Fandom | Cast: Final Fantasy XII, Vaan.
Notes: Was having a super cranky afternoon, then saw this and decided that I needed to do that pose with a guy. I started just drawing it and it turned into Vaan. The ragedoodle looked okay, so I coloured it. The end. Took about an hour all told.

Been a while.

FFXII - Accidentally Vaan )

@[community profile] ff_press: [FFX] [personal profile] justira: Tucked Together (Kimahri/Rikku) (G)

Tucked Together

Fandom | Cast: FFX, Kimahri/Rikku.
Rating | Warnings: Extremely G. No warnings, keeping in mind the ship =d
Feedback: ALWAYS super duper welcome!
Notes: De-anoning myself! This is from a prompt on [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy. I have um, kind of a lot to say about this one, but that's for after you've seen it >.>

I am proud enough of this to repost, and I would want to thumbnail it but... it's a surprise >.>

Tucked Together )

Notes )

x-post: Hosted on my DW [personal profile] justira.

Best Hand

Fandom | Cast: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Phoenix, Trucy, Apollo
Rating | Warnings: G! Spoilers: Art — none; drabble — some implied
Words: 600 words
Feedback: Always welcome =)
Notes: Repost of [community profile] newgameplus pinch hit for [profile] jadax
Phoenix, Trucy, and Apollo. I love their silly family sort of dynamic. Anything with that would great!

Please note that this version has minor technical edits. The original untouched version version is and will remain on [community profile] newgameplus.

Summary | Thumbnail:

It's not the cards that matter.

Best Hand )

Notes )

x-post: Hosted on my DW [personal profile] justira [here]. Original, untouched version on [community profile] newgameplus [here]. Pointers on [ profile] justira [here], [ profile] gyakuten_saiban [here].
Title: Just Listen
Fandom: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
Cast: Amal, TJ
Rating | Warnings: G across the board
Feedback: Always super welcome =D
Notes: First line art charity commission from [ profile] help_haiti, for [ profile] gallo_de_pelea aka [ profile] bigbigtruck. From her super-duper-awesome, you-really-must-read-it, it's-not-even-that-long-yet-i-swear comic: The Less Than Epic Adventures Of TJ and Amal.


The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal - Just Listen )

Notes )

@[ profile] ff_press: Please list the copy that's over at [ profile] ff_exchange

Title: Introductions
Characters/Pairings: Balthier/Fran/Vaan
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: PG, no real warnings, no spoilers
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome!
Notes: Backup gift whipped up for [ profile] ff_exchange, for [ profile] carbonatedh2o's prompt: Balthier/Fran/Vaan - Balthier and Fran in an established relationship, introduce Vaan to the wonders of... sex or something. If you don't want to do the sex part, though, that's fine.

I had, let us say, not much notice on doing this backup gift, so I had to scramble a little and ended up taking my idea from this piece of Moogle Fluff -- redrew it completely, cleaned it up, coloured it. I feel a little like a superhero. Guys, I did this in like four hours. Because that is how much notice I had. haha. yeah.

Summary: "I think perhaps we can skip certain introductions, Vaan?"


FFXII: Introductions (Balthier/Fran/Vaan) (PG )

Notes )

x-post: [ profile] ff_exchange [here], deviantart [lines] [colours], my LJ, my DW.
Title: Complicated Friction
Fandom: One Piece
Characters/Pairings: Rob Lucci/Shuraiya Bascùd
Rating: uhh PG13 for the gropings?
Spoilers: not... really?
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome =D
Notes: MY EXPERIMENTS WITH COLOUR CONTINUE. This was very literally an experiment in colour; trying to be more daring and less conservative than in my last two attempts. Also I had to redraw part of the lineart, so bonus updated lineart within!


One Piece - Complicated Friction )

Notes )

x-post: [ profile] onepieceyaoi [here], deviantart, my journal.
Title: After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter
Fandom: Phoenix Wright or Ace Attorney or whatever they're calling it these days
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Miles
Rating: PG for the mankissings!
Crit/Feedback: Always welcome! Especially now that I am learning how to colour XD
Notes: First of all, this is birthday gift art for [ profile] bottle_of_shine! Happy Birthday, Nay! Second of all, due credit: this was inspired by another PW pic, Bedroom Kisses by [ profile] kamapon. In other news, I tried to make the shading style here vaguely resemble the game art, but, uh, let's just say that it resembles it in spirit >.> I have one more note, but it's behind Nay's b-day surprise =P


After Entirely Too Much Deliberation On the Matter )

Notes )

x-post: [ profile] gyakuten_saiban [here], [ profile] igiari [here], [ profile] narumitsu [here], deviantart, my journal.
Title: uhhh Conis and Suu I guess?
Fandom: One Piece
Characters/Pairings: Conis and Suu >.>
Rating: G
Crit/Feedback: As always! =D
Notes: Long story short: I stopped colouring for a while, and then every time I tried I got too frustrated because it looked horrid. For years. Then yesterday I decided that if I wanted to colour, I should just bloody finish something, and then colouring should get easier (and hopefully better) every time. So I pulled out this old lineart and sat my ass down and finished it. It's plenty flawed, but I'm proud of myself for taking the first step in colouring recovery =)


Conis and Suu coloured )

Notes )

x-post: [ profile] one_piece, deviantart, my journal.
Title: Franky's First Cola
Fandom: One Piece
Characters/Pairings: Franky and Iceburg star; Kokoro and Tom of course play a part =)
Rating: G
Spoilers: SPOILERRIFIFC for Water 7 arc (but not Enies Lobby)
Medium: Entirely done in brush and ink, even the lines -- no pens or anything =)
Notes: This is the story of Franky's first cola. It's just meant to show a small, significant moment in Franky and Iceburg's childhood. Mostly it's about being brothers =)

