the silent fulcrum in the interstice

Fandom | Cast: Kingdom Hearts series (spoilers for KH, COM, KHII). Kairi.
Rating | Warnings: No warnings.
Words: 1,200.
Feedback: Always welcome, any kind!
Notes: Done for an [community profile] areyougame prompt: December 14 – Kingdom Hearts, Kairi: restoration - the shape of things as they can be. Lots of play on the meanings of everyone's names. Many thanks to [personal profile] owlmoose for the quick beta!

Summary: Kairi builds a castle in the sand: the shape of things as they can be.

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@[ profile] ff_press: [personal profile] justira: Disconnect (FFVIII/KH) (Squall, Maleficent) (PG13) (3,700 words)


Fandom | Cast: Final Fantasy VIII / Kingdom Hearts. Squall, Maleficent. Bits of Cid and Yuffie and the FF8 playable cast. Blink-and-you-miss it references to a bunch of other FFs and FF characters.
Rating | Warnings: PG13/Teen, mainly because Cid talks. Major spoilers for FFVIII, medium for KH
Words: 3,700
Feedback: Always welcome =)
Notes: Repost of a [community profile] newgameplus gift for [personal profile] crankyoldman. Prompt:
Leon, Malificent. Leon being rather affected by the Bad Sorceress Malificent, considering his history with them. Would love Cid and Yuffie being side characters. Bonus if you explain what happened to Rinoa. I guess this makes it a tad of a KH/FFVIII crossover, as the whole Hallow Bastion backstory being ignored is preferable?
Thanks to [personal profile] seventhe for the beta and helping me pull this thing together; and to [personal profile] renay and [ profile] owlmoose for helping me sort out my initial ideas.

Please note that this version has minor technical edits (including TWO embarrassing typo fixes in the very first paragraph; HOW did I not catch those, cripes ._. ). The original untouched version version is and will remain on [community profile] newgameplus.

Summary: He has experience dealing with sorceresses.

Disconnect )

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x-post: Hosted on my DW [personal profile] justira . Original, untouched version on [community profile] newgameplus [here].Pointers on my LJ [ profile] justira [here], [ profile] 0kingdom_hearts [here]
Daily Doodle: EFFING BLIZZARD = brownouts every few minutes = I lose all my doodle work = I move to the 100-year-old laptop that only USUALLY shuts down in a brownout because its power management is shot as opposed to the desktop which is guaranteed to shut off = I hash this out in EM ESS EFFIN PAINT with 1 ref because this old thing can't handle having more than one tab open. SO YEAH.

I had some pretty awesome plans for today, both doodle and otherwise, and boy are they ever not happening. Temper tantrum aside (guys seriously brownouts every few minutes, we're shutting down all the comps after this cause it's BAD for them) I am somewhat proud of myself by sticking by this colouring thing even now. So well. Plans for tomorrow, I guess.

And yes, Sora is a very appropriate avatar to have a temper tantrum with. >P
Time: I don't even know I got cut off in the middle a lot. Call it 20 mins.

Daily Doodle: Kingdom Hearts - Sora: BLSJFWOGDKS:JG )
So it seems my ways of dealing with really shitty times consist of: (a) drawing really simple things and (b) drawing very complicated things and distracting myself for hours. Fair enough. It's bad times over here with bonus insomnia, so this is what I spent my time doing. At least it turned out nice enough to merit a thumbnail.

Daily Doodle: Noah/Vaan has ruined me forever for age differences. I have no shame any longer. The full title actually should be something like Sora saying: "SO IT'S BEEN A YEAR and I am kind of OLDER and you are kind of still HOT did you want to maybe pay attention to these developments."

Ehhhh what else. I love Sora as a protagonist, and big love goes to his attitude, and it makes me sad when people forget that and make him out to be all sweetness and light. Sora has a 'tude and a temper and I love them.

I plan to clean this up, so crit is very very welcome. I have some ideas on a few flaws already, but always appreciate the help =)

PS: Leon, here is a hint for you -- move your right hand in and down a little.

Backdated uh like 5 hours.
Time: 4 hours I think.

Daily Doodle: KHII - Paying Attention to Recent Developments (Sora/Leon) (G) )

x-post: [ profile] khyaoi [here], [ profile] khxart [here]
Daily Doodle: WOW but did I not feel like drawing today! But here we are anyway: angry Sora. Don't ask me why he does not appear to be wearing a shirt. Maybe I am totally pedoriffic. Or maybe I was just too lazy today! Grr.
Time: 25 mins

Daily Doodle: Sora from Kingdom Hearts )
Daily Doodle: Trying to continue with some male-types. Here's Leon, whom I adore probably to an unhealthy degree -- everything I love about Squall but a little less of an insensitive asshat! Hearts to you both guys =D =D I have no idea what style this is; I think I was aiming for something between VIII and KH and came out with... neither. Something off about his eyes, but for once I think I didn't make his hair awful. And, sorry, no ass today. It is well known that I love this man's ass. I promise there will be plenty of it. Later. For now, marvel at the World's Tiniest Smile.
...dude, I just realized, I think his pimp collar isn't poofy enough XD
Time: 25 mins? I wasn't paying attention. I better work on that.

