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[Recs] Final Fantasy VII Edition (8 arts, 2 cosplays, 1 vid, 1 craft)

And here we are with a little FFVII post to follow from the FF Tactics recs! We're starting off with a vid by the same vidder that closed out that post, so let's go!

Don't ask me how so much Aerith/Cloud ended up here; I have no idea ._.

Final Fantasy VII: 8 arts, 2 cosplays, 1 vid, 1 craft )
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[Recs] Final Fantasy Tactics Edition (12 arts, 1 cosplay, 1 vid)

Wanna know something weird? There is a surprising amount of overlap between people who make FFVII stuff and people who make FFT stuff! I was trying to put together more rec posts and I realized that a lot of the people I'd pulled for one had also done something for the other. So why not! Lady Agrias led us off the Final Fantasy Ladies recs post, and here we are diving into FF Tactics by her lead. I'm rounding this post off with a great FFT vid (yes! a vid!), and the next post will open with another vid by the same vidder, but for FFVII. Which I think is super neat =D

Like the last post, this seems to run on themes, a bit. There's actually a bunch more art I want to rec but wow I ran out out time so very hard >.>

Final Fantasy Tactics: 12 arts, 1 cosplay, 1 vid )
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[Recs] Final Fantasy Ladies Edition - 20 art, 6 cosplays,1 fic, 1 vid (IV, VI, VIII-X, XII, XIII, T)

Some recs! Because I need to feel better! I was going to post these Wednesday and then do two more rec posts Thursday and Friday, but instead I got rear-ended and my car was totaled. Whoops! That was awkward. That is pretty much 2011 for me. So I am going to rec shit because it is better than dwelling on everything. OH WELL. RECS.

Some of these are on pixiv, where you need an account to view pics full-size (let me know if you want/need any help with that!). I also translate titles if they're only a character or place name; otherwise I leave any other titles and all usernames as they are.

And apparently FFVIII is first because I want to show off that vid that much. A lot of these kind of have themes within each canon.

Recs: Final Fantasy Ladies Edition


  • 6 cosplays (FFIV, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX-2, FFXII)

  • 1 fic (FFVI)

  • 1 vid (FFVIII)

FFVIII - 1 vid, 3 arts, 1 cosplay )

FFIV - 1 art, 2 cosplays )

FFVI - 4 arts, 1 fic )

FFIX - 1 art, 1 cosplay )

FFX - 5 arts, 1 cosplay )

FFXI - 1 art )

FFXII - 2 arts, 2 cosplays )

FFXIII - 1 art )

FF Tactics - 1 art )
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Signal boosts, a little linkspam, and all my art vanishing soon =|


A kitty in California needs a new home (willing to drive 12 hours): Itai's new home: In which I beg for my best friend's life (another signal boost with summary )

OccupyEverywhere: Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi (from a faculty member concerning the use of pepper spray on students at UC Davis)


So. My host, dreamhost, has decided to shut down all dreamhost.com subdomains and keep all hosted stuff on dreamhosters.com subdomains instead. They haven't given out dreamhost.com subdomains in ages, so this affects a small number of people. But those people are their oldest and most loyal customers. And now, as far as I've been able to tell and their support department has been able to tell me, that's it. My long stay with them is rewarded by having all pointers to my art — of which there are in the area of a thousand spread across several sites — be dead on December 1. That's it. Not even a redirect after that date. Just gone. The files will still exist, but will only be FTP-accessible, not web accessible.

I am not best pleased. I'm trying to see if they can do anything better for me, at all. But for the foreseeable future:

All links/references to my art will break in about a week.

