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Daily Doodle: So in my various job class porn doodles I tend to try to play with gender expectations a bit, which I find fun. I've noticed a disturbing tendency, though, to much more frequently give women awesome male jobs and much less of giving men awesome female jobs. This is bad. The feminine is, apparently, terrible — it's okay for women to do manly things, but not for men to do lady things, because girls are icky.

So, lets try to not do that! This here is a male Dancer. slight gameplay spoilers for FFT )

Anyway. Male Dancer. I tried not to man the costume up too much. He still has a skirt, but I love the Bard's shoes too much, so he's wearing sandals that look like Bard shoes. He also has the Bard's hairstyle. As usual these days it's messy paint doodle, so don't expect too much.
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: FFT - Male Dancer  )
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Daily Doodle: Of course he's a Dark Knight. Of course.


The thing is, Tactics style is apparently fabulous for displaying shapely male posterior (hint: bottom left). And APPARENTLY I now have some kind of Noah FETISH (courtesy of [personal profile] chaosraven NO DOUBT) and got it into my head at some point, or maybe [personal profile] renay gave me the idea, to thus showcase Noah. We never see his ass, but I am willing to bet it is pretty damn fine. His calves came out pretty well turned, too.

The design is meant to be more or less in the spirit of previous job class porn entries. The design is obviously taken from Gabranth's armour, with simplification inspiration (and ideas for how to simplify Noah's face) from the Revenant Wings Gabranth art. Modified to look a little closer to the standard War of the Lions Dark Knight — the... things... on Noah's legs (tassets? cuisses? what the hell are they?) were transformed into the flary tassets of the male Dark Knight (though I kept a simplified version of the design from Gabranth's). The ridiculous crowny things on his poleyns are now the (embroidered) boot cuffs of the female Knight. (I have something of a habit of borrowing from both genders' outfits indiscriminately, though I apparently particularly enjoy putting little touches from lady costumes on the gentlemen.) I tried to work in bitty spikes on his pauldrons (quite bitty).

I had the damnedest time trying to get any kind of resemblance in the Tactics style — the faces consist of a generic-across-characters eye style, NO nose, and minimal mouth. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Ah, I tried. He rather resembles a Beoulve, though — I smell an AU.

This did turn out more than a little busy without the colours I was too lazy to apply — those would have delineated the shapes and muted the lines. But overall, quite fun, definitely going in the queue to clean up and colour someday.

Time: 1.5ish hours, not counting the time I spent staring off into space.


Daily Doodle: FFXII/FF Tactics - Dark Knight Gabranth )
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Daily Doodle: You know what, I'll just make a new tag for this series/theme.

So Cid is the badassest party member in Tactics (he and Agrias should make out a lot I'm just sayin'). I was originally going to do him as a black mage, which is what I'd been babbling about all week. But you know what? You know what job class everyone thinks is pretty drab, boring, weak, and passive?

White mages.

And you know what a rather uncomfortable correlation is? They're all women.

So here we go. Cid as a white mage. (Note to self: Do some lady kicking ass white mage style soon.) I do think the white mage designs are as a whole not very exciting. So uh. I kind of. Went a little afield here. I always thought the male White Mage's robe was pretty damn boring compared to the female's fun poncho. Also, one of my favourite designs from the entirety of FFIII is Luneth's White Mage. Those don't... really mesh all that well with Cid's outfit, but you know what? I don't care. I had fun.

In fact, I had enough fun for two doodles again. Further notes under the cuts.

Time: ~45mins - 1hr
Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - White Mage Cid Orlandeau )

... and then.... I couldn't resist. Because the natural evolution of the white mage class? Is the Devout or Seer, and Cid already had the hood... >.>

Time: 2-3 mins
Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - Devout/Seer Cid Orlandeau bonus )
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Monk Agrias Full (G)
Monk Agrias Prepares (G)

Backdated 2 hours
Daily Doodle: In the same vein as yesterday's doodle, it's a custom class design from FFT, with her only outfit and the female monk. For the pose, I tried to look at a number of refs but I didn't like any of them, so this ended up being unreffed. I had a lot of trouble because the outfits are exactly dissimilar: the monk is very simple above and complicated below, while Agrias is the opposite. I think it still turned out a little busy, but I had fun, and I love the idea of bare shoulders and arms on Agrias.

