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Daily Doodle: Time for a ladyperson! I really didn't base this very much on her FFIV:DS renders — those didn't seem distinctive enough to me. In fact, this isn't really based on anything. (I really did mean for her hair to actually be a touch messy/wild, not just wavy.) I tried to do a few things (quietly) here — basically more room for certain traits than really expressing them. Room for sadness around her eyes, room for fierceness in her brows, room for mischief in her mouth. I'm sure that sounds quite pretentious, but I had fun trying to sneak the touches in. Also, I was quite sick today! So this felt nice after that.
Time: 30-40 mins

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Daily Doodle: Working on that less painty style again, except this time with hopefully less faily line arts =|

Apparently I draw Rydia's hair when I have nothing better to do.
Time: 20ish mins?

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SO [livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe / [personal profile] seventhe wrote me an AMAZING story about these three! It is called Momentum and I could roll in it FOREVER.

This can, I guess, be considered an illustration? Credit where credit is due: pose idea started with this Ranma 1/2 art. Feedback welcome all around, this is definitely going in the colouring queue.

... Pretty much the only thing I have to say about this picture is the following:

Guys. Kain is left-handed.


Backdated 2 hours
Time: oh bugger me. 3 hours? something in that area.


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PS: If you want to donate money for Haiti and also get arts, please feel free to bid on my art donation thread or any of the other wonderful offerings a [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! Still a few hours left for this round =D
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Daily Doodle: We interrupt our nascent theme-week-in-the-making to bring you... a small gift for [personal profile] seventhe/[livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe!

I must also thank [personal profile] lassarina for her advice and late-night tips here! I tried to incorporate your suggestions -- the ones that didn't make it are out because of my inability to depict them, not because of some lack of merit =P

I have a lot more commentary, but it's going below the cut for once >.>

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Backdated 2 hours
Time: oh gosh do I have to disclose. 3 hours? I know, I know >.< Threesomes just always take SO LONG to arrange all the limbs and crap, ufff XD
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Part of my weekly words project! Word counts for this week )

I feel I should have more to say. But I will sum it up this way: this month has been balls, and my writing knows it. But I'm trying. This next week should be back to normal, and I am hoping to finish and polish some of the longer stories I've been working on. I tire of drabbles every time =|

Title: Simple and Clean
Fandom/Chars/Ships: FFIV:OGC - Rydia
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, spoilers for Rydia's story
Feedback: Always welcome =D
Word Count: 125
Summary: She still does not understand

Weekly Words: FFIV - Simple and Clean (Rydia) (G) )

Notes )
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Daily Doodle: Oof, so tired. Was in a tearing hurry when I drew this. The proportions are really... kind of, what? I like the idea; might redraw someday. Thanks to [personal profile] lassarina for the suggestion; sorry I didn't have more time to do it more justice. Seriously in a hurry. Hands all funky, features not distinctive, but I do like her hair, which is pretty much my favourite thing about drawing Rydia.
Time: 7 mins or so? 9?

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Daily Word Count: 413
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Daily Doodle: Rydia! Okay, so yesterday I was bad and used and extra five minutes. Today, as atonement, I attempt my first coloured doodle, and gave myself a strict no-cleanup admonishment for today. So here we are -- truly minimal cleanup of my lines (this is pretty close to how my doodles look like completely raw), with some quick colours. I admit it, I mostly wanted to play with Rydia's hair. She had like 10 different character designs though. I uh, mixed and matched I guess? I just love her DS sprite's hair!
... I have no idea what's up with her pose, I just wanted some fun sweepy/curvy/movementy lines >.>
PS: tried a different style, kinda cartoony, for more flexibility.
Time: 45 mins total, uh... 20ish for lines and 25ish for colour?

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IN OTHER NEWS! People! If you have anywhere on your internet persons pictures or vids of people gettin' their groove on, please show me! I have been prodded towards an experiment/project, for which I would greatly appreciate pics/vids of awesome folks dancing like crazy. I don't care what style, gender, or whatever. Gimmeh! Danke =D
Title: An Inheritance of Many Things, Including a Possible Lack of Judgment (But Not of Taste)
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Characters/Pairings: Edge/Rydia
Rating: PG?
Words: 1,500
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome!
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe's [livejournal.com profile] ff_kissbattle prompt, Edge/Rydia: mistake/"That wasn't a mistake". Also maybe a touch of the Rosa and Rydia in there. My first FFIV fic!

Summary: Edge thinks Rydia is more than her inheritance.

An Inheritance of Many Things )

Notes )

x-post: [livejournal.com profile] ff_kissbattle [here], fanfiction.net, my journal.
Title: Sev's Sexy Ladies
Fandoms: Final Fantasies IV, VIII, XII
Characters/Pairings: Fran, Quistis, Rydia
Rating: Uh... PG for canonical Fran...ness?
Crit/Feedback: If you wanna!
Notes: BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR SEV YOU OLD HAG ♥. Go and tell [livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe happy birthday!

Sexy Ladies )

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