Daily Doodle: Leon from Kingdom Hearts )

I also realize that I am getting a bit bored with drawing busts of people posing for the camera. I think soon it will be time to try to branch out a bit and work on more emotive faces, more action etc. But I find it encouraging that I'm getting confident enough in my plain/boring drawing that I'm starting to itch for something more involved.

And I had another idea... sometime soon, I think I should try doing a weekly coloured doodle. Maybe even starting next week. I need to practice my colouring, too (do I ever!), but I'm still too anxious about it to practice every day, I think. So, a weekly colour! Can either be an old doodle coloured, or a brand new doodle, drawn and coloured that day. Either way, I get an extra 30 minutes to colour.
So I went into a bit of an art slump after trying so hard to post more art more often with less shame. Complete opposite of the intended effect. Man. FAIL.

But! I finally picked up again this week, and produced a new draft of the last doodle I posted here.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Axel/Roxas
Rating: PG13! Axel's more than a little naked, but Roxas has him covered ;)
Crit/Feedback: YES PLEASE. This second draft is actually the result of some fantastic crit I received from [ profile] lassarina last time: major hat tip, Rina! My goal for this draft was to make the entire picture more dynamic and intense, since the last one was kinda static. The next step will be to flesh out the background (which I omitted this time, but it's visible in the old version), clean up the weapons, and go ahead and do the final ink, so if you have any suggestions now would be a REALLY GOOD TIME >.>

KHII: Surge [Axel/Roxas, PG13] v. 2.0 )

x-post: Nowhere! D<
My quest to post more my art more freely continues! This can't properly be termed a doodle, seeing as this picture was planned and is heading in the serious inking and colouring direction, but this is definitely one of the less pretty stages of production and the one it will stagnate at until I work up the balls to try to ink the keyblade.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Axel/Roxas
Rating: PG13? There is the nekkid, but nothing showing?
Crit/Feedback: Always! Especially on stuff like this: sketches for planned big fancy pieces. Correcting mistakes early on is good! Although, usual spiel -- it's a sketch, lots of issues, etc PLEASE DON'T JUDGE T_T

KHII: Surge [Axel/Roxas, PG13] sketchitude within! )

x-post: Nowhere! I'm shy enough about sharing un-perfectly-polished work as it is D=
Hey, so, I've been thinking that I should less of an anal, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist about stuff, and unfortunately, "stuff" includes "my art". In the interest of (a) getting better at art; (b) becoming less terrified of showing my art in public; (c) convincing myself that my doodle/sketch-level art is not 300% awful; and (d) posting more often...

I've decided to start posting my doodles and sketches. I apologize for any bleeding of the retinas that may occur.

Here's something I've been doodling after homework.

Fandoms/Characters/Pairings: Kingdom Hearts II: Cloud/Leon
Rating: .. PG? PG13? Mangropage?
Crit/Feedback: Always! Although, you know. It's just a doodle. It kind of has issues XD

KHII: Leon/Cloud mangropage within! [now with retardo-fast primary colours version!] )

x-post: who knows. Anyone wanna tell me who might be interested in seeing this? totally not surreptitiously trying to ferret out Leon/Cloud shippers >.>
Well, I've had a locked post like this for a while where I can keep up with my progress in the various fics and have plot summaries and such, but it occurred to me that maybe some people would be interested in seeing a public version, to know what the hell I'm up to. So I messed with the original a bit, mostly to strip away spoilers (both for the canons and for my plots), and, well, here we are. The list of fic I plan to write.

I tossed in some vague ideas for fics and my plans for a couple of vids at the end. Fan art is not included here because there is just way too much to list, and hey, I gotta have SOME surprises. Besides, you can always just look at the damn doodle meme for a fair guess at what to expect in terms of sketches. Polished pieces I want to be a surprise anyway =P

EDIT: Decided to go ahead and make this a general fic post with links to my finished stuff, too.

Son of edit: Okay, I admit it, I write drabbles, and I enjoy it, too! So I decided to go ahead and add my drabbles, new and old, to this post as well.

EDIT 3.14159: And of course the post got too large. List of completed fics now has its own post.

Table of Contents
  »  Fanfic -- In Progress
  »  Fanfic -- Vague Ideas
  »  Vids -- Planned

Fic to do! )

Wow, I am crazy. Who knew it would get this bad when I got into fanfic last November? This is, of course, not even taking into account the original fiction I'm working on, which is at least as long as all of this put together. OI. Ira, you so crazy.




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