... so much so that I made a second picture for that purpose >.>

Time: 45 mins - 1 hour?
Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - Monk Agrias Full )

I actually like the second doodle better, but I'm glad I drew the first one as well; I don't like the idea of Mr. Ramza getting an action pose and Ms. Agrias getting a passive one (plus trying to design the full monk getup was fun, however it turned out). But for all that this (the second one) is passive, I do think it shows her strength. It was hard to balance the Tactics style with the shading, and I don't think I quite did it right, but I enjoy the atmosphere of this one anyway. Ref

Time: 20-30 mins
Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - Monk Agrias Prepares )
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Daily Doodle: So, I really enjoy the kind of customized job outfits characters get in FFIII and FFV (though I tend to take objection to pointless use of skirts on women); this means I was pretty disappointed in FFT for not having custom job sprites/art for the main characters. I am apparently making a project of it, or something, because here is Ramza as a Geomancer.

Speaking of pointless use of skirts, I mean >.>

This is supposed to combine Ramza's initial costume with the Geomancer job, which I enjoy for its usefulness early on and for the gratuitous baring of male midriff. Approval. Also used this pose ref.

And yes, the bell is there because Geomancers use bells in FFIII and FFV, and the axe is, indeed, Lani's from FFIX. It seemed to fit. Don't ask me, it's almost 4am. I should do Agrias in some class next. Gosh, she's hot.
Backdated 4 hours
Time: God I don't even know, I was really distracted and working off and on. call it 1.5-2 hours

Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - Geomancer Ramza )
@[livejournal.com profile] ff_press: [Recs] [personal profile] justira: 3 fic recs, 2 art recs (FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFT)

Okay guys! There has been a LOT of woe in my journal lately! Sorry about that. I try not to leak all over the place. To offset all of the woe-ing, here are happy things!

DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange is finally gearing up, and signups are open! WOOOO! Read all about the goings-on at one of our news comms, [community profile] ff_exchange or [livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange. FFEX has been lucky enough to have some amazing people producing incredible gifts under its aegis. SO. Time for a long-overdue mini rec-post!

[Art] FFVI - Gotta make a good impression! (Gau, Sabin, Terra) by [livejournal.com profile] safety_caesars
Rating | Warnings: G, spoilers for an optional mini-scene in the game
Notes: FFEX 2009 Phoenix Down — Gau and Sabin brotherly love, Terra should be there too!

Squee: The expressions. THE EXPRESSIONS. Are perfect. I just. I have no other words for them. This artist also has a knack for making Amano's costumes actually look like people could live in them; in this particular case, Sabin's rather blingy and delicate tank top actually looks manly. Also amazing: Sabin actually looks like his brother here; I flailed about that so hard in my comment. Terra looks so sweet and young in just the right way, and Gau, beyond having an absolutely priceless expression, somehow looks hot. WHAT.

[Fic] FFVIII - Small Things (Squall/Rinoa) by [livejournal.com profile] invocations
Rating | Warnings: G, no spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2007 Moogle Fluff — ...Squall/Rinoa romance. >.> 670 words
Summary: Just a small moment in which Squall takes itty-bitty steps forward.

Squee: The characterization here is just so spot on! It's short and sweet and the narration so fittingly, amazingly Squall. This strikes just the right note of Squall/Rinoa for me: sweet in a rounabout kind of way, Squall taking small steps outside himself, imperfect and grumpy and just right.

[Art] FFIX - Pub Night (Zidane, Freya, Blank, Steiner, Beatrix) by [livejournal.com profile] sonopants
Rating | Warnings: G, possibly super minor spoilers but not really?
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] roughhandssAnything from IX. Zidane, mm. Freya, mm. Blank!!!mm. Steiner/Beatrix is hot too.

Squee: This is in watercolours. Amazing, vibrant watercolours! Everyone's expressions are so awesome here, and this artist's style together with the watercolours feels so right for FFIX. Everyone looks lively and full of (fun) emotion. The interactions between all the characters is just great, too, and I will never, ever stop laughing at how badly Zidane is losing here. Hearts forever and a half.

