Daily Doodle: Had Aladdin on in the background as I worked and saw Rajah making this face and HAD to do it. Immediately. And yes, he really does make this face.
Time: 15 mins? lines really shaky today; can't keep my hands steady

Daily Doodle: Aladdin - Rajah makes awesomeface )
Daily Doodle: Ready or not, it's back to work tomorrow. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishing =)
Time: 10-15 mins

Daily Doodle: Mufasa )
Daily Doodle: Still sick. Have a Beast. He is so much awesomer as a beast. Made his head too big I think. Maybe I am expressing myself vicariously; my snotty head certainly *feels* that big.
Backdated 1 hour
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Disney's Beast — not quite catgoat. )
Server still down! I want to thank everyone who's commented lately; I'm sorry my responses are tardy as usual, but I have been dealing with pretty indescribable amounts of ARGH in life. I will try to get back to everyone soon!


It's also Amelia from Treasure Planet. I found this pose and thought it would be great for her climbing around her ship or something, but I think I botched it pretty good -- off-model and not awesome on hands and face and just bleeehhhhhhh but honestly life is kicking my ass so hard. I hope I can try this one again sometime; Amelia deserves better =|
Time: 20 mins?

Daily Doodle: Amelia from Disney's Treasure Planet )
Daily Doodle: God, I loved that movie, even if no one else did. That and Titan A.E. Somehow, sci-fi adventures with partial 3D animation were big flops, even though I loved them to bits. Anyway, MS Paint sketch of Amalia, because I didn't have time to do it before work/during lunch today. Sigh! Important Announcement: Amalia's design is HARD for me. Cripes. Her expression didn't really work out.
Time: ...25 mins? I need to keep better track

Daily Doodle: Amelia from Diseny's Treasure Planet )

Welcome to how my lines look when I don't clean them up! I had a shitty day at work, sorry guys. This doodle marks a whole month of daily doodles; I wish I had done better! I wish I had done better by Mufasa, too. I LOVED The Lion King; saw it in theatres on its original run and was TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE by Mufasa dying. Here's to you, Mufasa, you crazy awesome lion dude.
Time: 15 mins

Daily Doodle: Mufasa from Lion King )

Also, guys, I repeat! IT'S BEEN A WHOLE MONTH! No days missed yet, and I swear I've improved noticeably in just that short time. I really want to thank all of you who have left comments; I really appreciate it. But I most especially want to thank [personal profile] renay(DW)/[livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine(LJ) for prodding me into drawing every day. It really means a lot to me to have friends who will push me to improve =)



WHY does my [livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange story have OVER 12,000 WORDS and for all that is only like 2/3 done maybe if I am being generous? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Last time I wrote the 10,000-word first chapter of Clarion. This year apparently I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to outdo myself! Or beat Nay's 17,000 word FFEX gift length record. WHO KNOWS.

Either way this can only end in tears! There is ONLY A WEEK left until the beta deadline, GOD HELP ME I AM GOING TO DIE.

Daily Doodle: So, uh, things I did not realize when starting this! (1) It is hard to draw in the Hercules style when you've never tried it before. (2) It takes a long time to draw a full figure. (3) It takes an ASS-LONG TIME to draw a full figure in the Hercules style. Man, I had no idea how hard Meg was to get on-model. I tried, but in exchange for trying to make her look a little more Meg-like I had to skimp on cleaning up my awesome sketchy lines, and you can kind of see the line quality degrading as you go down the pic. Those feet must be one of the more embarrassing things I've let people see. But them's the rules! I already broke one today; not breaking any more >(
Well! I tried to challenge myself! And it wasn't a total success (time faaaaiiiillll), but I think it was worth trying.
Time: 35 mins. I am awful and broke a rule. I just. I couldn't let the awful lines and feet go. Augh. I MUST CONCOCT A PUNISHMENT FOR MYSELF

Daily Doodle: Meg from Disney's Hercules )
OH MY GOD I FAIL AT SCANNING ;______________________________;

But here we go, next doodle dump for the meme where you are, as always, welcome to request something! Just, uh, be aware, people seem to be taking me at my word here and now there is a WAIT. I am a little terrified but also very flattered ^^;

Usual disclaimer: these are doodles! By definition, they are not excellent! I do one of these every day, amongst all the other stuff I do and write and long-term drawing projects and blah, so, uh, yeah. Someday I will FINISH another drawing and upload that and you can see what it looks like when I take more then 10-30 minutes to do something >.>;;

Okay! I am going to do this in chronological order, because [livejournal.com profile] muggy_mountain has been patiently waiting FOREVER for her promised nekkid Auron (although I made him way skinny. WHY). AND HERE HE FINALLY IS:

And [livejournal.com profile] lambspam your Jasmine is finally here, with BONUS KITTY that I cheated and added later before inking the whole thing cause you've been waiting ;_; She was inked in brush pens, which are possibly the best thing ever.

PISCPAM -- 8 more doodles under cut, HOSHIT >.> )

Whew okay, also! I am going to be on a plane this Friday through Saturday and will have spotty scanner access for the next week or two. I'll keep doodling, but, uh, scandumps will be sporadic (like they haven't been up till now, ha) and also there will be LACK OF PHOTOSHOP. For me this means CRY but for y'all it means you don't have to suffer through my attempts at colour XD




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