I'll be trying to go back and fix links as I can, or whatever other solution I come up with. But that could take a while and I am pretty low on energy just now. Some but not all of my art is available on deviantart under justira.deviantart.com — I haven't updated that in a while though. I'll be doing what I can; I the meantime, my apologies :(

(dear AO3: y u no host my art :( )

And now, because I need something nice after all of the above:



Speaking of DOINK! it's Small Fandom Appreciation Month at the Chocobo Races! Join in and create something! ( DW | LJ ) Don't forget to check out the prompt-a-thon, too! ( DW | LJ )

A poem: "The Trees" by Philip Larkin

A vid rec in the form of a chat transcript:
[personal profile] justira: oh my god I just watched a clark/lex vid where
[personal profile] justira: clark
[personal profile] justira: gave birth to a kitten
[personal profile] justira: what did I just watch
[personal profile] owlmoose: dot. dot. dot.
[personal profile] justira: it's a crack vid and
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: I can't
[personal profile] justira: what
[personal profile] owlmoose: i think. maybe not at work.
[personal profile] owlmoose: sould i look for it later?
[personal profile] justira: also there were kryptonite unicorns?
[personal profile] justira: uhhhh
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: I don't know how or why the unicorns come in
[personal profile] owlmoose: well, do you need a reason for unicorns, really
[personal profile] justira: I
[personal profile] justira: it's
[personal profile] justira: it's actually pretty worksafe?
[personal profile] justira: possibly not brainsafe
[personal profile] justira: what did I just watch
[personal profile] owlmoose: at least it sounds like it was not dull ;)
[personal profile] justira: no it wasn't
[personal profile] justira: I don't know what to do with my life anymore
[personal profile] justira: CATBABY

I know I'm like the last person to catch wind of these things but:

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[Recs] 5 fics, 1 illustrated fic, 1 comic, 1 art (FFVI, FFVIII, FFX, FFXII)

@[livejournal.com profile] ff_press: [Recs] [personal profile] justira: 5 fics, 1 illustrated fic, 1 comic, 1 art (FFVI, FFVIII, FFX, FFXII)

Wow! That weekend sucked! I don't know why I'm having such a terrible year! This reccing thing is fast becoming some kind of Dealing Mechanism. Well! Last call for DOINK! Final Fantasy exchange signups -- they're closing!

This appears to be my self-indulgence installment. One such indulgence is apparently Ashe? It's funny, she's not my favourite character in FFXII (I don't dislike her, I do find her interesting, but there are definitely others I like much more) and yet I apparently get the hugest kick out of a well-done Ashe in fic. Huh.

[Art] FFVI - SAND IN MY BOOT (Kefka) by [livejournal.com profile] muura
Rating | Warnings: G, no warnings
Notes: FFEX 2007 Chocobo Down — Kefka

Squee: A classic line/scene in an awesome style! I adore this artist's bright colours and unique look — both look awesome on Kefka, and there's something about they way this is drawn that brings Amano's design to vibrant, vibrant life. Kefka's expression and petulance are perfect.

[Illustrated Fic] FFVI - Spaces (Celes/Locke) by [personal profile] seventhe and [livejournal.com profile] safety_caesars
Rating | Warnings: PG13, spoilers through the end of the game.
Notes: FFEX 2007 Gift for [personal profile] lassarinaLocke/Celes. I would prefer a romantic relationship (explicit content utterly optional), although it's up to you whether it's an established relationship or one that is in the process of growing. I'd really love to see something about how they negotiate the rough spots that are part of any relationship, given all his scars and her general lack of ability to deal with emotions and things that cannot be categorized. Meta is always a plus. 4,700 words + 3 illustrations
Summary: A moment between Locke and Celes, as they try to fit their relationship into and around the holes in their lives.

Squee: There's something very fleshed-out and full about the feel of this story, especially with the pictures interleavened — all the little details, weaving together post-game meta and Celes's feelings and hints of a wider plot into something that really feels like a slice of life: four-dimensional and quietly vivid. The illustrations match the mood perfectly and are well-executed and lovely in their own right. I love how magic is presented as a lost sense to Celes; how the characters — the world — deal with that loss. Both Celes and Locke are great here, but Celes as the POV character really shines. Their dynamic is excellent, the way they dance around each other and are still so honest and direct.