This is an updated version of an older work -- I didn't like the way the old one looked anymore, but still loved the idea. The old version is still available. I used to have tons and tons of notes on this thing on the old version... but I am more content with it now, so I haven't much more to say =)


Franky's First Cola -- be warned, this file is HUUUUUGE )

Notes )

x-post: [ profile] one_piece, [ profile] onepieceyaoi, my journal
Title: Reach
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Vivi and Zidane
Rating: so G it hurts
Notes: I drew this to promote the current challenge at [ profile] ff_100, which is FFIX: The roads we walk (psst! if you're into FFIX at all SUBMIT DRABLES FOR THE CHALLENGE!). I was initially just going to draw dZidane by himself, but I decided that was boring and decided to try and draw him interacting with someone. Seeing as my own drabble submission for the challenge was going to involve Zidane and Vivi, I started sketching and came up with some line art I thought was good enough to colour.

This was done entirely in tablet, and I'm actually extremely proud of how much my tablet line art has improved. I went for a very simple colouring job this time, but I really like this concept and plan to come back someday to clean up the line art, colour it properly, and do this idea justice.

I've never drawn either of these guys before. I tried a lot of new things here, including flat colours and coloured lines. It was very fun!

Full-size image under cut! Warning: It is BIG! )

x-post: [ profile] ffix, [ profile] finalfantasyart, my journal
Happy Birthday [ profile] snarkymonkey! Well, it's not her birthday anymore but it was when I gave it to her. I just had to make sure she saw it first =)

Title: Vivi and Kohza. I really don't have the energy to think of titles.
Fandom: One Piece
Characters/Pairing: Vivi/Kohza
Rating: G
Feedback: Any kind is welcome, and concrit is loved. I'm always looking to improve =D
Notes: This is birthday gift art for [ profile] snarkymonkey. I am too tired for my usual long-windedness but suffice it so say that I haven't CGed in 5 years. Also, profuse thanks to [ profile] megalotro for the crit and help!
Materials: Pencil sketch, coloured in Photoshop CS...2?

[ Full size on deviantArt! ]

x-posted: [ profile] one_piece, [ profile] one_piece_het, my journal.

Title: Lulu in Charcoal. I am NOT title-creative.
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters/Pairing: Lulu!
Rating: G
Feedback: Any kind is welcome, and concrit is loved. I'm always looking to improve =D
Notes: This is gift art for [ profile] auronlu. I seem to be addicted to drawing things for people. This one was a huge pleasure to do, because I LOVE shoulders, and I had ample opportunity to indulge myself. Also, I am very partial to black and white with a dash of colour. I'm pretty proud of this one ^^;;
Materials: Charcoal, conté crayon, pastel pencil on grey 98lb Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

[ Clicky to get to it on deviantArt! ]

x-posted: [ profile] aulu, [ profile] finalfantasyart, [ profile] ff10, my journal.
I will always, always suck at side musculature XD

Title: Oh christ, I don't know. Let's call it "Easygoing" or something.
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters/Pairing: Jecht!!!!
Rating: Jecht tends to raise ratings just by being in the vicinity, but he's behaving himself here. G.
Feedback: Yes please! I'm always looking to improve =D

Notes: This is gift art for [ profile] regann. This is because she is made of awesome and consents to very long discussions of random FFX speculation. For your Jecht shrine, for being great to chat with, for your high tolerance of tl;dr, and for just plain being awesome, I thank you, Regann! Squee ^_^

More Notes! On the other hand, lookit! I drew FEET. And they even kind of look like feet! Jecht wears blessedly few clothes, which works quite well for me on several levels -- I don't have to draw complicated outfits (*cough*WAKKA*cough*). The other benefits are probably ovious to Jecht fans already. I'm also proud of myself for managing to find a pose that showed off Jecht's wrap... thingy... and his tattoo without having to deal with all the armour on his left arm >.>;; Also, first time drawing Jecht. Woot.


Cut to the art! )

Please do let me know what you think =D

x-posted: [ profile] ffx_yaoi, [ profile] finalfantasyart, [ profile] ff10, my journal.

Title: Thief. I AM ORIGINAL.
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters/Pairing: Wakka and Rikku
Rating: uh... G? Pretty kosher?
Notes: This is gift art for [ profile] bottle_of_shine. So, like, don't do anything bad to it or anything, cause it belongs to her now =P Also, my profuse thanks to [ profile] tairako, who helped me make the sketch less sucky. THANK YOU! Oh, and this is my first time drawing either of them ^^;;

(Clicky to get to DA ART)

x-posted: [ profile] ffx_het, [ profile] rikkuxwakka, [ profile] finalfantasyart, [ profile] ff10, my journal. I feel SO WEIRD pimping myself. Good god.
My trek to keep track of my artsy accomplishments in my journal continues. Woo!

Title: Payback
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Lucci/Paulie
Rating: Uh. PG? Implied kink?
Notes: This is the 500-hit kiriban from my devArt account. The kirban was claimed by and is dedicated to Serenity ^__^ More comments at devArt =P

(To my DA account. Chaaaaarge!!)

x-posted: [ profile] onepieceyaoi
Oh, right. I was supposed to keep this jounral updated with my creative endeavours. Well I'm too lazy to repost, so, fake lj-cut instead.

WARNING: For any of y'all actually interested in watching One Piece (and you really should, whether you're into anime/manga or not. I think the story surpasses the expectations of its medium spectacularly -- I wouldn't call it "just a comic" anymore than I would Neil Gaiman's Sandman) this has SPOILERS WITHIN. So, no peeking. John, that means you.

(Fake cut to the art! Whee!)




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