm like the last person to catch wind of these things but:

[livejournal.com profile] dualbunny: I Swear (Smallville - Clark/Lex)
SO, WORLD, I have been busy, uncommunicative, and unavailable for like THE ENTIRE SPRING. There has been a large element of general life fail/woe there, but SOME of it has been due to a good thing: [community profile] ff_exchange/[livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange.

The 2010 round of the exchange is wrapping up, which means it's time for Moogle Fluff! Anyone at all can make it, and any medium counts — fic, drabbles, art, sketches, icons, manips, sprites, vids — you name it, you make it for a prompt, it counts! =D

The Moogle Fluff 2010 prompts are up here, instructions for uploading your stuff are over here, and the deadline is on or before this Sunday! If you don't think you can finish it time, or none of those prompts strike your fancy, there will be more opportunities later on with Chocobo Down, which is open any and all times between rounds of DOINK!

If you do wanna pitch in, please note the beta prompts, marked with an awesome beta fairy — the beta team was spectacular this year, and MF is the only chance they get for gifts for their hard work! If you don't have an AO3 account, hit me up for some invites; if you don't want an AO3 account, I would be happy to post in your name with all due credit. If you don't want to make anything for the MF prompts, a signal boost is super duper appreciated as well — the more the merrier!




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