[Comic] FFVIII - On The Run (Zell, Selphie, Irvine, some surprises) by [livejournal.com profile] darthneko
Rating | Warnings: PG13 (minor swearing), spoilers through Galbadia sort of
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] wallwalkerZell, Selphie and Irvine. Laying low during a mission gone horribly wrong, licking their wounds (so to speak) and making plans to get out of trouble. 4 pages

Squee: Oh my god, oh my god, the last page. The tension builds so excellently through the first pages, and then the last page is— man, I am not going to spoil it. It's just worth it. What I really love about this little comic is how it gives such an intense slice of an alternate reality — the minute I saw this I immediately could imagine all sorts of things to fill in the before and after the story — or, better yet, what this awesome artist would come up with. It's amazing how much storytelling and worldbuilding this artist manages to pack into so few pages, and layout-wise I love the first and last pages especially, how they mirror each other.

[Fic] FFVIII - Gefälschte (Squall/Laguna) by [livejournal.com profile] sumthinlikhuman
Rating | Warnings: NC17 like woah, hinty spoilers for their relationship
Notes: FFEX 2007 Chocobo Down — Squall and Laguna. Gen or Slash, any rating. 1,648 words
Summary: He looks like her. I shouldn't be thinking like this.

Squee: This story is ugly in the best way. It's harsh and sharp and unlovely and — for this ship? — perfect. The relationship is broken and dysfunctional and strangely intense, all of which exactly hits the spot for my Squall/Laguna. This take on Laguna is very conflicted and bitter, which is different from most of the Laguna I've read before — and I like it. There's something showcasing his weaknesses here that strikes me as just right; and the way those echo off Squall. It's wrong all over, and I love it.

[Fic] FFVIII - The Worth of Memory (Quistis/Rinoa, Xu, Squall, Kadowaki) by [personal profile] seventhe
Rating | Warnings:
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] aesriellaQuistis, with Xu, Rinoa, Seifer or Irvine, recovering from, working through or living the immediate aftermath of a difficult or draining experience with a GF, be it junctioning, withdrawal, an experiment or otherwise. Quiet, gentle romance, please. Additional prompts: Hands, farsighted, double vision (figurative or literal), sun on the water, understanding. 3,400 words
Summary: The Guardian Forces take memories as currency, but some ask for more than others.

Squee: OKAY so it's really hard to rec this properly qithout spoiling it? There's an excellent Quistis, there's gut-punching Quistis/Rinoa (you'll know it when you see it), there's GF and memory and Sorceress/Knight meta, there's hinty-hinty FFVI tidbits — really, I love it. The way Quistis's memory fragments is so excellently handled, and I love how differently various characters respond to it. The payoff is great; I reread this thing several times to make sure I got everything ♥

[Fic] FFX - On the Precipice of the World (Yuna, Rikku, Tidus, Cast) by [livejournal.com profile] cyrnelle
Rating | Warnings: PG. Explicit spoilers through Gagazet, vague for everything after.
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] xianghuaI think the culture of the summoners is fascinating. Why do some summoners have tons of guardians and others one or none? What makes someone decide to become a summoner — and how does the church of the summoners keep it from being suicide by giant monster for every emo idiot who comes along? My favourite characters are Yuna and Tidus, and I think the way that their relationship echoes, in some ways, the relationships of their fathers throughout X is really interesting. 6,400 words
Summary: The closer they get to Zanarkand, the harder it gets to let go.

Squee: This piece is very quiet and introspective — which, considering the POV characters are Rikku and Tidus, is quite a neat trick to pull off so well. As suggested by the prompt, this discusses Spira and summoning culture — I particularly like a scene near the beginning with Rikku running after a minor character — it's unique and insightful. Overall this story is a lovely little breather, with great voices for all the characters. It's touching and poignant without being overwhelming — it feels like the worried, anxious calm before the storm.

