Daily Doodle: Actually fell asleep once already today. Woke up to feed the cats and draw *something*. Can't hold a pen straight. Have a vaguely chibified catgoat fwumping, which is what I'm about to do. Thank you guys for your support this week; really needed it =)
Time: 3 mins, yawning the whole way

Daily Doodle: Catgoat fwump of utter exhaustion )
Daily Doodle: As I was stuck between more expressions practice and some easy catgoat, [livejournal.com profile] owlmoose suggested catgoat with an expression. I tried =|
Time: 10 mins?

Daily Doodle: Catgoat what )
Daily Doodle: Ever seen fainting goats? That's how my evening was. Got a lot done, sat down to do requests, lined up my refs... and then my meds kicked in and not I can draw a straight line ._.
Time: 2-3 mins

Daily Doodle: Fainting catgoat )
Daily Doodle: Today! Today catgoat is not a marker of woe, but a badge of honour. Because today, I finished editing a story I have been sitting on for YEARS. And having been ridiculously productive all week, I am now tired XD
Backdated 1 hour
Time: 2-3 mins?

Daily Doodle: Catgoat purr )
Daily Doodle: Guys, you know what kind of week it is when I bring on the catgoat! I hope this weekend os restful and full of filled requests ♥

pssst! catgoat officially has a tag XD
Backdated 3 hours
Time: 5-10 mins?

Daily Doodle: Catgoat is curious )
Daily Doodle: Considering how late it is and all, I am semi-excused =|
Backdated 3 hours
Time: 5-10 mins?

Daily Doodle: Cat-goat leap )




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