[Fic] FFX - Shades of Red (Braska, Auron) by [livejournal.com profile] marmaladecat
Rating | Warnings: PG, some spoilers for the game's backstory
Notes: FFEX 2007 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] owlmooseAuron with Braska and/or Kinoc, pre-pilgrimage. Gen preferred, subtext okay. 1,029 words
Summary: It's the strangest things that stand out.

Squee: Oh, oh gosh, this fic is just so beautifully sad. I love the relationships here, Auron's protectiveness. The red theme is wonderfully worked in, and just, everything about this story is so effective and lovely. So few words, so much feeling and affect; scenes and moments chosen so well. It's short, but it's heartbreaking, and it hits my FFX backstory buttons so, so hard.

[Fic] FFT - Antipyretic (Agrias, Ramza, Mustadio, Beowulf, Alma, Reis, Lavian. Beowulf/Reis) by [livejournal.com profile] ovo_lexa
Rating | Warnings: PG13, party spoilers plus vague general spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil"Fear and loathing with job classes." Take that as you will. 2,266 words
Summary: There are two ways of getting ahead: the slow, safe way that takes a lifetime to master and the fast, dangerous way that takes others’ lives.

Squee: My meta-loving heart just about died when I read this. Job class/crystal meta! In FFT! I AM NOT SURE I COULD BE MORE THRILLED. This also hits my "voices in your head" kink so hard (one of the reasons I love summons and summoning meta so much). Basically I could roll in the meta here all day. The punchline is heartbreaking and amazing, the disoriented and desperate air so good. Deliciously, deliciously creepy.

BASICALLY everyone should come play so amazing work like this keeps happening! SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! <3
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Daily Doodle: Back to your regularly scheduled programming. There was some amazing FF Tactics love in [livejournal.com profile] ff_press today, so I really wanted to contribute a little bit. I've been wanting to draw this since like August of something, actually, ever since I first saw the official art of Dycedarg and his amazing dress thing. To me, it seemed made for some manner of boogie picture. Today, [livejournal.com profile] paperclipchains gave me the excuse =)
Backdated 2 hours
Time: 20 mins? Not paying attention

Daily Doodle: FFT - Dycedarg Beoulve boogie )
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When I was playing the game I was paying particular attention to Delita and Ramza's relationship and was like OH YEAH FANDOM, I just KNOW this is gonna be EVERYWHERE.


What gives.

Anyway, uh. So Ramza is being a little... forward here. I attempted the FFTactics art style — shading included. Why, self. Why. I declare it... not a disaster =\

I know Delita's fingers are totally different sizes between hands, uff. I cannot handle the trashcan-lid hands in FFT oh my gosh ._.

Also, welcome to: adventures in cropping.

Backdated 1 hour.
Time: cripes like 2 hours? Don't ask me where it went. I wasn't even gonna draw anything complicated today.

Daily Doodle: FF Tactics - Ramza/Delita (PG) )
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Daily Doodle: I ran way over today but I was having way too much fun! I was undecided today between Agrias and Dycedarg. One the one hand, Agrias is awesome. On the other hand, Dycedarg totally wears a dress and looks like a giiiiirrrrrl except with super manly facial hair. Dycedarg is going to have to wait for another day, but I realized that I am totally in love with his design -- hair, face shape, awesomely girly but badass costume -- and will totally do him sometime.

But today: Agrias! I wanted to try a more interesting pose, and Agrias is all badass and stuff, so! I used a ref for the pose** and tried to keep it in the FFT style as much as I could. Newsflash: it is really hard to draw a face from slightly below in this style! I tried, but it kind of looks like she has a monster chin.

However! Overall, I think I really like this one! It has potential -- what do you think, guys? Should I clean it up and colour? If you want, feel free to point out errors and stuff here, to help me clean it up later =D (PS: half-assed sword is half-assed. I spent too much time trying to get her pose and clothes.)

Time: 40 minutes! 10 whole mins over, but I was having fun! I'm allowed to have fun with these, right? ._.

Daily Doodle: Agrias from Final Fantasy Tactics )

**Reference-use policy, in case anyone's interested )




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