[Fic] FFXII - By Halves (Ashe/Rasler) by [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil
Rating | Warnings: PG13, very very vague spoilers so not really?
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] churchedAshe/Rasler, their last night together. Max rating, R. 1,000 words
Summary: On traps, and relics, and things neither will say.

Squee: This story has a kind of stark sensuality that's absolutely lovely. It's the starkness that gets me, how real and immediate this feels, unadorned but beautiful. Ashe is perfect here, as is the mood, taut and slightly sullen and quietly desperate and fierce. I love the unresolved feeling at the end, perfectly suited to the piece. If I had to pick one word? Effective. So very effective.

[Fic] FFXII - Political Considerations (Ashe/Balthier) by [livejournal.com profile] owlmoose
Rating | Warnings: PG13, spoilers for Balthier's backstory and vague for the end of the game
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [personal profile] lassarinaBalthier/Ashe. Romantic relationship preferred, explicit content optional. A big caveat to start this request: I hate submissive Ashe with the fire of a thousand suns, and I very much dislike it when a fic hand-waves away issues that prevent them from living Happily Ever After OMG (things like her throne, and his refusal to be chained down.) Things I dislike out of the way, let's talk about what I do like: I love them snarking. I love them being bittersweet. I love Balthier's performative aspects, and Ashe's need for personal control (because she doesn't get to control much else...) I'd really like to see something that focused on these - maybe a hunt, or perhaps they get separated from the party, or even (post-game-end) he comes by to visit her through some clever ploy or ruse that is unnecessarily elaborate. Or you could go the route where he's been captured for piracy within the bounds of Dalmasca and Ashe metes out an appropriate punishment. :) 5,018 words
Summary: A year after Ashe's coronation, she faces up to some realities of her position.

Squee: Another piece with an awesome Ashe. I love her here: strong and practical, direct in her desires and her politicking, independent and demanding. This story addresses the realities of this ship with grace and care and realism — I particularly love the political conversation Ashe and Balthier have on the Coast. So very satisfying a read!

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[Recs] 5 fics, 2 arts (FFI, FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, FFX-2, FFXII) from [community profile] ff_exchange

@[livejournal.com profile] ff_press: [Recs] [personal profile] justira: 5 fics, 2 arts (FFI, FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, FFX-2, FFXII)

I'm having a terrible week and DOINK! signups are on! SO what time is it? That's right! FFEX reccing time! Behold the amazing things FFEX has brought forth! DOES IT MAKE YOU WANT TO JOIN THE PARTY OR WHAT. You can learn about the exchange at [community profile] ff_exchange or [livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange /shameless plug

But seriously, I never cease to be delighted by the amazing things people have made. Have some recs =)

[Art] FFI - Sunset hobbies (Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage) by [livejournal.com profile] tlc010
Rating | Warnings: G, no warnings
Notes: FFEX 2007 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] admiral_jRed Mage/Black Mage/White Mage. Mixed genders, please, and avoid 8-Bit Theater as inspiration. Beyond that, go nuts

Squee: Straight up: One of my favourite pieces of FF art EVER. And it's for an early, underloved game, no less! This thing has probably been recced all over the place and seen by everyone but I DON'T CARE because it deserves the attention and if anyone missed it they need to see it immediately. Besides the incredible quality of the art, I love that the artist flipped the usual genders for white and black mages — male white mage! female black mage! LITTLE BABY CHICOBO. The costume designs are excellent; they really feel like something people might actually wear and travel and go adventuring in. The lighting is amazing, and I adore the red mage doing his wood-carvy thing in the background. Not enough hearts in the world.

[Fic] FFIV - Under Fire (Rydia) by [livejournal.com profile] stealth_noodle
Rating | Warnings: PG, spoilers through the Feymarch
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] sister_coyoteRydia. Rydia delights me with her strength, her courage and her spirit. Anything that highlights her personality would make me very happy, whether it was Rydia on an adventure or just a slice-of-life piece. I'm a sucker for Rydia/Edge, but pairing is not necessary; gen would also be fine, or friendship-fic with just about anyone. 6,940 words
Summary: With the aid of her Eidolons, Rydia makes a perilous journey across the Underworld to reunite with her friends.

Squee: This is all Rydia, Rydia and eidolons, and the Rydia is perfect; exactly as I could imagine her being at this point in her life. Young but full of arcane knowledge, a little uncertain but endlessly brave, stubborn and smart and surer of the eidolons than she is of people. The prose here rolls comfortably along with a great voice and really amazing little pearls of simile and imagery; there are individual personalities and quirks for each of the eidolons; and as a bonus there is even some meta! But mostly it is the story of Rydia re-emerging, and it is wonderful.

[Fic] FFVI - Dissolution (Edgar/Sabin) by [personal profile] seventhe
Rating | Warnings: NC17. Spoilers for Figaro and twin storyline. Twincest, questionable consent, sex between minors (they're 17). As the aithor says, this story rolled in a pile of wrong. And it's glorious.
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] wounded_melodyEdgar x Sabin; first time, perhaps a bit of dub con or very heavy persuasion. 27,000 words
Summary: The death of a king, the future of a country, and the bond between two brothers: the story of how Edgar let Sabin go.

Squee: Okay, uh. I am pretty much guaranteed to re-rec this thing a million times because it's JUST THAT AWESOME. The author has done an AMAZING job fleshing out these characters and their history. This is undoubtedly a shipping story, but it's also a story about grief, and growing up, and it's one of those rare shiptastic stories that I'd happily push on anyone (who's not squicked by the warnings) because it stands on its own as an amazing story, period. Both Edgar and Sabin are handled excellently here, complex and whole and so painfully young and angry. They both feel real and three-dimensional and complicated — and funny. Watching Edgar try to logic his way out of the mess is... kind of heartbreaking and hilarious at once. The various warned-for things are handled so well, too — the twincest is some of the finest I've read, ever, with all the wrong wrong wrong intact and delicious. The punch at the end is satisfying and sad and a perfect ending-that's-also-a-beginning.

[Art] FFVIII - Sunset (Quistis) by [livejournal.com profile] darthneko
Rating | Warnings: G, no warnings or spoilers.
Notes: FFEX 2009 Chocobo Down — FFVIII: Quistis, and the ocean, with her feet in the sand. Happy, calm and still, with or without company (Xu, Seifer, Irvine or, perhaps, Rinoa) in the background. Either alone or being watched, from her perspective or the watcher's. Additional Prompts: Coral shells, homecoming, wind in her hair, seeing the dawn and/or seeing sunsets (figurative or literal in either case).
Summary: Surf, sand, wind and the scent of home

Squee: There are so many things I love about this! The mood, atmosphere, colours — peaceful without being delicate; serene and lovely and strong. The strength is really what gets me here — Quistis looks tough and competent just standing there; I love her powerful shoulders and the gently emphasized musculature — she's a soldier and it shows. And yet there's something slightly vulnerable and far-away in her stance, her face. I love it.

[Fic] FFVIII - Colour Coded (Ellone/Quistis, Ellone/Rinoa) by [personal profile] temples
Rating | Warnings: PG for dark imagery, spoilers through late in the game
Notes: FFEX 2009 Moogle Fluff — FFVIII, Ellone, Rinoa, and/or Quistis, meta about magic, blue magic, and their connection to each other in the grand scheme. 670 words
Summary: She'd never admit it, but darkness calls louder than light.

Squee: I love the quiet intensity here, the strength of the imagery and how much comes across in such a short piece. It's dark and I love it, how Quistis and Rinoa's magics are presented differently, how each is viewed through the lens of Ellone's own abilities. The meta here is great, too, without overwhelming Ellone's presence. And, of course, I will love a story if it's Bechdel Central. This is rich without being overpowering, short but substantial.

[Fic] FFX-2 - Persistence of Memory (Paine/Nooj) by [personal profile] renay
Rating | Warnings: G, spoilers left right and centre
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] owlmoosePaine/Nooj, their first kiss. Funny and awkward, or thoughtful and angsty, or leaping on each other like crazed voles, or a little bit of all three: it's all good. 24,000 words
Summary: Paine and Nooj went their separate ways, but when a mutual friend and shared industry bring them back together, they must work side by side and face their respective truths of an unfriendly parting.

Squee: Okay so, I don't really care if you like the main pairing (Paine/Nooj) at all — this needs to be read for the meta alone. Spheres! Spheres spheres spheres, pyrefly meta everywhere. This is possibly the most unique take on spheres I've yet seen. Well, okay, I lied earlier — there is also excellently drawn-out UST, and politics— politics aplenty. I really love Paine here, prickly but vulnerable, smart and capable and slowly opening up. I love how everyone was affected by Shuyin, what traces that leaves for all of them, how Nooj deals with it, how Paine deals with Nooj dealing with it. And man, when all of it comes to a head in the end, Paine and Nooj's conversation/encounter just kind of took my breath away. Hearts.

[Fic] FFXII - Necrohol (Basch, Fran) by [livejournal.com profile] alimond
Rating | Warnings: G, many many spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] gunshouFran and Basch. Outsiders, running away, sibling issues. Maybe awkward campfire conversations - both tend to be silent if not spoken to or offering guidance. Definitely a fascination with physical appearance. 1,181 words
Summary: We all carry secrets in our hearts. In some cases, those secrets are other people.

Squee: I love this series of short vignettes — the imagery here, the writing is powerful without being flowery or overwhelming. It's a kind of very direct and unadorned poetry; there are a number of phrases here that just punched me right in the gut. Simple but so, so effective. I love the insights into Fran and Basch here, their similarities, their differences. The mention of Fran and consumption versus discovery hit me especially hard, but I love all such moments in this story. Possibly one of my favourite takes on the two of them together.


2010-03-18 12:58 pm

[Recs] 3 fic, 2 art (FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFT) from past rounds of [community profile] ff_exchange

@[livejournal.com profile] ff_press: [Recs] [personal profile] justira: 3 fic recs, 2 art recs (FFVI, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFT)

Okay guys! There has been a LOT of woe in my journal lately! Sorry about that. I try not to leak all over the place. To offset all of the woe-ing, here are happy things!

DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange is finally gearing up, and signups are open! WOOOO! Read all about the goings-on at one of our news comms, [community profile] ff_exchange or [livejournal.com profile] ff_exchange. FFEX has been lucky enough to have some amazing people producing incredible gifts under its aegis. SO. Time for a long-overdue mini rec-post!

[Art] FFVI - Gotta make a good impression! (Gau, Sabin, Terra) by [livejournal.com profile] safety_caesars
Rating | Warnings: G, spoilers for an optional mini-scene in the game
Notes: FFEX 2009 Phoenix Down — Gau and Sabin brotherly love, Terra should be there too!

Squee: The expressions. THE EXPRESSIONS. Are perfect. I just. I have no other words for them. This artist also has a knack for making Amano's costumes actually look like people could live in them; in this particular case, Sabin's rather blingy and delicate tank top actually looks manly. Also amazing: Sabin actually looks like his brother here; I flailed about that so hard in my comment. Terra looks so sweet and young in just the right way, and Gau, beyond having an absolutely priceless expression, somehow looks hot. WHAT.

[Fic] FFVIII - Small Things (Squall/Rinoa) by [livejournal.com profile] invocations
Rating | Warnings: G, no spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2007 Moogle Fluff — ...Squall/Rinoa romance. >.> 670 words
Summary: Just a small moment in which Squall takes itty-bitty steps forward.

Squee: The characterization here is just so spot on! It's short and sweet and the narration so fittingly, amazingly Squall. This strikes just the right note of Squall/Rinoa for me: sweet in a rounabout kind of way, Squall taking small steps outside himself, imperfect and grumpy and just right.

[Art] FFIX - Pub Night (Zidane, Freya, Blank, Steiner, Beatrix) by [livejournal.com profile] sonopants
Rating | Warnings: G, possibly super minor spoilers but not really?
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] roughhandssAnything from IX. Zidane, mm. Freya, mm. Blank!!!mm. Steiner/Beatrix is hot too.

Squee: This is in watercolours. Amazing, vibrant watercolours! Everyone's expressions are so awesome here, and this artist's style together with the watercolours feels so right for FFIX. Everyone looks lively and full of (fun) emotion. The interactions between all the characters is just great, too, and I will never, ever stop laughing at how badly Zidane is losing here. Hearts forever and a half.

[Fic] FFX - Shades of Red (Braska, Auron) by [livejournal.com profile] marmaladecat
Rating | Warnings: PG, some spoilers for the game's backstory
Notes: FFEX 2007 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] owlmooseAuron with Braska and/or Kinoc, pre-pilgrimage. Gen preferred, subtext okay. 1,029 words
Summary: It's the strangest things that stand out.

Squee: Oh, oh gosh, this fic is just so beautifully sad. I love the relationships here, Auron's protectiveness. The red theme is wonderfully worked in, and just, everything about this story is so effective and lovely. So few words, so much feeling and affect; scenes and moments chosen so well. It's short, but it's heartbreaking, and it hits my FFX backstory buttons so, so hard.

[Fic] FFT - Antipyretic (Agrias, Ramza, Mustadio, Beowulf, Alma, Reis, Lavian. Beowulf/Reis) by [livejournal.com profile] ovo_lexa
Rating | Warnings: PG13, party spoilers plus vague general spoilers
Notes: FFEX 2009 Gift for [livejournal.com profile] mithrigil"Fear and loathing with job classes." Take that as you will. 2,266 words
Summary: There are two ways of getting ahead: the slow, safe way that takes a lifetime to master and the fast, dangerous way that takes others’ lives.

Squee: My meta-loving heart just about died when I read this. Job class/crystal meta! In FFT! I AM NOT SURE I COULD BE MORE THRILLED. This also hits my "voices in your head" kink so hard (one of the reasons I love summons and summoning meta so much). Basically I could roll in the meta here all day. The punchline is heartbreaking and amazing, the disoriented and desperate air so good. Deliciously, deliciously creepy.

BASICALLY everyone should come play so amazing work like this keeps happening! SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! <3
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Recs! Because I totally have the time!

@ [livejournal.com profile] ff_press: justira: 1 fic rec (FFVIII), 9 art recs (FFIV, VII:OGC, VIII, IX, X, XII:OGC)

Rec post at [livejournal.com profile] picks_n_paeans, my long-neglected reccing journal: Head on over for the recs!

I am dodging schoolwork right now, and [livejournal.com profile] bottle_of_shine has been UNHELPFUL and reminding me how much I love to rec. SO. There it is.

Special note to [livejournal.com profile] first_seventhe and anyone else who's read the Vorkosigan books (WHICH SHOULD BE EVERYONE GEEZ GUYS GET ON IT): I have Vorkosigan fic rec! LONG fic rec!


» [1] Final Fantasy VIII
» [1] Vorkosigan Saga
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» [1] Final Fantasy XII: FFXII:OGC
» [1] Jak and Daxter
» [2] Kingdom Hearts
» [3] Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess
» [1] Naruto
» [2] Okami
» [3] One Piece
» [1] Pokemon
» [1] Sailor Moon
» [2] Tales of: Tales of Symphonia
» [2] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
» [1] Trigun
» [3] Guest Stars: His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass; Kim Possible; The Last Unicorn
Total: 40

» [1] Trigun
Total: 1

» [1] Metroid Cosplay
» [1] Trigun Cosplay
Total: 2